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Irstly motivatrd by saving his father so it reasons on a much personal level with the reader for Haroun s world i had A Discussion With My History discussion with my history if it would fit into the fantasy genre and i still stand strong behind the opinion that it does not fantasy doesn t mean just weird creatures and other worlds it means much than that it reuires imitation real ness personality and a ton of other traits that i was frankly nable to find in Haroun just because it s a children s book with a few other wordly monsters in it doesn t make it a fantasy story is what i m trying to say no Luka got closer not just from the register point of view but as a whole it was much easier to consider him a typical fantasy protagonist as he was much believable as a whole or it might just be me reasoning with him differently idk there s one thing that i have to talk about and it s the exact detail that made me give this book four stars and propelled it into the i really like this cloud mythology i am in love with anything that s connected with ancient gods and their meanings with their rise and fall and with their importance for a population at a certain time i look at them with respect not because i personally worship them but because they are our own creations meant to redeem ourselves i m bored with the single God that Christianity had than with the tens of Gods Ancient Greece had or Egypt or the Aztecs they fascinate me because of their yes absurdness they are a product of imagination and interpretation and i think that s what makes them special during his A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel uest to find the Fire of Life Luka had to pass through a very different place in the magical world where all the forgotten Gods of our world resided after humans discarded of them you won t find no christian God nor Al Lah nor Buddha nor any other deity that is currently worshipped instead in this mistycal land you might bump into Hermes or Vulcan you might get scared by Ra who speaks in hierogliphs or have a nice chat with one of the Japanese wind Gods i mean let s be clear Luka meets with some of the only beings that managed to steal the fire from the Gods they differ from culture to culture the most important being the Elder the Titan Prometheus who stole fire for humans and suffered an eternity for it i m still not sure how he got out of his chains on the mountain to come help Luka but i was very happy and pleased when he showedp that was for me the best part of the story i believed it no actually not only that i believed it on paper i wished it were true the sheer amount of mythological creatures involved in this little work is astounding and i think gives it the special flare that separates it from Haroun I M FINALLY DONE Uff this took me weeks to finish Why you wonder I wondered too Maybe it was because I expected from the book Haroun and the Sea of Stories was AMAZING and this book wasn t ite there There were innumerable ramblings And just right off the bat it didn t have the same flow that Haroun did I still think the book was really good and had some great themes that it addressed Rushdie of course is a genius in subtly putting across the most complicated themes and issues addressing mankind Overall 35 stars is what I ll give it Take your grandmother s Oster blender out of the attic Mix ina dash of Shel Silverstein s imagination a pinch of Vyasa s circumspection a tablespoon of Roald Dahl originality a dollop of Joseph Campbell s mythological "mastery a sliver of the Dalai Lama s life wisdomstir it gently in a rue of John Steinbeck s fantasmagorically "a sliver of the Dalai Lama s life wisdomstir it gently in a rue of John Steinbeck s fantasmagorically storytelling prowessbake it onto a paper plateand you get Salman Rushdie HOLY TOLEDO what a brilliant mindI hardly know anything about this man I heard tell on the wind that there is a price on his head a contract out on him paid assassins on his heels for one of his booksa big politicalreligious brouhaha So was nsure what I was getting into when I picked p this book Not knowing the bigger why of that To steal the Fire of Life a seemingly impossible and exceedingly dangerous taskWith Haroun and the Sea of Stories Salman Rushdie proved that he is one of the best contemporary writers of fables and it proved to be one of his most popular books with readers of all ages While Haroun. BR with AkaAmazing to tell the truth I am not even sure that I comprehend everything Haroun s adventure was play of words simple and sweet Whereas Luka s adventure sure that I comprehend everything Haroun s adventure was play of words simple and sweet Whereas Luka s adventure complex what with meeting the mythical creature of literally the entire world Bing Bang theory how the niverse came to be from oblivionnothingpure white Prometheus fire of life stolen and given to mankind and so many forgotten Gods from so culturescountriesAn amazing journeyadventure with Luka Although I m not a fan fantasy genre I think Luka and the Fire of Life is a well written novel with highly creative language and it is full of puns omg who doesnt love puns A very creative and dreamlike pieceThis book may appeal kids because it s some sort of video games where Luka embarks on a journey to the magical world in order to save his father s life However how childish and imaginative this may seem it is also kind of heavy as the author weaves the story together with philosophy politics social critics forklore and ancient myths Rushdie has created an entirely new take on the stereotypical child s journey by weaving it in diversities from cultures around the world Simply amazing I ve been meaning to try something by Rushdie for a while and the idea of trying something I hadn t heard of by him sounded appealing Especially since it s a fabl I couldn t put this one away for long Soon my mind would begin to wander curiosity would get the better of me and I simply had to know how far and in what direction Rushdie would choose to take this hyper imaginative exercise in children s fantasyThe book is set in a video gamesue alternate reality Luka can see the number of lives he has left in the form of a running counter in his field of vision and has to save his progress after clearing every level for God s sake interspersed with witty pop culture references and veiled mythological potshots The entire setting is an allegory for life The River of Time Mount Knowledge where our hero learns important life lessons at every level about the nature of time and that potential dead end called knowledge The characters are lovable and original instructive in getting the deeper sense of the story Rushdie is hinting atLuka And The Fire Of Life the Fire of Life truly appeal to all ages and temperaments excepting the Lay My Burden Down unimaginative when i embarked on this i expected to like it just as much as i did Haroun and the Sea of Stories which was a solid 3 stars rating due to it being a children s book and its kind of messy absurdness i do like things to be absurd in a book but not chaotical there s a differenceso i had an already formed opinion about this it was going to treat on about the same subject continuing Haroun s story with that of his brother Luka in a magical world of their father s creation Rashid is a storyteller albeit a very good one the only man who can make you live in his stories and he stands for a simple principle no matter what tales shouldn t disappear from our world in here Rashid is going to be taken away by Deathnless Luka the smaller brother he s 12 compared with Haroun who is now about 30 manages to steal the Fire of Life and bring it back to his father the only problem is the Fire of Life is probably the best kept thing in the entire magical world and its guardians are no normal powers but the controlers of time themselves Past Present and Future let s move away from the plot because it really is no than that and focus on the writing and the setting first of all it felt different than Haroun did it was much compact and sorted out and a lot appealing to a mature reader i can see the first one as a children s book than i can consider the latter to be a part of the same category there s a stylistic discrepancy that makes Luka stand out as a better crafted character and it affects on the world building in better rather than worse ways where in the first one you see Haroun motivated by the idea of saving the world by retrieving the stories Luka here is IMAGINEyou are Luka a twelve year old boy who has to save the life of the storyteller father you adoreIMAGINEyou have two loyal companions by your side a bear called Dog who can sing and a dog called Bear who can danceIMAGINEyou must now embark on a journey through the Magic World. ,

Strong Enough to Love (Jackson Hole, Shanghaied to China Property of the Folsom Wolf Tempting the Earl (The Muses Salon,
Ssue I set all that aside and dove in to Luka s world WOW I LOVED IT It was old yet new Unexpectedly fresh clever fun but surprisingly woven with depth that beg contemplation on human relationships including the one we have with ourselvesThis is An Adventure Of A adventure of a boy painted with the flavor of an Ancient East Indian fairy tale but referenced to our modern world Luka enters his rite of passage into manhood by seeking the Fire of Life in order to prevent his dear father and best friend from dying Along the way he stumbles left Into The World Of the world of with his dog named Bear and his bear named Dogtried and true sideby s who dance and sing and have his back It is a story of friendship and hardship Intuition Fear Awe Curiosity Resolve A story of a journey to the core kind of OZ style The landscapes are northodox and enchanting Very witty Sometimes daunting Always interesting Luka meets nonconformists eccentrics mavericks has beens and lost soulssome who seek to help him and other who wish to hinder He loses his life several dozen times faces into the nightmarish angst that tears apart his belly yet keeps getting back on the magic carpet and flies Add in herds of abandoned gods from Babylon Egypt Greece Rome Sumeria and the like an 8 legged horse bottomless pits fanatical rats the lake of wisdom elephantine memory birds paper airplanes and Angelina Jolie HA RIOTOUS Repeatedly I could not stop laughing out loud every time the great god RA yelled at Luka in hieroglyphs OMG so funnywe never do find out what the heck he says but my oh my my does he carry on vexed hexed and cross This is a hard book to review because it is so fertile so juicy with so many toothsome threads I cannot do it justice other than to sayJUST READ IT Not one to be missed He gave me glee and grace and morsels of wisdom sewn inside folly Genius mind Thanks Sal for the monsters the mayhem and the magic A fun read Salman has his way of creating stories Nobodaddy bear dog and awkward places This book was read each time i completed my exercise at Armenian garden early March I can see it turned into feature film after Harun andRasa macam tokwan tokwan dok cerita bila baca Binantang bercakap dan lokasi lokasi fiksyen seperti filem kartun yang ganasbolehlah sebagai bacaan sengang waktu I know I have written before about books that just fit Books that snuggle into crooks and crevices of your mind that nest as though they had been born there Books that hit themes and subjects and loves in just the right ways This is one of those books In Luka and the Fire of Life Rushdie has created a modern fairytale weaving together myths modern and ancient in a glorious mishmash of energy shot through with meditations on mortality and storytellingNote The rest of this review has been withheld due to the recent changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision hereIn the meantime you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook Luka and the Fire of the meantime you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook Luka and the Fire of was disappointing Clearly Rushdie loves words It is full of puns Clearly he knows his myths and theology There are all kinds of god and minor deities across many societies and racesSo Luka is off on a est to save his father As I read I ws reminded of The Wizard of Oz The Hobbit and even the Percy Jackson series The est is loosely structured around a gaming paradigm Doesn t all of that sound like it should be great fun It is for a while But after a bit it becomes a giant hodge podge Rushdie is trying to juggle to many balls And like juggling all you have to do is drop one and they are all likely to come downFar too often deus ex machina both literally and figuratively the answer to a plot problem The plot itself is too episodic Finishing the book was a chore not a joy I recognize the literary fun I m not sure a young teen would But the literary fun is not in itself enough to drive the bookSo here I am having to recommend that a person not read the book despite the writer s skil. Was written as a gift for his first son Luka and the Fire of Life the story of Haroun's younger brother is a gift for his second son on his twelfth birthday Lyrical rich with word play and with the narrative tension of the classic est stories this is Salman Rushdie at his very bes.