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The Taming of the WerewolfY an attack she endured as a teenager which left her suspended between two worlds the human and the wolf but belonging to neither The author weaves this explanation seamlessly into the existing story and her writing ability carries us through to an ending that suggests of a marriage among euals which will resonate better with modern readers I admire her rendition of the main plot However the lack of subplots leaves the overall work a bit wanting In the play there are several interludes especially with Bianca s suitors that help round out the Story And Give The and give the some comic relief Not having these tangents in Taming Of The Werewolf At Best Leaves The Novel Used Up the Werewolf at best leaves the novel used up uickly at worst creates some noticeable holes in the plot The most glaring example of this is how Petruchio recognized Vincentio the father of one of the callers on a road Huh Not only had he never met the father in this retelling he never met the son either If only Shults had spent a little time further eveloping the storybut alasConsider the e book for your ele. Y HANGS ATAIL”Because Katharina is cursed She has a fearsome temper and a sharp tongueAnd even sharper teethKISS ME KATE FOR WE WILL BE MARRIED ON SUNDAY”I'LL SEE YOU EATEN ON SUNDAY”Petruchio is etermined to win her. ,

So fun I have to admit I really enjoyed this The shift between narrators really kept the pace up and made you sympathetic to both of really kept the pace up and made you sympathetic to both of It is fairly well known that most of Shakespeare s works were not original Rather he took already existing stories and then retold them in such a way that they have endured through the ages It is only appropriate then that another writer has taken Taming of the Shrew and retold the tale for this generation It is not a timeless work like Shakespeare s but
it is a 
is a and clever interpretation For those of you not uite remembering the plot Katharina is the eldest aughter of a rich gentleman who is reuired to be wed before her younger sister Bianca can marry While Bianca has several callers Katharina is known far and wide as a The Shrew and revels in her wretchedness Finally a man named Petruchio presents himself and proceeds to tame Katharina through atypical often cruel means eventually resulting in a Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery docile wife and a triumphant suitor In Shults telling Katharina s current anger is fueled “BEFORE I MET YOU I NEVER KNEW WOLVES COULD SMILE”Was ever any gentleman thus grieved as Baptista Minola An Italian lordwith twoaughters the youngest of which cannot be married until the elderKatharina is wedAND THEREB.

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Ctronic inventory it s The 299 But Would 299 but I would the paper copy Recommended for Shakespeare fans romance fans and anyone who ever wondered why Bianca s hands were tied at the beginning of the playContains brief sex scene Reviewed by WE Zazo Phillips About the BookThe simplest way to summarize this book is to simply say that it is Shakespeare s The Taming of the Shrew only Katherina Is A Werewolf For Those Of You Who Don is a werewolf For those of you who on know the plot of The Taming of the Shrew you may want to read the rest of the About the Book sectionThe plot of this well known comedy is fairly simple A wealthy man by the name of Baptista has two aughters Katherina and Bianca The latter has many suitors but Baptista refuses to let her marry until Katherina is wed herself The problem with this is that Katherina in known for having a fearsome temper and in this version she also happens to be a werewolf However a man who is willing to marry for money alone marries the ill tempered Kate and uses his cunning to try to tame herReviewI have to say that I had Hand A large Womens Political Activism in Palestine dowry is a rich incentiveindeed for this less than gentleman fromVerona even if there areissuesThe sexual politics of Renaissance Italy succumb to the true nature of the beastwithin This is Shakespeare withTEETH.