EBOOK / PDF Paperdolls: A True Story of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Mormon Neighborhoods

Very graphic not for the ueasy interesting Rating 45 Like Shattered Silence this book is very difficult to get through Very graphic descriptions of a horrific childhood where several families in her ward were involved in a sex ring adults and teens would abuse children in a variety of abhorrent ways This book is written via journal entries in a stream of consciousness style from the main author and also her trusted friend and confidant a generation older whose children were also involved in all the horror These Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' people have been through hell and I really admire the strength and courage it took April to share her stories especially as I read her veryersonal accounts of how hellish the rocess of remembering and learning to work through the memories is Luke 172 isn t strong enough This is a good book to read to show the insidiousness of generational and community wide child abuse of generational and community wide child abuse of culture and a social structure that allows abuse to not only grow and spread but to thrive If there s one thing I wish it s that this book laid in harder to the church itself and how the ermissiveness of the church at all levels allowed Changing Face of the Hero predators easy access to large numbers of children without any measures taken torevent it The silencing of victims and forgiveness by church leaders from the bishopric right up to general authorities including an apostle of redators allowed child abuse to run rampant unchecked Victims were told not to tell lies wives were told. Incest survivor April Daniels repressed the memory of her abuse by her father and neighbors for over twenty years Reared in a devout Mormon home she hadn't yet reached kindergarten before she was sexually molested by her father The years that followed brought repeated in. ,
Paperdolls: A True Story of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Mormon Neighborhoods

Wonder if she actually fits as a complex tertiary system At one oint when she s exploring her multiplicity her car is broken into and the journal she d been documenting this in is stolen From Under The Seat Why It Wasn under the seat Why It wasn a urse just a book and the idea of someone out there reading it terrifies her I wondered reading her account of this incident if Lignin Biodegradation perhaps arotector self had broken into the car and stolen the book to keep the information from being shared an action of which April was amnesic It just seemed too strange a thing to happen otherwise but if it was taken by a Pure Chance protective self it makes sense April was telling April was writing things down specifically about a self who took the worst of the abuse April knew this self s name and had written it down Arotective self being triggered to remove the threat The Lady and the Lionheart posed by the journal seems the most believable thing rather than a random thief stealing a journal from under a seat which they would have no way of knowing was even there concealed as it wasSo it s a book that feels of its time but there s still a lot of value in itarticularly for eople looking for works that deal with generational abuse works that deal with community church or culture based abuse networks works that focus on child abuse and child ornography rings works that talk about rocessing recovered memories or repressed memories triggered in adulthood and works that highlight complicity of church culture or community in abuse. L and Carol's grandchildren were abused by the same erson is one of the real life dramatic twists in Paperdolls Paperdolls blasts light into the dark corners of one of society's most Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church pervasive and disturbingroblems to uncover a owerful story of love courage and heali. ,
To trust their abusive HUSBANDS AND ABOVE ALL FAMILIES WERE and above all families were against going to the olice The blood and loss of innocence of these children is the olice The blood and loss of innocence of these children is the church s headsThe church aside this is a book that s as much a snapshot of the CSA recovery movement in the eighties and early nineties as much as anything It has that feel about it of that time when there was a lot of momentum a lot of National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 proactive therapy and groups going on andeople talking about child abuse in a very dynamic way before the false memory scaremongering that came later It s a good book to read to show different complexities of multiplicity too April describes two of her other selves but talks of many of the members of her support group having others too If you take the theory of structural dissociation as a guide MPDDID and DDNOSOSDD are far from being the only forms just the most complex People who ve been through trauma and have dissociative features can have other selves even in simple PTSD Though some of April s support group robably met the criteria for then MPD or DDNOS I doubt all did Many of them would have robably had simple or complex PTSD with one or EPs or even had none and just felt free to use inner child work to connect with their younger selves I think April herself may have fit the secondary structural dissociation bracket since her other selves seemed to be fairly basic trauma holdersmemory keepers though there was one incident in her account that made me. Cidents of rape and humiliation many of them at the hands of her older brothers and their friends Psychologist Carol Scott a grandmother came face to face with the sexual molestation of her grandchildren by her son in law and his friends The shocking revelation that Apri.