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Y a knitter although I crocheted first for some reason crochet pattern instructions make my e This is a wonderful reference book However it is not for a beginner If you are a beginner start with something simple and use this as a reference after you have learned and practiced simple projects I found the flow of this book somewhat difficult Some wonderful projects were pictured at the beginning of each chapter However it took me some time to find the instructions for them I finally decided to relate the pictures to the various project instructions in the back of the book The pictures were not the same pictures Maybe I am slow but it was confusing That said this book entices me to pick up my crochet hooks again Knitting is on my not gonna do list crocheting may have gotten a reprieve When you reach a certain age and believe me you will there age and believe me you will there certain things you have to let go There is ust not enough time to do it all uite a few crochet patterns with clear instructions This book includes well known patterns along with the unusual. Signature style this is a must have manual for beginning and experienced stitchers alik. .

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Crochet InspirationAn amazing book 3So many ideas I love this book So Much Amazing Patterns And A Book That Is so much Amazing patterns and a book that is fun go thoughIf there was ever a house fire this is one of the things I would grab 5 Stars for usability easyish to read and for having a impress amount of patterns This book is amazing I use it for a reference not only on stitches but motifs My favorite thing about this book is the easy to use diagrams for each motif It makes each so much easier but also allows you to see the pattern to modify it to your liking I keep this book nearby whenever I m working on a project This is an absolute recomm This book is gorgeous in style design patterns colors and execution I couldn t put it down It s loaded with beautiful motifs in both charts and patterns and in many different kinds and weights of yarn I enjoyed making the Woven Scarf for a friend though weaving in all the ends in the mesh was really annoying If I were to give in to the desire this book elicits in me my house would be covered from attic to basement in all things crocheted. Celebrated designer and renowned colourist Sasha Kagan has created a distinctive croche. Celebrated designer and renowned colourist Sasha Kagan has created a distinctive croche. .
I would never leave the house without some sort of crocheted "accompaniment and every gift I ever give would end up being something made out of yarn and a crochet hook I "and every gift I ever give would end up being something made out of yarn and a crochet hook I liked the pictures This book is awesome The photographs are beautiful and crisp the stitch patterns are well written and wonderful I highly recommend it for crocheters of all skill levels it s a wonderful addition to your library The title of this book is uite apt It s the book I "Pull Out When I Just Want Some Inspiration The Samples " out when I Catalogue of Economic Plants in the Collection of the U. S. Department of Agriculture just want some inspiration The samples you how uniue and beautiful basic crochet can be There are some great stitches and motifs in here that are not in most stitch dictionaries I use this book often but I have never and doubt I will ever work any of the projects They re a small part of the book though I m undecided as of yet how much I really like this book It is an excellent and beautiful display book The pictures are wonderful and the diagrams are in color and easy to read To me it kind ofumps around and didnt have a whole lot of new in it I am primaril. T reference That Showcases Her Uniue showcases her uniue Containing than 200 swatch designs in her.