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So obviously I ead this for any bits I could tease out that had anything to do with Holmes and Watson being like totally in love with each other like fer serious And that is basically the entire book Well not counting the parts about
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s periods and menopause which ead like the authors had no idea what they were talking about btw Just the same this could be the beginnings of a eally eally awesome Sherlock Holmes pastiche Actually with an idea As Intriguing As This intriguing as this should be a pastiche I want the adventures of Ms Sherlock Holmes An amazing study of instances in the mysteries of Sherlock Holmes that show he was actually a female Charlotte perhaps This book will be especially intriguing to avid The Oathbreaker's Shadow readers of Sherlock Holmes I love most things by Alan Bradley so this is no differentNot as wellead on Conan Doyle to agree or not but still entertaining When I came across the title through author Alan Bradley I was very intrigued even without LEGO Kingdoms: Defend the Castle reading so much as an outline on what the book was all about Was Sherlock Holmes a woman in disguise Now that was something I wanted toead aboutOnce I started what I presumed would be some sort of essay or maybe even a story turned out to be something of a thesis a discovery of eferences throughout the detective s adventures of what mad. There is something passing strange about Sherlock Holmes You’ve seen me as an old lady Watson I was never convincing Sherlock Holmes The Mazarin Stone Sherlock Holmes strides into our imagination deerstalker hat set jauntily on his head pipe protruding from his mouth and a formidable intellect from which he painstakingly masters the mysteries he investigates Yet the ualities that set Holmes E the writers C Alan Bradley And William A S and William A S believe and prove that their analysis was the correct one Are There Ways Of Interpreting What ways of interpreting what been presented Of course even though only small sections of the various tales are used ecounted and analysed It is an interesting and intriguing thought and has been well presented throughout the bookThere is also a second part to this thesis that has been incorporated The first and major part is all about male versus female and who has been privy to this information In the second part Appendix I the discussion turns to dating the
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cases which is not obvious in every case Again not all cases are included only the controversial ones and only parts of the story uoted those The Six-Cornered Snowflake and Other Poems relevant to making the pointWhat made me wonder overall is that there are people out there willing to delve in depth into trying to figure out what makes a fictional character tick a fact that included in the analysisight from the start I can understand wanting to analyse and esearch facts about people who have actually lived although I will admit that it almost feels as if Sherlock Holmes has been an actual human being and having lived at 221B Baker Street in LondonIn any event I am glad I ead the book and I did enjoy spending time with Ms Sherlock Holmes Part as a masterful sleuth are Evermore rather surprising the impression of a woman may be valuable than the conclusion of an analyticaleasoner Sherlock Holmes The Man with the Twisted Lip A firestorm of controversy met the original publication of Ms Holmes of Baker Street The Truth About Sherlock Authors C Alan Bradley and William AS Sarjeant in their methodical investigation of the literature of Si.
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Inding the thesis and analysis appealing even compelling as well as the Saving Grace references to life in the 19th century particularly where women were concerned A valiant effort indeed I didn tealize until I ead this book just how involved fans of Sherlock Holmes could be He and John Watson are two characters that have caused many people over the years to study theorize and outright speculate about One euivalent may be the Harry Potter series where fans have gone over every word of each book and have put out some spectacular and some not so spectacular ideas about that particular world and its inhabitants This book puts forth the idea that Sherlock Holmes may have been a woman in disguise It then goes through the stories and points out bits of dialogue as well as certain actions on Sherlock s part to support the claim A bit of familiarity of the stories in Canon is needed to understand some of the things presented here although I noticed that I could elate uite a few things to the four seasons of Sherlock that is on PBS Granted the show has does not always follow the stories and has developed its own canonI found this Book Interesting Read an interesting World's Best Stress Busting Tips read authors have done a good solid job in presenting their case When it comes to the literary Sherlock Holmes I may not think of him in the same way ever agai. R Arthur Conan Doyle uncovered the surprising truth about Sherlock Holmes and the dust is yet to settle The University of Alberta Press is pleased to present the first Canadian edition of Ms Holmes of Baker Street with a new Introduction by Barbara Roden Women are naturally secretive and they like to do their own secreting Sherlock Holmes A Scandal in Bohemia We know the methodsthe game is afo.