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Review This was an enchanting "Read With World Building "with fascinating world building a charming love storyReviewed for Brief Encounters Reviews me this an excellent example of good science Cari Z always manages to write such enjoyable reads I really liked this one for it s slow developing romance between Jason and Ferran and I wished there was a bit world building since it was interesting reading what little was revealed to readers I m not very fond of futuristic books not that I don t like them it is mostly because sometimes I don t understand themThis was different as it was very short the story was very easy to followedEven though many of you Will Complain About The Length complain about the length the book but for me was just right And I really it itOne thing that I need to mention is the cover The cover was confusing or deceiving how ever you want to called itI was expecting a story about 2 aliensI m sure Jason was human and his ancestors were from Korea Never mind the story was still uite lovelyAnd the cover was gorgeous There s a certain charm despite the fact that it s written somewhat stiffly with too much telling to showing Feels like a new author s first storyI don t uite see what these two see in each other I Captain Jason Kim is less than thrilled when the mission log for his merchant starship includes ferrying three male Perels back to their home lanet after sowing their wild oats across the 'verse After being burned in his. Opening Worlds Worlds #1

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Soon enough he s than intrigued by Ferran and the feeling
is mutual but 
mutual But has just a few days before he has to return to his home lanet after a year of seeing the world and he won t ever be able to leave All that awaits him there is marriage to a woman who will have a few husbands and won t see him as than her servantThe descriptions in this short story were truly amazing I soaked up all the details and imagined all the retty ictures in my head There wasn t a lot of room there to make this story as elaborate as a novel might be but it still said all it needed to say and brought it to the READER WITH A STRIKING FLARE OF with a striking flare of loved the world and the hysical characteristics of Perels but if not for the feeling I got while reading the romance art of it it would have been a four star rating for me Cari Z gave their story a beginning hot middle and a fantastic conclusion and I can honestly say nothing was missing for me I could feel the desire as well as love and that is exactly how it should beThere should definitely be when it comes to this world and I do hope the author decides to give us even crazier descriptions and a longer romance but OPENING WORLDS is erfect just the way it is. Must return home to domestic obligation and impending marriage lasting romance seems out of the uestion Nevertheless his charm begins to open Jason up and the time they spend together the difficult it becomes to say goodb. Now they like each other and they are both likable but what s the specific draw for them But hey I m willing to go with itNote the cover as shown on GR doesn t match the story It does not take The Queen & I place between two buff loin clothed aliens in a swamp This review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found thereOPENING WORLDS was a very nice surprise indeed Romance at its best with exuisite characterization and extraordinary descriptions Funny how such a short story canack so muchCaptain Jason Kim is a somewhat jaded and reserved man who holds his business close and has only respect to show on the outside He is strong willed serious and much respected by his crew Still he can t help it but be annoyed when he needs to ferry three Perels to their home world He considers them Cigarette Kisses promiscuous and charming enough to dazzle his crew until they are nothing than the sum of their hormones is never good for a ship on a mission He just doesn t like it Then he meets Ferran a Perel who is intrigued by Jason s aloofness but who respects the distances and turns out to be a great conversationalist andleasant companyJason might have started it as nothing than the desire for some company but. Last relationship he wants nothing to do with it as nothing than the desire for some company but. Last relationship he wants nothing to do with sensual uill haired creatures It's just his luck that Ferran one of the Perels takes a distinct liking to himFerran is captivated by Jason's aloof nature but for one who.