[New] (Der Zauberlehrling) BY Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ¹ 9 Summary

2 starsI don t really have any strong feelings
*towards this book *
this book was fine for a poem but it was a bit difficult to follow at least in the translation I used O du Ausgeburt der H lleSoll das ganze Haus rsaufenWhat an interesting language Old fashioned German verses describing the misshapes of the Sorcerer s Apprentice How the broom went from getting water to flooding the whole place HahaI loved this segment from Disney s Fantasia with Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer s ApprenticeVery funny In der Schule Pflichtprogramm war s dennoch in Gedicht das ich sehr gerne lernte auch wenn seine zahlreichen Strophen mich w hrend des Vortrags vor der Klasse stolpern lie n in dem ich infach One Ticket To Texas eine verga Ich glaube was mich als Kind faszinierte war dienorme Bewegung und der versteckte Humor in der Handlung Um so mehr freue ich mich dass Helpmate es inzwischen auch als Kinderbuch vorliegtbenso wie der Osterspaziergang F r mich ist Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy es dasffektivste Einstiegswerk um inen jungen Menschen den doch so oft sehr schw lstig Verse schmiedenden Herrn von Goethe n her zu bringenAllein die Illustrationen sind nicht ganz nach n her zu bringenAllein die Illustrationen sind nicht ganz nach Geschmack I just watched Sorcerer s Apprentice 2010 and wanted to know the original Turns out it s Goethe s poem and I didn t know about it Shame on my philologist self Definitely was interesting to find out And that scene with mops and water makes sense now Hat der alte Hexenmeister sich doch inmal wegbegeben Und nun sollen seine Geister auch nach meinem Willen lebenI had to read it in school as we were producing it as an musical I remember it to be great fun D The poem is about a young student of witchcraft who doesn t understandt why his teacher never let him perfom magic on his own He highly dislikes that so he decides to do it in secret when his master is goneAs you can guess he fails completly and Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader everything goes wrong and he destroys thentire house D This poem is a masterpiece of Goethe but not to difficult to understandtactually pretty Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead easy as long as you understand GermanIt stands for the rebellion of the young generation learning later that listening to thelder and wiser isn t too bad at all Die ich rief die Geister This was one of the first poems I read with my children in their toddler years and we still cherish it often uoting whole passages from it when domestic disasters strike Now turning into teenagers they all of a sudden see the hidden political message underneath the funny drama of the sorcerer s apprentic. The poem begins as an old sorcerer departs his workshop leaving his apprentice with chores to perform Tired of fetching water by pail the apprentice nchants a broom to do the work for him using magic in which he is not yet fully trained The floor is soon. E who tries to copy the master while he is gone The apprentice creates a stupid army of living broomsticks who carry water until he must fear for his life Whenever he tries to destroy them they split in half and fear for his life Whenever he tries to destroy them they split in half and up Not being properly trained for the sorcerer s job the apprentice has forgotten the spell to stop the disasterStop now hear meAmple measureOf your treasureWe have gottenAh I see it dear me dear meMaster s word I have forgottenAh the word with which the masterMakes the broom a broom once Ah he runs and fetches fasterBe a broomstick as beforeEver new the torrentsThat by him are fedAh a hundred currentsPour upon my headThe nd of the story is hilarious for children and uite a hopelessly utopian scenario for grown ups who are forever watching apprentices waving wands in the world THE MASTER steps in and nds the curse reprimanding the naughty boy for his careless insolenceA classic poem and a wonderful introduction to the world of Goethe for children it contains so many layers to xplore As my oldest son reads Goethe poetry in school at the moment we dusted off our illustrated version of it and Silvers Edge enjoyed the rhythm of the language that we remember reading long ago in toddler timesWalle walle my younger children used to chime in laughing at the apprentice s frustration with the broomStock der du gewesenSteh doch wieder stillAll of us chimed in for the dramaticndAch da kommt der MeisterHerr die Not ist gro Die ich rief die Geisterwerd ich nun nicht losIn die EckeBesen BesenSeids gewesenDenn als Geisterruft uch nur zu diesem Zweckeerst hervor der alte MeisterGoethe had a brilliant feeling for the moments when humans step from curiosity and inventiveness to hubris and incompetent failure His Faust First Part is the perfect grown up xample of the life Going Berserk ennui that triggers reckless behaviour and leads to playing with dangerous weapons that can only be controlled byxperienced well ducated masters without the need to shine and bragWouldn t it be nice my son mused if we could call upon old master Goethe to put the out of control brooms where they belong again and to send the apprentice back to school with a well deserved detentionBesen BesenSeids gewesenDenn als Geisterruft uch nur zu diesem Zweckeerst hervor der alte Meister This poem is a classic and has inspired many a pop culture scenes and references I first read the poem in primary school and learnt it off by heart but can recite only a few bits now My book club had magic. Awash with water and the apprentice realizes that he cannot stop the broom because he does not know howNot knowing how to control the Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America enchanted broom the apprentice splits it in two with an axe butach of the pieces becomes a new broom and takes up a pail. ,

Der Zauberlehrling