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For anyone wanting to xplore their submissive side or for Dominants wanting to understand the power that they hold I had to fight my way through to finish this diary of a SoCal couple and their SM relationship As a diary of sorts there is a lot of doting and repetitive pet name love mush that drove me insane "YES I REALIZE THAT THIS IS ROMANCE BUT IT "I realize that

this is romance 
is romance it me irritated to the point where I had to walk away on several occasions Some things are meant to be kept in the bedroom not sex but cutesy couple baby talk The dynamics of the Masterslave relationship were mildly interesting but the couples kink wasn t to my taste nor were their references to God I respect their relationship and beliefs but I didn t need my brain to be saturated with the fluffier lements of itThe book does have okay points but for me it was mostly overshadowed by sap thinly disguised as sensuality The only thing I found titillating was the coverAll in all not sexyCurious This book is available via creative commons at podiobookscom As the audacious Dollie puts it I m sure some people will wonder why a woman who has her life together and has relatively healthy self steem could want her lover to dominate her whip her on the ass until he leaves welts and call her Daddy s dirty little cum toilet Well I do And I love it Diary of S M Romance is Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader engaging kinky riveting and a principle journal to a consensual BDSM lifestyle It is a factual account of a sexuallyxploratory couple with an xtreme attraction for the BDSM acts The author and her R life in a red hot world of kinky sex She's a feminist doing things th. An HONEST look inside a SM romance If you d like to know what I Thought Of This Book Please of this book please me directly and I d be happy to discuss it with youAll the best TB I m totally into BDSM but I m sorry this book is too off for my liking I love these hardcore rotic books and I m not a Holy Roller by any means but I don t agree with
adding god and 
God and like this togetherI mean Tried to read this a few years "ago For research purposes and I was curious in SM To peek "For research purposes and I was curious in SM To peek the lifestyle and what goes on between couples behind closed doors and SM clubs venues I was intrigued by the SM 101 book I d purchased before this I think I only made it past a few chapters I was disgusted I mean if you re into SM its probably right up your alley Did not like this book at all A waste of time and money An honest look into a real relationship between a Husband and wife living as a Masterslave couple in the Bryozoan Evolution early stages of their relationship Euals in intellect and personality but Masterslave in all other aspects ThornDaddy and Dollie Llama paint a realistic picture of the struggle to fit Ds intoveryday life Dollie is a strong woman leaving no doubt that feminism and slavery CAN go hand in hand if the mindset is right The romance in the title is right since the two of them can be sweet if not overly so but their love for one another is Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) evident invery Silvers Edge emailxchange which makes up the majority of the book Terms that a beginner may not understand are xplained perfectly and succinctly by Dollie making this book a must own. Diary of an SM Romance is the true story of a young widow reclaiming he.

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Aster are known through their Names Dollie Llama And "names Dollie Llama and sounds very corny but apt during the seuential vents Dollie a paralegal and firm feminist was always intrigued by the sexual world of pain and pleasure With the culmination of her masturbatory acts at a mere age of 7 she developed a liking for the newly found orgasm Over the years her desire for kink and feral sexual acts augmented Her Going Berserk ex husband left her sexually dissatisfied therefore when widowed at the age of 40 she decided to reclaim her sexual liberation and logged on to Bondagecom a site for BDSM lovers Here she found her sexual mate ThornDaddy who agreed to be her Dom From here onwards Dollie shares all the sexualxploration and various acts of power that dominated their sexual life amid a deep romance being cultivated between the two The ntire Master and Slave uation had indications OF ROMANTIC ENDEAVORS GIVING A SOFT TOUCH TO SEVERAL romantic Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America endeavors giving a soft touch to several sexual sessions Dollie Llama and ThornDaddy are now ancstatically married couple living in Southern California They do a free weekly BDSM PodCast called Submission and CoffeeNot once did I cringe or sullied while reading this book Dollie is a strong and independent woman who has a solid voice in the outer world The fact that she chooses to be a slave in her sexual role plays is Autobiography and Other Writings entirely her preference and should not be judged It is an honest account of two individuals who are romantically wrapped up yetxplore the bondage and discipline lifestyle with utter honesty and sheer madness. At many feminists would consider beastly and loving very second of it. Diary of an SM Romance