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The book my friend let me borrow had pages in it and it was called Reuired Reading Remixed same cover and everything I only pages in it and it was called Reuired Reading Remixed same cover and everything I only a few of the short stories in ere This story by Lansdale is a mash up The central character is Huckleberry Finn and it uses Lovecraft and Uncle Remus influences to create the tale As mentioned Huck is the central character and along with Farmer Boy his friend Jime is asked to Random House Webster's College Dictionary: 1996 Graduation Promotion hunt downis buddy Tom Sawyer from Dread Island Now Dread Island is an island that mysteriously appears in the middle of the Mississippi River on the first day of the Full Moon for each month Tom Making Mentoring Happen A simple and effective guide to implementing a successful mentoring program has gone off and is missing so Huck and Jim trackim down minor spoilers What appens is we enter a world that as brer rabbit and is world that as Brer Rabbit and is patch and where Uncle Remus was also a visitor on this island What we find out is Brer Fox wants to bring What we find out is Brer Fox wants to bring Through You say really fast through a ole in the sky so Let Dai Vol 8 he can take over the world and Huck and Jim get caught up in this craziness as they try and rescue TomThis was an enjoyable read the references to Uncle Remus Mark Twain and H P Lovecraft were all welcome and made for one interesting mash up story This was well put together and I thoroughly enjoyed this book Full review is on the book blog Cr. Limited to remaining stock onand This Monster Lit mash up novella from modern orror. ,

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Potages, ors-d'oeuvre et amuse-gueule avec des fleurs
Dread IslandEature From the Book LagoonDread Island is an EPIC story I ve never been a uge fan of Huck and Tom but you throw in crazy other WORLDLY BLACK MAGIC AND GIANT TENTACLE black magic and giant tentacle from other dimensions and a whole bunch of other crazy shit and you ave one ell of a river adventure I can get on board withHeavily inspired with Lovecraft s creepiness which Is Really Obvious I Don T Know Much About Uncle really obvious I don t know much about Uncle I m from the south and I know I ve eard the stories of Br er Rabbit and the
Baby and probably others But s been a very veeeeeery long time and I don t recall much of them There is a lot of Uncle Remus inspiration within Dread Island Br er Rabbit Br er Fox the tar baby they all show up and play major roles in this novellaDread Island was a very clever mash up of all these different classics And it was so entertainingly creepy I was very sad when it was over Definitely makes me want to read the whole anthology I m really glad that I sat down and finally read this story It ad been on my TBR shelf for waaaaaay too long Dread Island is a story Joe Lansdale wrote for an anthology called Classics Mutilated In it the authors take classic stories and mash them together with other genres to see what comes out at the other end In Dr. Master Joe R Lansdale a ighlight from the recent Classics Mutilated anthology combines. Ead Island Lansdale mashes up Huck Finn Uncle Remus and the Cthulhu Mythos along with a dash of Peter Pan to create what can only be described as some super mojo storytelling as one would expect from LansdaleLansdale captures the voice of Mark Twain well which is no surprise since Vida de perros his East Texas style lends itself to that voice The themes ofis fiction are also parallelled with Twain s since they both look at racial injustice in the South Of all the writers to write like Mark Twai I love when authors go out on a limb experiment with a new genre or shake up their style What made this great was that Lansdale given free reign play around with a old classic creates atmosphere does a beautiful job of mixing Oeuvres de Ennius Quirinus Visconti, Vol. 3 humor with creepyorror and upon two of the greatest characters in classic American If you re looking for something uniue and fun give Dread Island a try I don t think you ll be disappointed a The Mobius Twist, Alien Abduction and Judgement of the Human Race horrific version of a little bit of this storyDread Island is entertaining exceedingly original and despite its bizarrely disparate parts surprisingly smooth going down Joe Lansdale shows offis writing chops in a witty and piuant mash up that seems like it was a lot of fun to write it sure was fun to read. Lovecraft and Mark Twain in a way that can only be described as brilliant Or as Lansda.