EBOOK or EPUB Why Is Sex Fun? The Evolution of Human Sexuality

Why Is Sex Fun? The Evolution of Human Sexuality

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I had forgotten just how good this book Actually Is I Ve Read is I ve ead of the popular stuff Diamond has written and enjoyed all of them My favourite is Guns Germs and Steel but this one is also very goodAlthough this one has a particularly fine title I have to say that it does make me want to ask another important uestion why are there so Few Really Television Documentaries That Come Out Of The really good television documentaries that come out of the I mean there was Cosmos which was mind blowing but there have been few that each the heights of some of the stuff that comes out of the BBC Connections Life of Earth The Ascent of Man Civilisation The Body in uestion The Light Fantastic The Root of All Evil and these just to name a few life altering documentaries from the BBC and also just for the sheer joy of listing themIt is not as if good pop science books don t come out of the USA In fact the best pop science books and pop psychology books all come from the US This is a discrepancy I find completely puzzlingThe book asks and mostly answers a series of intriguing uestions about human sexuality The uestions themselves are so interesting that if I was designing the cover I would just list them there Not just the first uestion and if you ever wanted to sell a book I d have thought it would be hard to come up with a better title But the book is bursting with similarly fascinating uestionsWhy do we have sex even when there is no chance of pregnancy This needs answering because most of the other mammals in the world would look at us as incredibly strange for engaging in such odd behaviourWhy don t men breastfeed We have most of the. Why are humans one of the few species to have sex in private Why are human females the only mammals to go through menopause Why. Euipment and men have been known to produce milk even without scientific intervention So why
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m only to answer one of his uestions he asks what are men good for And his answer Not a lot Men come out of this book looking ather pathetic we don t do nearly as much We don t do nearly as much out as women do we don t do hardly anything at all except some occasional hunting and alpha posing It is uite unattractive and that does seem to conform to my understanding of what most men seem to be likeThere are lots of other uestions in the book why menopause Why are women pretty Why Do Women Have Large Breasts And The Most Surprising Answer women have large breasts And the most surprising answer the book is to the uestion why do men have such large penisesThe best thing about this book is that it shows that many of these uestions have not been completely settled The uestions are clearly important they are all very easy to ask but the answers many not be nearly so easy to come by Diamond presents some of the alternatives here and this makes for a fantastic insight into the scientific method particularly as it applies to the evolution of various traits and behavioursThis is either a short book or a long essay take you Health and Wellbeing in Childhood re pick either way it is a uickead and very interesting Nature sure knows how to have fun the battle of the sexes sexual cannibalism fascinating stuff about the intricacies of lactation a lot of other anthropological discourse This was a mostly tedious book to get through The only thing that stopped it from being 1 star was a few interesting facts and details that bumped the ating I ll admit I cam into this expecting sociology with a li. Is the human penis so unnecessarily large There is no knowledgeable authority than the award winning author of The Third Chimpan. .
Ttle bit of biology but instead I got the everse There are a lot of comparisons drawn between humans and other species as an evolutionary explanation for our sexual evolution is att It seems that Jared Diamond got better and better with every book he wrote With practice he got exceptionally good at making Comparisons Between Species Cultures Etc between species cultures etc also developed a better focus on the subject with every bookHowever this book was written before any of that While it is easy to ead it contains little info and has strange examples It also alludes too often to the author s sex life in a Look at me I m a successfully married man with a sex lifehoray way Diamond tries to explain various easons for various sexual habits cycles goes on ants about the analogous examples in the animal world and attempts to draw occasionally weak parallels to humans Jared also seems side with certain virginal nerd men I know in that most men are scumbags and women deserve better I disagree because women have the option to pick whoever they deserve and I will not accept blanket insults against my sexI still somewhat recommend this book because of the andom bits of information in it For this book because of the andom bits of information in it For polygamous Mormon men especially priests are the peak of male evolution in that that on average the have the most children25 Plus it s an amusing book to Krebszellen mögen keine Sonne. Vitamin D - der Schutzschild gegen Krebs, Diabetes und Herzerkrankungen: Ärztlicher Rat für Betroffene. Mit Vitamin-D-Barometer ... read in public placesThe most frustrating aspect of this book is that Diamond forgets to answer the most important uestion of all the one on the cover What the hell Now upon finishing the book everyeader has to go out experiment and answer the uestion for themselve. Zee to answer these intriguing uestions Here is a delightfully entertaining and enlightening look at the uniue sex lives of huma.