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D Good stories Good lessons This is a fun early "chapter series Boris and his friends ecide to train For Field Day So They field ay so they try to beat champion Eddie "series Boris and his friends ecide to train for field Chasing the Red Queen day so they can try to beat champion Eddie an event But when it comesown to it Boris chooses friendship over winning Adorable Boris is getting ready for Field Day He wants to beat Eddie who is the best at everything Boris and his friends create their own course in his backyard so they can practice all the events With persistence and Haylee determination they worked everyay and as is the way with practice they got better The The Columbia Guide to South African Literature in English Since 1945 (The Columbia Guides to Literature Since 1945) day of the races came andespite their preparation Eddie still was winning every event Then came the longest race Boris was Hijacking the Brain determined to win this one He got off to a great startespite Eddie s friends trying to slow him own Just when the finish line was in sight Boris made #A CHOICE THAT MANY OTHERS IN HIS PLACE WOULD #choice that many others in his place would have made Who would you rather be Eddie who wins all the time Or Boris who is a great friend I love this new series for beginning chapter book readers The story is cute and the illustrations are great fun Boris reams of winning the big race at school He practices and works hard But when it comes The Path to Gay Rights down to the bigay he s faced with a big ecision will he go for the gold or help a friend in need Kids will relate to Boris the goofy little warthog who s the star of this very easy beginning chapter book They ll love the cartoon illustrations and the way Boris manages to make adventures out of everyday thing. T to come last again Who will make it across the finish line first Ready set.

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Ready set BorisTheme Friendship is important than winning Hard work and perseverance pay offMiss 3 and I like to explore ifferent books and authors at the library sometimes around particular topics or to explore Singing the Law different books and authors at the library sometimes around particular topics or We try to getifferent ones out every week or so it s fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new favourite authors This is the third book in a series featuring a warthog named Boris by Andrew Joyner We liked the first two books in this series so we thought
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d check the outThis is a fun tale and I love #BORIS S IMAGINATION I LIKED HIS #s imagination I liked his for training and pursuing his goal even if the goal was to beat a bully and of course I liked his sense of fair play and loyalty to his friend We Alchemic didiscuss the fact that he could ve finished the race and then gone back to support his friend but it woul Boris and his two best friends Alice and Frederick want to We Sell Drugs do welluring the upcoming school field Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ day and they embark on a training program All three of them get stronger and Boris actually runs faster than Eddie the school s superathlete But just as he nears the finish line Boris realizes that Frederick is lagging far behind and ready to uit His resulting actions show that there is than one way toefine winning I love this series with its warthog protagonist funny illustrations and positive messages about life choices Boris is a warthog that you would really enjoy having as a friend In this book he and his friends are very tired of Ed. GO BORISIt's Sports Day and Boris is ready to run like he's never run before. .
Die always winning But instead of whining about it they set to work to run faster and jump higher with a aily routine of of whining about it THEY SET TO WORK TO RUN set to work to run and jump higher with a aily routine of In the end Boris finds out it isn t always about winning the race and #That When Your Inner Character #when your inner character up you are always a winner I read this book with my four year old brother We switched off every other page except when he got grumpy and tried to make me read every page that had a picture of a person running on it This whole series is adorable and not too ifficult for my brother to read Although I m still mad at him for skipping ahead to look at the pictures and see who won the race Boris books are perfect for students reading at a second grade level When I was an elementary school librarian it was challenging to find books written at this level that make reading fun Boris oes this If elementary schools and primary classrooms purchase the entire Boris series they will be rewarded with excited readers In this adventure Boris and his Fredrick are sick of loosing at all the school sports activities to Eddie a rude braggy classmate who is a poor winner Boris Fredrick and their friend Alice train everyday after school at a makeshift obstacle course preparing themselves for the next school competition I loved the values of hard work etermination and friendship that were shown in this small chapter book picture book for young readers Boris is a cool warthog who is finding his way through life and elementary school Good ki. He wants to beat Eddie who always wins everything All Frederick wants is no. .