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Magical realism has been one of my favorite genres of reading ever since I discovered Isabel Allende and the Latina amiga writers when I was in high school Taking events from ordinary life and inserting elements of fantasy Hispanic written magical realism books are something extraordinary Many people compare Allende to Gabriel Garcia Maruez who is considered the founder of magical realism Until now however I had not read any of Maruez full length novels so I had nothing to compare On this 50th anniversary of its first printing One Hundred Years of Solitude is the revisit the shelf selection for the group catching up on classics for January 2017 An epic following the Buendia family for 100 years Solitude is truly a great novel of the Americas that put magical realism on the map Gabriel Garcia Maruez was born in Aracataca Columbia in 1927 Influenced by his grandmother s vivid story telling Maruez decided at an early age that he wanted to be a writer Upon completion of la Universidad de Cartagena Maruez began his career as a reporter and soon began to write short stories His earliest stories were published as early as the 1950s yet in 1964 while living in Mexico City with his young family he completed Solitude in a mere eighteen months Finally published for the first time in 1967 Solitude sold millions of copies establishing Maruez as a world renown writer leading to his receiving the Nobel Prize in 1982 Jose Arcadio Buendia and Ursula Iguaran lived in an isolated Colombian village where branches of the same family intermarried for centuries resulting in children born with pigs tails or looking like lizards Determined to end this cycle of incest Buendia and a group of pioneers crossed the mountains and founded the village of Macondo In the mid 1800s Macondo was a fledging community with Buendia an alchemist its most respected member Jose Arcadio and Ursula went on to have three children Aureliano Jose Arcadio and Amaranta These names and the personality traits that distinguished the original Aureliano Jose Arcadio and Amaranta These names and the personality traits that distinguished the original of these names repeated themselves over the course of a century Throughout the novel and the century of change to Macondo all the Jose Arcadios were solitary individuals and inventors Determined to decipher the gypsies secret to the universe they holed themselves up in an alchemist s lab rarely seen By The Outside World The Aurelianos On the outside world The Aurelianos on other hand were leaders of revolution Colonel Aureliano Buendia started thirty two civil wars yet lost all of them A relic who fathered seventeen sons of the same name and grew to become Macondo s most respected citizen his spirit of adventure and discovery repeated itself in the descendants who bore his name Women held the family together First Ursula who lived to be 122 years old and then her daughter Amaranta the women expanded the family home and raised successive generations so that new Jose Arcadios and Aurelianos would not repeat the mistakes of their namesakes Yet the same mistakes and characteristics occur rejected love spirit of adventure lone soles willing to live for one hundred years in solitary confinement Additionally the two characters who predicted all the events of the novel were not even members of the Buendia family Pilar Ternera a card reader who specialized in fates and could look at a Buendia to now his future and Meluiades a gypsy who befriended the original Jose Arcadio leading all the successive generations to a life of solitude At first Maruez euates solitude with death Later on he includes individuals happy to live out their days alone In order to make a point of his examples of solitude he interjects countless examples of magical realism a man bleeding to death down a street yellow butterflies announcing a man s presence a rain of epic proportions that would not end With these and other countless examples throughout the text Maruez created a magical realism genre that is still widely in use by Latino writers and others around the world today While used to the magical realism genre Maruez usage and prose were a treat for me to read His writing is so captivating I read the entire novel over the course of a day because I desired to now how the Buendias cyclical existence would either repeat itself or change once and for all Between the prose and magical realism and a memorable story for the ages One Hundred Years of Solitude is an epic genre changing extraordinary novel Authors of the last fifty years can credit Maruez influence in their own work I feel privileged to have finally read this saga deserving of its numerous awards and. El libro se compone de 20 capítulos no titulados en los cuales se narra una historia con una estructura cíclica temporal ya ue los acontecimientos del pueblo y de la familia Buendía 2 Huh Oh Oh man WowI just had the weirdest dreamThere was this Little Town Right And town right And had like the same two names And there was this guy who lived under a tree and a lady who ate dirt and some other guy who just made little gold fishes all the time And sometimes it rained and sometimes it didn t and and there were fire ants everywhere and some girl got carried off into the sky by her laundryWow That was messed upI need some sky by her laundryWow That was messed upI need some was roughly how I felt after reading this book This is really the only time I ve ever read a book and thought You now this book would be awesome if I were stoned And I don t even now if being stoned works on books that wayGabriel Garcia Maruez which is such a fun name to say is one of those Writers You Should Read You now the type they re the ones that everyone claims to have read but no one really has The ones you put in your online dating profile so that people will think you re smarter than you really are You get some A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, kind of intellectual bonus points or something theind of highbrow cachet that you just don t get from reading someone like Stephen King or Clive BarkerMaruez was one of the first writers to use magical realism a style of fantasy wherein the fantastic and the unbelievable are treated as everyday occurrences While I m sure it contributed to the modern genre of urban fantasy which also mixes the fantastic with the real magical realism doesn t really go out of its way to point out the weirdness and the bizarrity These things just happen A girl floats off into the sky a man lives far longer than he should and these things are mentioned in passing as though they were perfectly normalIn this case Colonel Aureliano Buendia has seventeen illegitimate sons all named Aureliano by seventeen different women and they all come to his house on the same day Remedios the Beauty is a girl so beautiful that men just waste away in front of her but she doesn t even notice The twins Aureliano Segundo and Jose Arcadio Segundo may have in fact switched identities when they were children but no one nows for sure not even them In the small town of Macondo weird things happen all the time and nobody really notices Or if they do notice that for example the town s patriarch has been living for the last twenty years tied to a chestnut tree nobody thinks anything is at all unusual about itThis of course is a great example of Dream Logic the weird seems normal to a dreamer and you have no reason to uestion anything that s happening around you Or if you do notice that something is wrong but no one else seems to be worried about it then you try to pretend like coming to work dressed only in a pair of spangly stripper briefs and a cowboy hat is perfectly normalAnother element of dreaminess that pervades this book is "that there s really no story here at least not in the way that we have come "there s really no story here at least not in the way that we have come expect Reading this book is ind of like a really weird game of The Sims it s about a family that Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies keeps getting bigger and bigger and something happens to everybody So the narrator moves around from one character to another giving them their moment for a little while and then it moves on to someone else very smoothly and without much fanfare There s very little dialogue so the story can shift very easily and it often doesEach character has their story to tell but you re not allowed to linger for very long on any one of them before Garcia shows you what s happening to someone else The result is one long continuous narrative about this large and ultimately doomed family wherein the Buendia family itself is the main character and the actual family members are secondary to thatIt was certainly an interesting reading experience but it took a while to get through I actuallyept falling asleep as I read it which is unusual for me But perhaps that s what Garcia would have wanted to happen By reading his book I slipped off into that non world of dreams and illusions where the fantastic is commonplace and ice is something your father takes you to discover Arcadio imposed obligatory military service for men over eighteen declared to be public property any animals walking the streets after six in the evening and made men who were overage wear red armbands He seuestered Father Nicanor in the parish house under pain of execution and prohibited him from saying mass or ringing the bells unless it was for a Liberal victory In order that no one would doubt the severity of his aims he ordered a firing suad organized in the suare and had it shoot a scarecrow At first no one took him seriously. Stablecimiento del pueblo de Macondo desde el capítulo 4 hasta el 16 se trata el desarrollo económico político y social del pueblo y los últimos cuatro capítulos narran su decadenci.

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Top ratings that eventually lead Maruez to earn a Nobel Prize One Hundred Years of Solitude a novel for the ages meriting 5 wonderful stars i remember the day i stopped watching cartoons an episode of thundercats in which a few of the cats were trapped in some ind of superbubble thing and it hit me that being cartoons the characters could just be erased and re drawn outside the bubble or could just fly away or tunnel their way out or teleport or do whatever really they wanted afterall they were line and color in a world of line and color now this applies to any work of fiction i mean and color now this applies to any work of fiction i mean could ve just written Don uixote out of any perilous situation but it just felt different with a lowest common denominator cartoon it felt that adherence to reality reality as defined within the world of the cartoon wasn t a top priority this ended my cartoon watching days and i ve pored over it in the years that followed was it a severe lack or an overabundence of imagination that made it so that while all my friends were digging saturday morning cartoons i alternated between tormenting my parents and attempting to use logic to disprove the fact that everyone i new and everyone i ever would now was gonna diei had a similar experience with One Hundred Years of Solitude the first chapter is just brilliant gypsies bring items to Macondo a village hidden away from mass civilization by miles of swamp and mountains these everyday items magnets ice etc are interpreted as magic by people who have never seen them and it forces the reader to reconfigure hisher perception of much of what she formerly found ordinary amazing and then the gypsies bring a magic carpet a real one one that works and there is no distinction bt magnets and the magic carpet this i guess is magical realism and i had a Thundercats moment lemme explainthe magic carpet immediately renders all that preceded it as irrelevant are ice and magnets the same as magic carpets what is the relation between magic and science how can i trust and believe in a character who takes such pains to understand ice and magnets and who using the most primitive scientific means works day and night to discover that the earth is round but then will just accept that carpets can fly or that people can instantaneously increase their body weight sevenfold by pure will or that human blood can twist and turn through streets to find a specific person fuck the characters how can i trust the writer if the world is totally undefined if people can refuse to die and it s not explained who or how or why where are the stakes if someone can make themselves weigh 1000 pounds what can t they do how can i care about any situation if Garcia Maruez can simply make the persons involved sprout wings and fly away should the book be read as fairy tale as myth as allegory no i don t think it s meant to be read solely As Any Of Those And I D any of those and i d anyone a fraud who tried to explain away a 500 page book as mere allegory over i don t believe Garcia Maruez has as fertile an imagination as Borges or Cervantes or Mutis three chaps who perhaps could pull something like this off on storytelling power alone but three chaps who though they may dabble in this stuff clearly define the world their characters inhabit so i m at page 200 and i m gonna try and push on but it s tough do i care when someone dies when death isn t permanent and do i care about characters who have seen death reversed but don t freak the fuck out which is inconsistent with what does make them freak the fuck out and who also continue to cry when someone dies yes there are some gems along the way but i think had Solitude been structured as a large collection of interconnected short stories inda like a magical realism Winesberg Ohio it would ve worked much better this is one of the most beloved books of all time and i m not so arrogant damn close to discount the word of all these people although I do have gothboy DFJ and Borges on my side a strong argument for or against anything and not so blind to see the joy this brings to so many people i fully understand it s a powerful piece of work but i really don t get it and i aggressively recommend The Adventures and Misadventures of Maroll to any and all who find Solitude to be the end all and be all What is your favourite book mum How many times have my children asked me that growing up with a mother who spends most of her time reading to them alone for work for pleasure or looking for new books in bookstores wherever we happen to beI can t answer that the Revised 28 March 201. Sí como los nombres de los personajes se repiten una y otra vez fusionando la fantasía con la realidad En los tres primeros capítulos se narra el éxodo de un grupo de familias y el Cien años de soledad