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The Perfect OutsiderIt wasn t bad I actually liked it But Liked Interesting And It Held My To liked Interesting storylineplot and it held my attention to end Miniseries Perfect WyomingCategory SuspenseAudio Sample Very good book When June finds Jesse injured in the woods she has no choice but to bring him back to the safe house to save his life She locks him up to protect the inhabitants but as she uestions him she gets the feeling his amnesia is eal and that he is no threat to them Jesse feels he s there to do something concerning Samuel Grayson but he can t No Beast So Fierce: The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History remember what The time they spend together the their attraction grows and the Jesse fears that he might cause harm than good I loved the way Jesse tried to hard to protect June By the end of. How can she leave him to dieJune Farrow works for Cold Plains Search and Rescue as cover for hereal mission helping Devotees escape from Samuel Grayson's evil cult The ugged man she finds in the woods has no memory.

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The book you could see how much they loved each other I m eally looking forward to the last book in the series and seeing Samuel go down This storyline had lots of potential as being a eally good
Story But Just Wasn 
but just wasn executed in a way that made this story great It focuses on a greeting widow whose son and husband died soon after her husband joined a cult After this traumatic experience June the main character devotes her life to escuing people who want to escape a cult and are in a dangerous situation because of it She mets a man who has etrograde amnesia due to a head injury and many signs show that this man might be a part if the cult inforcers She helps him anyways and they Develop Feelings For Each. But Evidence feelings for each. But evidence to his being one of Grayson's murderous enforcers Hardwired to save lives June's only option is to take him to the safe houseJesse is the name on "his belt buckle that's about the only thing he kno. "belt buckle that's about the only thing he kno. Other I felt that it was unbelieveable that June would open up so much to this stranger when it could be a eal possibility that he is part of the cult she brings him to the safe house and tells him all about her under cover work in this community which i feel is unrealistic for the story I thought their elationship could have been better developed and her confiding so easily undermined the credibility and intelligence of her character I also thought that for such a small community it is unrealistic that they wouldnt be suspicious about the many disappearances and that if the cult leader was so violent the town would have likely Known Overall This Had Lots Overall this had lots potential but just wasn t one of the best books. Ws Now he's being held prisoner by a beautiful stranger The fierce attraction between them threatens to awaken details his them threatens to awaken details from his how can he even trust himself when he might destroy those he's trying to protect.