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Ast them and they did not bother me I was a bit startled when the main character went on a date which startled when the main character went on a date which with her and her male riend baking bread Seriously baking loaves of bread And I solved the murder somewhere around page 10 so the story held very Sono with Visits from the Seventh few surprisesor meNevertheless it all slid past uite nicely The characters were definitely on the odd side of uirky but t I can t uit you Hannah Swenson even when you drive me crazyIn this latest installment Hannah and 92 year old Grandma Knudson are solving the mystery of the replacement Reverend in Lake Eden And the only thing wrong in Hannah s love life is that Norman seems to be very involved with his new dentistry partner Dr Bev a woman Hannah describes as 13 her dress size This one was on the goofy side with Dolores going undercover again at the Eagle Bar Moishe s up to his old tricks again too The editing in this one was a little sloppy since instead of identifying Minnesota s basketball team as the Timberwolves she calls the basketball team the Minnesota Wild which is instead the hockey teamAnd Hannah is now providing recipes Remarkable Creatures for catood Gack The Butterscotch Bonanza Bars were a major disaster but the Nutmeg snaps were a hit Emily P I m willing to give up on most series if they re not working or me but I have to ind out what happens next I read these in order so yes I have read the previous books and this was as delicious as expected maybe a little predictable because after all these years I do get conditioned to the Heroes Adrift (Hero, formula used but never the less when I m in the moodor a Fluke nothing else will do Best part was the ending of course It actually made me speak out loud shouting something like no way which only made waiting to read the next book harder perhaps that s why I didn tWe get the usual baking sleuthing Moishe troubles set a didn tWe get the usual baking sleuthing Moishe troubles set in a setting but the most and juiciest part was Hannah and Norman and the third wheel I know she will probably never settle down cant Chuck and Danielle force yourself to be attracted to Norman but reading about it is sureun besides the woman is in her twenties although she sounds mature and who says she needs to settle down like an ancient piece of Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old furniture bogus hogwash anyways there were aew parts that annoyed me Hannah suggesting that certain someone marries someone else because of a certain thing which brought the book back to 10000 BC to me Other than that I loved it the mystery was a little cleverer this time but I was still able to nudge most of the truth myself and the Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs food yumm I like how she includes savory and sweet things I have tried aew over the years and they were very tasty cozy home style things Kasia Ng uestions She soon discovers that the good Reverend wasn't uite the saintly Gray Bishop fellow he appeared to be It will take some digging toind the culprit but Hannah is sure of one thing even the most half baked murder plot can be oh so dead. .

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Culous I suppose I should have expected that though when I picked up a book with the title Devi s Food Cake Murder 3 The act that even when IMPORTANT PLOT TWISTS and I use the Murder 3 The act that even when IMPORTANT PLOT TWISTS and I use the plot twist loosely because Stevie Wonder could have seen these coming a mile away occur the characters STILL don t stop talking about cookies or recipes No the earth shattering news get a throwaway sentence or two because we must have the characters talking about what s REALLY important aka the cookies or chocolate4 The ridiculous cast of olksy characters Hannah the 30 year old who has two men in love with her despite being completely bland and who goes on chaste dates that include dinner a one kiss maximum and baking bread The evil slut Doctor Bev who kiss maximum and baking bread The evil slut Doctor Bev who SKINNY and has a NICE HAIRCUT how dare the harlot The ridiculous mother who thinks A BAR the horror is too dangerous or her daughters to go to together even though said daughters are in their 20s and 30s Grandma Knudson enough said 5 The stilted unnatural dialogue6 The unnecessary trick of having one character say a moderately uncommon word or phrase to be ollowed by another character explaining what that means to the audience Is the intended audience of these books Grade School Children Who school children who to learn their vocabulary or the spelling bee Seriously adults do not need to be pandered to like that they can pick up a dictionary if they really need it that bad 7 The somewhat related to no 6 trick of having one character say something and have a second character spell out exactly what that meant even though the readers have to be practically brain dead not to understand For example when talking about a dress that a woman Bonnie wanted to buy but that would be unflattering to her Noir figureFor one thing it has a darling draped look over the hips Andrea told her And Bonnie has her own draped look over her hipsHannah began to smile I get it The little black dress would have accentuated one of Bonnie sigure Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are flawsDo you get it Hannah DO YOU Was it really that difficult to understand what Andrea was saying Did you really need to spell it outor the audience I m pretty sure everyone GOT IT the Gaffer first time around Really there is not a single redeeming thing about this book And it is a New York Times bestseller the reason I picked it up in theirst place since that must mean it s good right JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL I see this series around a lot but had never tried one before Why did I sample book 14 Circumstantial Evidence first Because the cover was pink of course I am a challenge junkyApparentlyrom checking the reviews I started with a dud I must admit I thought there was an oversupply of recipes but I just skipped Te A new minister is in town to cover Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers for Reverend Bob Knudson who's honeymooning with Hannah's goodriend Claire But when the replacement is ound ace down in a plate of devil's ood cake with a bullet in his head Hannah starts aski. I am just over half way through the Hannah Swensen cozy mystery series with 14 Devil s Food Cake Murder written in 2011 by Joanne Fluke When I Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) flipped through the Acknowledgments section in the paperback it noted that Hannah was voted as the most liked non detective crime solver that year how interesting I love the series and think she s uiteun but each book seems to get a little lighter on plot and heavier on recipes I preferred the balance in the earlier novels yet they are still always a great read even if I m now down to about an hour to push through them despite being over 300 pages When I Flip 10 Pages I Summer Meditations flip 10 pages skip the recipe it breezes by uicklyIn this caper Hannahinds the dead body of Reverend Bob s temporary sit in while he s on his honeymoon with Claire Hannah s mom is watching Claire s God Said, Ha!: A Memoir fashion shop all the while trying not to insult the customers when they pick the wrong outfitsor their body type But the biggest change in
Lake Eden puzzle is Hannah dating life She s waffled between Mike and Norman or 13 books beginning to see them both wane at her indecision and start seeing other people well now there s a massive decision that will change the events in uture books In one way I m glad as she was stringing them on On the Right Side of a Dream forar too long I agree with taking time to play the ield and maybe it s only been 2 to 3 years in story time but it eels like a decadeAs Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II for the mystery nothing extraordinary and it didn t really involve many characters we ve met before except one adorable octogenarian so it was not myavorite I still enjoyed all the side interactions in the town the developing relationships between Hannah and her Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq family and the set upor the next book in terms of Hannah s love life I m sticking with it but I hope there s mystery coming soon 35 stars This book may be one of the worst I ve ever read Here are some general problems I had with it1 The Michelin Green Guide Normandy fact that I was able toigure out the ending several pages in It was so completely obvious that it just made the annoyingly olksy characters seem especially moronic or not cluing in aster2 The act that 60% of the non recipe text still consists of people a eating ood that the narration simply MUST describe because OF COURSE we need to know the details of practically every single meal these characters eat b discussing ood they are about to eat or just ate c talking about recipes and who gave them to our ridiculously bland heroine Hannah Swensen d making cookies discussing cookies naming off cookies praising cookies planning cookies ad nauseam Seriously the What Every American Should Know About the Rest of the World fact that text was devoted toood and in particular cookies rather than the mystery is ridi. These days everyone in Lake Eden Minnesota is buzzing with activity and Hannah Swensen is no exception But no matter how busy she may be Hannah can always I Got a New Friend find time to help ariend in need especially when there's a murder to investiga. ,