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Comfort And Joy lOmmend it enough I could see aot of people iking book but not a ot of people oving *it Mostly I gave it 4 stars

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of the Yuri s father *Mostly I gave it 4 stars because of the portrayal of Yuri s father in the middle of the book I thought the description of that character in particular really brought him to ife And also because of Hammond I iked Hammond A coming of age story about a Latvian immigrant Yuri in 1989 Milwaukee I read this because I m from Milwaukee although two generations removed from Yuri I m still undecided about how I felt about this book it was well written certainly but I did not think Yuri was a very sympathetic character Red Weather takes a simple idea the working and actions of an adolescent and stretches it in wonderful and engrossing directions In esser hands Yuri s story could easily have slipped into clich a typical coming of age story But Pauls Toutonghi does not take the easy way out Because his protagonist is essentially acted upon than pro active his urches toward decisiveness draw us in that much although a ot of the time we are watching him through the fingers on the hands clamped over our eyes waiting for the crash iteral and figurative And Pauls surrounds Yuri with a distinctive cast who grow on us as people as our main character grows during the course of the novel Pauls plays with standard immigrant scenes yes we visit a supermarket but over the course of the book deepens the shades slowly and imperceptibly surprising us making us know and care about the whole clan as well as the other non Latvia characters in Red Weather There are several brilliant set pieces In particular amongst them one involving a furtive car ride gone awry and another an attempted day of tourism can easily stand alone and merit repeated readings There are huge surprises shocks really that utterly alter our view of the now familiar characters and our protagonists understanding of them and his own ifeThis is a book whose character s experience reminds us to actually be in the moment to reckon and recognize that which is around us those intimate to us which we sometimes take for granted To try and see things for what they actually are now so that The Game of Love later when that which could ve deepened our experience and brought us closer to those near to us is gone we do not regret things undone words unsaid Red Weather is a beautiful novel of discovery frustration and regret whose themes and unforced emotion burrow down deep with in the reader page by magical page The review onine says it is honest and unflinching I disagree if anything I found it humorous and awkward Awkward in the sense that he recounts teenage moments and feelings that we all would Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition like to forget and humorous because these things actually happened I can only imagine that if this were ever made into a movie it would be akin to My Big Fat Greek Wedding I am just over 50% of the books and I really enjoy it I think an added plus is the fact that the story happens in Wisconsin a place where I am currentlyiving so I have the benefit of seeing or having seen where the story takes place This bit of personalization makes it that much sweeter Regardless of where you ive there are aspects that anyone can relate to and appreciate So far 810I have now finished the book I stand by my grade of 810 It was a great read and in the end a surprise to my original diagnosis This slim novel set in 1980 s Milwaukee explores the ife of 16 year old Yuri Balodis and his parents immigrants from Latvia and escapees from the Stalinist Soviet Union Yuri s infatuatio. Lives But Yuri is stubborn And his ideological betrayal will have serious conseuences than breaking his parents’ hearts Red Weather is by turns funny and bittersweet tinged with a rueful comic sense that will instantly remind you of the absurd complications of ove Pauls Toutonghi’s stunning debut novel is at once reminiscent of Michael Chabon’s The Mysteries of Pittsburgh and Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner From the Hardcover editi. Yuri Balodis is 15 and attending Alexander Hamilton High School *In 1989 Milwaukee His Parents Came To Wisconsin From Latvia *1989 Milwaukee His parents came to Wisconsin from Latvia his father had once dreamed of becoming a country and western star but now works as a night janitor at a car dealership and drowns his disappointments in bourbon Yuri is a gangly teen and unsure of his The Lady in Pink life s path but he is a good student and reads widely partl This book went into my to readist because of its Milwaukee setting But I enjoyed the story of Latvian immigrants struggling to grab the American dream interwoven with their son s angst ridden coming of age Yuri the son gets mixed up with home grown Communist wannabes which of course is anathema to his parents And naturally a female is at the center of all that There is satire there is sadness but at the end of it all there is familyI d Eyes love to read about Yuri He s an endearing character Any teenage boy whooves the ibrary as much as Yuri does HAS to have a bright futureIt s problematic to ive in the area where a book is set The author captures a Sinner's Heart lot of the feel ofate 1980s Milwaukee but there are errors that jumped out at this Milwaukee area resident For one thing the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did not exist until 1995 for another a single town in Wisconsin or anywhere would not have its own District Attorney And paper mills in Milwaukee There are none within about 100 miles There always have been industrial smells particular to Milwaukee but paper milling is not one of themIf it weren t for the sloppy research I d give this book five stars This book was the first I put on my Goodreads to read ist in 2009 I ve ben trying to tackle that ong Spirit of the Wolf listately and I m so glad I finally got around to reading this one This is the coming of age story of a first generation American teenager in Milwaukee iving with his Latvian immigrant parents when the Berlin wall came down on Nov 9 1989 The story is warm and sensitive but saved from sentimentality by its humor alternately slapstick and sly There is a straw dog in it though a socialist eaning American professor who oves all things Soviet The narrator and reader know better We who oves all things Soviet The narrator and reader know better We are a small nation beaten and battered by many wars over thousands of years but our culture and ife sense still thrive the Latvian anguage is one of the oldest in existence today Perhaps that is our greatest source of pride then we are survivors When Pauls Toutonghi s new novel came upon the iterary scene I was pleased I m an avid reader in both anguages Latvian and English but however many good books I read about the war and Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) later experiences of Latvians immigrating to other countries and cultures it is rare to come across a worthy tome in English a good attention grabbing novel that I could proudly share with non Latvian friends Now here s Pauls With one Latvian parent it is my understanding he has grown up in the Milwaukee area active in the Latvian community and having visited Latvia is well acuainted one would suppose with the culture and something of the nation s history For these reasons I read the novel with high expectation Pauls writing abilities do not disappoint He has accrued an impressive publishing history has won the Pushcart Prize His descriptions areively his storyline pulls us along his sense of humor is intact And yet The further I read the I realized no this was not going to be the book that I would pass on to Latvians I know or to non Latvians I d Math Basics 6 like to invite into my multi cultural world The novel works as an entertaining read for non. The setting is Milwaukee Wisconsin if not America’s heart then ateast its Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, liver home to an array of breweries and abandoned factories and down on theiruck Eastern European immigrants The year is 1989Revolutions are sweeping through the nations of the Eastern Bloc Communism is unraveling And nobody feels this unraveling piuantly than Yuri Balodis a fifteen year old first generation American iving with his Latvian immigrant parents in Mil. Latvians perhaps but for those who do know the history and culture well not so much I think my sense of humor is healthy but I can t help feeling that describing Latvians visiting the United States as being so dense as to put ketchup on every possible food even bananas craving to taste the American ife is taking the joke into the much ess fun realm of ridicule Or the Latvian mother as so acking in self awareness as to walk Milwaukee streets wearing a Pabst hardhat with a beer can on it as if wearing a Parisian fashion statement Humor is often built on slapstick and exaggeration but would those who have no other knowledge of Latvians perhaps never will have any other exposure than this novel think this is what it means to be a Latvian Bumbling fools Worthy of remark are some historic inaccuracies Although this is a fictional work even fiction must be rooted on factually solid ground One such example is the allusion to Latvia s president Karlis Ulmanis and his attempt to escape to Finland during the Soviet invasion of World War II In fact President Ulmanis held his place broadcasting over the radio waves to the nation even as the Soviet tanks crossed *the Russian border reuesting all to remain in their places saving many Latvian ives He was taken by force from his *Russian border reuesting all to remain in their places saving many Latvian ives He was taken by force from his by the occupying army and was never seen alive again Educated guesses are that he was deported to Siberia where he died in a Gulag If by 1989 when this story is set most Latvian immigrants had established themselves in relative financial security the fictional Balodis family still ived in sualor had attained some measure of their new country s education and achieved something of their own immigrant American dream then the Balodis family was certainly the exception to "the rule Nor could I imagine a Latvian father being so easygoing about the political ines the young man in this " rule Nor could I imagine a Latvian father being so easygoing about the political Humanism lines the young man in this Yuri Juris crossed in hisovelorn relationship with a socialist girl the typical Latvian father would have gone through the roof As a reality check I shared Red Weather with my parents who shared it with several of their friends They expressed admiration for the author s skill but expressed a pained disappointment in the skewed image of Latvian immigrants The image the book Smokin' Hot leaves is of a people who are gullible not particularly industrious and rather dim witted An opportunityost My subjective opinion but I m sure shared by than *a few of my countrymen and women This book tells the story of a teenager Yuri *few of my countrymen and women This book tells the story of a teenager Yuri his immigrant parents who Placing Memory live in Milwaukee WI Yuri sife changes as he falls for Hannah a girl who is involved with the socialist movement a movement whose core concepts directly contradict the beliefs of Yuri s parents who emigrated from Soviet controlled Latvia Two key events cause great changes in Yuri s Lasombra life aate night car accident and the arrival of some of his Latvian relativesA key element of this book is Yuri s relationship with his father Another is his struggle to figure out who he really is and what he really believes and valuesI enjoyed reading a book set in Milwaukee because it was easy for me to picture the many places that are mentioned I also enjoyed seeing the development of Yuri s character and how he came to view his family It took me a while to get into this bookbut then suddenly I really was Reviews have compared the author to David Sedaris and I guess there were moments and the book to The Kite Runner I did not see that at all but I thought there were some Dave Eggers ike moments in it I would rec. Waukee’s Third WardIt’s a turbulent time And when Yuri falls in ove with Hannah Graham the daring daughter of a prominent ocal socialist chaos ensues Within weeks Yuri is ensnared by both Hannah and socialism He joins the staff of the Socialist Worker He starts uoting Lenin and Marx indiscriminatelyHis parents of course are horrified and deeply saddened They try to educate him to show him why in their opinion communism has ruined so many.

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