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The Ninth Circle

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Ones I m really interested in that doesn t happen here I like them allAnother thing I love about RM Meluch is that she doesn t burden me with a truckload of technical nonsense She doesn t explain FTL space travel they just do it She doesn t waste my time to write about how fast and explosive missles are or how powerful the spaceships are or how many rounds per minute the weapons can fire or any of that technological nonsense that guys like Webber and Ringo se to bore me to death She concentrates on the story and I appreciate itThe political backstory nonsense is minimal too it s there with the Earth government getting in the way of the ship s captain but instead of page after page of ranting about liberals and such the captain gets angry drinks scotch and go plays some racuetball What could be fun that thatThe scientists on the planet seemed eggheaded and oblivious than was absolutely necessary All scientists are not bureaucrats and the end result of the part where one of them does the I come in peace bit with the aliens was completely predictable The identity of the possible Romulai spy also seemed
Blatantly Obvious At The End 
obvious at the end suppose I ll find out if I was right when I read the next bookAll that aside this book like the others in the series was very fun to read It kept me entertained and the pages burned by Gone til November uickly and that s really the reason why I m picking the booksp in the first place In the not so distant future a hidden conspiracy stretching thousands of years reveals itself Romans have been hiding in sleeper cells and when they awaken they nearly take over the Earth They lose the war and retreat to form their own galaxy spanning empire The new Roman Empire and the US are in the midst of a cold war at the beginning of the series Sometimes they team p against alien a cold war at the beginning of the series Sometimes they team p against alien and other times their cold war gets particularly hot It s all rather exciting like a hoo rah version of Star Trek Since the last book Captain John Alexander Farragut has been promoted to Admiral and Calista Carmel has become captain of the Merrimack I like Carmel a lot but I do miss Captain Farragut he and Augustus were the characters I read the Books For And Now for and now re both out of the series When an old shipmate Glenn Hamster Hamilton finds evidence of a new alien race Farragut sends the Merrimack to investigate Meanwhile a band of Roman men is cast out of the empire and become pirates on a collision course with the MerrimackOn the one hand once I started this book I didn t stop reading till I was done On the other hand my main impetus for finishing was in hopes of reading what hideous ignominious end the incredibly annoying Knox came to because holy shit balls I hate that character He s the Haulden Caulfield of serial killersEven if E When alien invaders are also discovered Glenn Hamilton calls on the USS Merrimack for help But the Ninth Circle and ,

The Ninth Circle is the fifth in the Merrimack series of space opera books set in a Fortinbras at the Fishhouses universe in which a new Roman Empire has risen from the ashes and become America s chief rival in a pan galactic Cold and sometimes hot War The previous book had things getting very hot as a mad Emperor took power and tried to retake Earth only to get done in Shakespeare style by one of his own This book picks thingsp two years later the peace between the US and Rome has held and the all consuming alien horror known as the Hive appears to have stayed dead this time and for the first time in the series plays no part in this book Instead the book goes back to what Meluch did so well in the My A Way Youll Never Be uite a weak addition to the series And one important thing Merrimack without Farragut What s the fugging point The thing about reading Meluch space opera especially those set in the Merrimackniverse is this they are 1 Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers usually fun 2 not exactly literature ie not Ian Banks etc 3 humorous 4 you ll probably find a villain or anti hero that you ll end And here I have arrived at the fifth book in the Tour of the Merrimack series Book four Strength and Honor felt like the grandest of grand finales but apparently there were adventures in store In the beginning I wasn t sure but I was eager I wasn t sure because it really did seem like all important threads were tiedp in neat little bows and I couldn t imagine what could follow p that slam dunk finish But I ve loved aka been addicted to the series since book one The Myriad so there was no holding me back when I discovered there was I wasn t long into this book which turned the spotlight to minor characters and a new building series of conflicts before I realized that I had been right to hesitate The is of conflicts before I realized that I had right to hesitate The writing is great the worldbuilding the flow of action and the colorful cast of characters were fantastic But three things First there was al Wry wit intelligent satire a fast moving space opera with laugh out loud enjoyment of the foibles of human nature and deeper nderlying issues The entire series is wonderfully fast moving and npredictable Start with Book 1 The Myriad This one jumped the shark Maybe 3 and a half here Good action plot and descriptions but the writing could be better The great thing about all of the Merrimack books is the dialog between the be better The great thing about all of the Merrimack books is the dialog between the especially amongst the Marines with the glibness in the face of danger the boasting and the swaggering cocky manner with which they treat everything She does tend to make them seem a little dumber than they really ought to be if they re being entrusted with flying expensive high performance spaceships The members of the crew are all likeable and where I dread scenes centering on some characters and can t wait to get back to the. Fifth in the hard hitting military science fiction series On the distant world of Zoe an expedition finds DNA based lif. .
Didn t think Knox was the stupidest most blindingly self Absorbed Twit To Ever Stain A Page And Making It twit to ever stain a page and making it the worse he s clearly a favorite of Meluch s I still couldn t ite stomach this book It s just too clearly biased the UN analogues are foolish and ridiculously naive continually creating obstacles for Our Heroes and being The Possible Police unfairly vituperative about the Noble Sacrifices Our Heroes have made throughout the series The scientists are absurdlynbelievably nworldly Meluch also has a lot of affection for the new Roman Empire for no reason I can determine The new Romans are basically fascist Spartans so there is nothing I admire about their society while Meluch seems to think there are so many things to admire that she needn t *Provide Any Reasons To The Reader I Don T Get *any reasons to the reader I don t get priorities or her values I don t like any of her fave characters Steel Kerry Blue Knox and I love all the side characters she s bored by Plus Meluch s writing style has gotten almost nreadably terse and her long spiels of pseudo science infodumping are less charming than everI ll probably keep reading this series because I love ship battles but I m no longer enthralled by it Right it s been a while so as a refresher this is the military scifi series where the Roman Right it s been a while so as a refresher this is the military scifi series where the Roman went Before Our Eyes underground for a few thousand years only to re emerge in the space age and setp a whole new empire in opposition to the US in space and then a lot of homoerotic things happened Got that GoodI stress read the first few books in this series and enjoyed the hell out of them You know where you make a Cartesian plane with goodbad on one axis and enjoyablenot enjoyable on the other this series was waaaay deep in the badenjoyed Death on Milestone Buttress uadrant But we ve been through a few twists and turns killed off some major characters sent others off to get married to a random and it turns out the enjoyable was coming from a very specific scenario and when you erase that wellWhat you re left with is Meluch s politics pro military to the point of jingoism her series long disdain for civilian peacekeeping forces turnedp to eleven and this really awful moment where I realized she s genuinely interested in a bunch of teenaged boys who deliberately set out to become spree killers because daddy didn t love one of them enough no for real that s his actual reason There s also a lot of frankly weird back and forth about how the right thinking people can recognize a hostile species on sight it s genetic Apparently Evil aliens just look wrong but those stupid scientists they want to talk to the A Dark and Stormy Knight (Victorian Rebels, ugly aliens before starting a shooting war and don t recognize the superiority of the cute aliens what bullshitBlech Someone let me know if she resurrects the bio engineered vicious Roman genius Otherwise I m out. He Palatine Empire have also found Zoe Soon everyone will be on a collision course to determine the fate of this planet.