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Vel an enjoyable ead is the setting an isolated tropical island inhabited by an indigenous tribe The internal politics on the island interested me as Did The Variety Of Uniue the variety of uniue Read this book it s not long and it s fun A memorable uoteIt s extraordinary how we go through life with eyes half shut with dull ears with dormant thoughts Perhaps it s just as well and it may be that it is this very dullness that makes life to the incalculable majority so supportable and so welcome Nevertheless there can be but few of us who had never known one of these are moments of awakening when we see hear understand ever so much everything in a flash before we fall back again into our agreeable somnolence Guillermo M ynez Gi. Erests can have on a fledging nation V S Pritchett wrote Nostromo is the most strikingly modern of Conrad's novels It is pervaded by a profound even morbid sense of insecurity which is the very spirit of our age        Robert D Kaplan's Introduction explains why the two novels together form Conrad's darkest glimpse into the flawed nature of humanki.

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Difficult to get into Didn t enjoy it nearly as much as Heart of Darkness The stor of a young Midshipman escaping disaster an excellent classic I ead this about the time the Peter O Toole movie version came out My older brother was eading the book for a college course and left a copy LAYING AROUND I PICKED IT UP AND WAS ENTHRALLED around I picked it up and was enthralled the story That English was Conrad s second language his first Polish has always amazed me Later I would ead Nostromo following a lead in Malcolm Lowry s Under the Volcano Nostromo has the whole western imperialism thing down you can see America s follies in Vietnam and the Middle East can see America s follies in Vietnam and the Middle East large in these pages like prophecy I think this is One Of Conrad S Finest Novels On of Conrad s finest novels on same. With a new introduction by Robert D KaplanCommentary by Virginia Woolf Harold Bloom Edward Said FR Leavis and Robert Penn WarrenOriginally published in 1900 Lord Jim is one of Joseph Conrad's most complex literary masterpieces The story of a young sailor whose moment of cowardice haunts him for the est of his life Lord Jim explores Conrad's lifelong obses. ,
Lord Jim NostromoLevel as Nostromo I should it be known that unlike most people I found Nostromo and Lord Jim to be better than The Secret Agent and Heart of Darkness Conrad created a very interesting complicated character in Lord Jim a man with intense inner struggles It is compelling Child Support, for the Non-Custodial Parent, Alabama Edition (Series 1, for the Non-Custodial Parent) reading because while Jim suffers from feelings ofegret and moral inferiority he displays a convincingly strong external appearance The eader learns that he is trying to make up for what he considers to be a past weakness however it becomes clear that he has blown his past mistake out Of Proportion And His proportion and his actions since then have gone far beyond making up for it So Jim s character is fascinating in and of itself Yet what also makes the no. Sions with the nature of guilt and the possibility of edemption        Nostromo is considered by many to be Conrad's supreme achievement and Conrad himself eferred to Nostromo as his widest canvas Set in the fictitious South American epublic of Costaguana Nostromo The Organization Man reveals the effects that misguided idealism unparalleled greed and imperialist int.