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Ked temptations and secret societies they cannot deny their desire for each other Will they together find their happily ever after or will their investigations put an end to itDeliciously enchanting THE CASANOVA CODE the first book in award winning author Donna MacMeans RAKE PATROL series is an enticing historical romance that will first book in award winning author Donna MacMeans RAKE PATROL series is an enticing historical romance that will your attention from the very beginning Well known for her seductively witty historical romances Ms MacMeans goes above and beyond with this one Ashton and Edwina is a beautifully matched couple and their interactions will bring a smile to your face The secondary characters have an appeal all their own and I Mommy on Board Unspoken Confessions Bride Overboard the Suire's Daughter look forward to their stories Brimming with secret societies coded messages claustrophobia danger passion intrigue humor interesting characters witty banter romance and a one of a kindove this story is a comedy of misunderstandings and misconceptions that will brighten your day Originally creative and uniue it is a keeper Ms MacMeans has been among the authors on my ist of must read authors since the publication of her first book and my admiration of her work has never faltered I ook forward to her next book in this exciting series In the meantime be sure to get your own copy of THE CASANOVA CODEDottie RomanceJunkiescom A fun start to a new series by Donna MacMeans Edwina has always had a head for figuring out puzzles decoding secret messages and understanding patterns A secret code in the newspaper Effective Academic Writing 3: The Essay lead her to Casanova Ashton but he s not the man he used to be Ashton has returned injured from the war and wants toeave his wastrel Charmed Particles life behind him He s ready to do some good but isn t sure how to change hisife He Finds Edwina Intriguing And Edwina intriguing and and beautiful and isn t uite sure what to do with her Normally he would seduce and Running with the Kenyans leave but he wants to spend time wi A Refined SeductionTHE CASANOVA CODE by Donna MacMeans is a delightful romance between a reformed rake and a blue stocking Ioved the whole concept of the The Rake Patrol formed by the heroine and her three friends to stop gentlemen from seducing and ruining young womenWhen Edwina Hargrove comes face to face with her first rake she Perdido Street Station learns he s not what she expected and finds herself falling under his spell Her modern ways and unusual pastimes riding a bicycle and deciphering coded messages set her apart from other women make heress desirable in the matrimonial market Though resigned to marry her father s clerk after meeting Casanova she finds herself uit Drinking Easy Ways To uit Drinking For A Healthier Happier and More Motivated Life Without Alcohol Book 1 longing for what she knows she can never haveAshton Trewelyn comes home from war a changed man both in body and in spirit Though he noonger wishes to waste his Duty life in a meaningless pursuit of physical pleasure he has no idea of how to banish his Casanova reputation and gain the respect of the world and his father That is until Edwina bursts into hisife and turns it upside down Together they find a coded message that might just have political implications Her skill with ciphers and codes helps them discover the truth but can deciphering THE CASANOVA CODE win them their heart s desire Loved this book not put downable from start to finish it had me Ashton and Edwinda are so good for each other So well written the story flows and all the characters add so much to it can t wait for the next one I received this book in a goodreads first reads giveawayFirst I wanted to say that I ve never really been interested in romance novels but I just couldn t put this book down I stayed up until 5 AM reading it was that interesting Several parts were uite mysterious I kept trying to figure out who the mystery person was and what the codes could meanThe characters were ikeable Sometimes the things Edwina did would irritate me She was always saying how she was a new modern woman but then she d revert back to some uiet housewife behavior for whatever reason I hated that a ot But otherwise I Dreamland. Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep liked how independent she was and it was really cool that she knew how to uncover secret codes Plus Ioved her nameOverall I d say it was a nice uick read I d definitely recommend it I can t wait to read the next on. Sage that has implications to the Crown and his family His only hope to unravel the mystery The Food Explorer The True Adventures of the Globe Trotting Botanist Who Transformed the American Dinner Table lies in the enigmatic Edwina's ability to recognize patterns Even as heeads her on a path of secret societies and risué temptations he discovers she arouses his jaded soul with temptations of her own Must they risk everything to decipher Casanova's cod. ,

The first book in The Rake Patrol series Edwina Hargrove sees an ad advertising for a wife but she knows its really a ruse Edwina Hargrove sees an ad advertising for a wife but she knows its really a ruse attract decent women and bundle them off for scandalous purposes She also sees patterns and codes in the advertisements Anyway she and her fellow Rake Patrol are determine to stop Ashton Trewelyn from his dastardly deedsA fun witty ittle romp in the world of codes and secrets Not a Ashton Trewelyn from his dastardly deedsA fun witty ittle romp in the world of codes and secrets Not a of action may have Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart lagged slightly at times but overall I found it enjoyable I received a copy of this book from the Goodreads First Reads ProgramI m not a huge fan of romance books but I enjoyed this book regardless of that Edwina s skill in cryptography was an interesting plot point I m uite interested in cryptography myself but sadly Iack Edwina s talent for itI Women's Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle liked that Edwina was not a typical romance heroine her insistence on being a modern woman was refreshing given that women in romance books are notoriously subservient Ashton was also an interesting character and not the cardboard cut out I expectedThe uality of writing was high the plot was compelling and there was plenty of character development Overall this was a solid book and I would recommend it to any fans of the genre and possibly a few people who Originally posted at s the saying a tiger can t change his stripes but what if he doesI hadn t taken the time to open a book by Donna MacMeans until I nabbed a copy of The Casanova Code Let me say here and now I was so wrong to wait thisong I snickered cheered and at times wanted to toss the book across the room Why Because I got so wrapped up in the characters I did I sat down to read this book planning to take in two maybe three chapters then get some other things done Before I knew it than an hour had gone by along with over half the tale The writing flowed so well I was stuck fast in my seat needing to know what would happen next I felt Telecommunications Network Design Algorithms like I was right there with them and couldn t get enoughWhy would I want to throw the book if Iiked it so much In every great book this being no exception there are times when the characters do things that seem odd As much as I wasn t sure I d The Power of the Internet in China like Ashton the hero I did Ioved how he evolved through the story and grew into his own That said there were a few moments when he made choices I didn t agree with That s a good thing He kept the story ively Then there was Edwina There s a ine Ashton s father says whatever happened to good old fashioned names ike Mary or Rose That ine really fit She wasn t an average girl She kept reminding everyone she was a modern woman I give her credit riding the bicycle free thinking in a time when women were expected to wed and produce children she had it all Yes there were a couple of times neither I Caveman Alien's Trap Caveman Aliens ll go into detail on as to not ruin the story where I wanted to shout why are you doing that and yet I understood I got great insight into the times theyived inThere was one detail threaded through the story that gave a new twist on the historical The Japanese Pillow Books Again I won t go into a ot of detail as to not ruin the story but these books were white hot A reader not expecting a sexual topic within the story might be taken aback by the theme of sexual Object But Be Assured Ms MacMeans Handled The Story Arc but be assured Ms MacMeans handled the story arc flair It s a great addition and I iked itIf you want a book that will stick with you Do Better long after theast page then this might be the book you re Takdir: Gundala The Official Movie Adaptation looking for I recommend it highly The code word is SEXYEdwina Hargrove is a very modern woman for the Victorian era She rides bicycles scandalous andongs for independence and adventure but the closest she ever comes is using her uncanny code breaking skills to decipher etters from her brothers and to decipher coded messages in the personal ads in the newspapers Until the day she decodes a message from one of the ton s most notorious rakes advertising for a good woman to draw into his debauchery Edwina along with her friends form The Rake Patrol to put paid to this cad s intentions by diverting women away from the disreputable Ashton Trewelyn Then it s Edwina herself who falls into his hand. A refined gentleman age 25 of wealth and education seeks the acuaintance with a view to matrimony of a high minded kind hearted ady who prefers an evening of uiet conversation to the ively demands of society Edwina Hargrove knows that this gentleman was in fact Ashton Trewelyn a rake notorious for seducing the young and naive In fact five dece. ,

S And oh what sexy sensuous compelling hands they are Ms MacMeans has a wonderful knack for getting her characters into every sort of madcap adventure and out of their petticoats and drawers on the way to a tear inducing happily ever after and does so with delicious details and terrific humor With Public Relations lively discussions and demonstrations of Japanese erotica and the possibly nefarious activities of a secret society to be uncovered the only uestion is can aively code breaker crack the secrets of a Wounded Hero S Heart hero s heart I will say is oh my And oh YUM And I can hardly wait for book two of the Rake Patrol s adventures An emotionally satisfying story that So What Are You Going to Do with That?: Finding Careers Outside Academia, Third Edition lingers in your mind when you shut the book readersooking for a well written story with an innovative plot should open The Casanova Code and fall into itA young Ugly Child Skylark Child Abuse True Stories Book 3 lady with a gift for cracking codes finds her skills have use than playing games with family or decoding titillating messages in the personal columns A war hero finds that a reputation built up in his younger daysingers in society Hang Loose Without Booze like a bad odor hindering any chance he has of a meaningfulife Add family secrets political Intrigue And Some Scandalous and some scandalous prints and you have a recipe for an enjoyable afternoon read on your deck or at the beachMacMeans characters modern women Challenges and Findings in Measuring the Behavioral Determinants of Obesity in Children in Europe living in an era when riding a bicycle constituted a A witty passionate historical romance that will capture your heart Taken from my review at RomanceJunkiescomEdwina is notike the other females of her time period She rides a book and spends her time decoding messages Whenever she and her brothers exchange correspondence they write their messages in code using their favorite book Treasure Island She also watches the ocal newspaper for ads written in code and tries to read the message behind these ads One such ad appearing to be a message from a wife to her husband is actually a note from a wife to her paramour warning him that the coast is not clear After seeing a personal ad that she is certain is from reprobate Ashton Trewellyn who is known for seducing the na ve and innocent she and three of her friends decide to follow him and warn his prey Thus the four friends form the Rake s Patrol During her two unsuccessful Seasons she had been intrigued by Ashton but she knew she did not have the allure to interest him After all her interests have proven to be detrimental to success in the matrimonial marketAshton Trewelyn has come home from the King s Royal Rifles tired and wounded Although his past has given him a reputation that has him dubbed Casanova it is his father who has a hidden room filled with erotic art and is involved with a group called the Guardians Hoping to help his wounded but deserving friend Ashton posts an ad in the ocal newspaper hoping to find him a nice woman but he has not thought out all of the conseuencesFollowing Ashton around on a bike is just not working so when Ashton appears at the newspaper office to pick up replies to his ad Edwina s journalist friend Sarah who is also a member of the Rake Patrol convinces him to set up his meetings at the Crescent Coffee Palace and have the applicant bear a single rose Staking out the coffeehouse Edwina manages to stop a woman Miss Grimwood from going through with the interview But when the woman drops her rose and walks out just before Ashton walks in he surmises that Edwina is Miss Grimwood Edwina begins to believe she has made a mistake about Ashton but she is even certain after she and her friends stake out his home after a subseuent message contains a code stating that a meeting is being held there Managing to get into his home she enters the darkened Tail of the Dragon Collector's Edition: Complete Series, Books 1-10 library to find him already there While he makes sure the coast is clear she finds a noteeft by the Guardians She gives it to Ashton and offers her help in decoding the note which is in code Ashton finds her fascinating but he is also determined to get behind the truth about the Guardians wondering what his father is involved in Her ability to recognize patterns is his only hope in unraveling the mystery But as they are ed along a path of wic. Nt women have already been tricked and bundled off to the continent for scandalous purposes There was a way to thwart his scheme though by shadowing this devilishly handsome Casanova and warning his prey If only it were that simpleWounded and weary Ashton Trewelyn returns home to London from the King's Royal Rifles but soon discovers a coded mes. ,

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