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Dallas to meet Ava Barton to see her recommendations for tutors but as his ye s locked on Ava he was drawn into her beauty as no other woman had done and he hoped to get her to spend time with him and of course little CarolineAva Barton a widow for six years had her life planned and was in the process of making her dream come true all see needed was land a building for her school to teach children to read and some grants Then playboy Will Delaney offered her a cool million dollars to help his withdrawn niece for the summer How could she refuse Then Will pursued her until she had no choice but to give in to his demands Relentless Pursuit by Sara Orwig5 yo Caroline has lost her father and his brother is the guardian and he s at a loss as to what to do with her as she s hiding in a shell He confronts other professionals and hopes to hire a kindergarten teacher who will break the shell and bring her back to what she once wasThey meet and she agrees to gather some things and meet him for the plane ride back to his home in Dallas TX He s paying a very high price per day for her servicesWill Delaney is going to try to persuade Ava Barton to a very high price per day for her servicesWill Delaney is going to try to persuade Ava Barton to longer than the weekend to help his nieceThey are both sexually drawn to one another and she is afraid to stay longer because of that She has seen only in one day a slight breakthrough to the little girl and gives him other suggestions that may make her open up He s willing to give her a bunch of money to get his neice ready for kindergarten in the fall and she has a lot of choices now to decide what to do with her life and her dreamVery asy to follow the two main characters and the little girl There are other family members but they trickle in and are asy to keep track of I liked the story in this book Will is at his wit s nd trying to help his niece Caroline who has been withdrawn since the death of her father He found Ava and convinced her to move to his home for the summer to work with Caroline Will s Devotion To Caroline Is Very to Caroline is very and I love how hard he tries I loved the way that Ava was able to connect with Caroline and make suggestions on how to help her My problem with the book is the relationship between Ava and Will He is upfront about his intentions to get her in his bed without making any commitment to a relationship Ava states an ual determination that she won t have an affair without love The problem with Will is that he doesn t listen to what she is telling him and keeps pushing almost to the point of harassment I know he is uick read Good story I really di. Eeply But the job includes moving into Will's mansion for the summer And suddenly Ava is working nights and weekends trying unsuccessfully to resist the gorgeous tycoon I wasn t a fan of this book at all The storyline focused wwwaaayyyy too much on little Caroline I don t really njoy any romance that has kids in them I think they are a real passion killer I was absolutely sick of reading about her reading books It kind of reminded me of the movie Groundhog Day with the same scene repeating itself over and over again I thought the romance between the Hh was totally contrived This is my first book by Sara Orwig and it is probably My Last I Loved last I loved book Caroline is a precious liittle five year old who became reaeved after the death of her dad Will tried so many ways to break her out if her shell He met with ava to choose a tutor to help Caroline and decided he wanted her in his bed and as Caroline s tutor I loved the relationship ach adult had with the child and Caroline was adorable It wasn t long before will decided let ava go but he still do not want any commitments while ava only want something serious and then will s relentless pursuit began I got this book as part of and then will s relentless pursuit began I got this book as part of Tell Harleuin panel It didn t sound like something I would have bought for myself The story did suck me in uick nough but about half way through it really did seem like the book was going in circles They were having the same conversation over and over and over and over again about him wanting her and her kissing him but refusing to sleep with him because she wanted to start a school and wouldn t have an affair with him without a commitment After awhile it was just got boring And then wham out of nowhere he decided marriage was for him and Voilaend It was like Waitwhat The plot was a bit over the top with the need for a tutor for a niece and then hiring an over ualified teacher for 2000 dollars a day Lavish gifts and ridiculous need and want I wanted to like this book I love romance but come on ven people with this kind of money don t waste it or they wouldn t have it for longThe romance was sweet but a bit fast for memaybe a bit too much longing looks and throbbing manhood for my taste And how many Billionaires are really out there and single Well it seems that PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition every romance has at least one or maybe 5For a romance this is just OK and nothing great Very fast to read and not longthat is a plus Texas billionaire Will Delaney finds himself guardian over his five year old niece Caroline when her dad and his brother died in a plane crash Caroline barely talked and was withdrawn a total opposite of the little girl he once knew and he triedverything to get the laughing little girl back He flew to Austin from. A cool million to help a withdrawn child in time for kindergarten Widowed teacher Ava Barton is touched that the girl's guardian Texas billionaire Will Delaney cares so

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Dn t njoy this story and found myself anxious to just finish it To begin with it makes no sense to me that Will was looking to hire a tutor for Caroline She didn t need a tutor she needed a child psychologist I just don t believe he couldn t find a single one that could help her The writing was repetitive AND BORING AND TEACHER AVA BOTHERED ME IN HOW boring and teacher Ava bothered me in how kept telling Will no and then giving in She was definitely not a strong character Will also annoyed me a great deal he obviously didn t understand what no means Also if he was so worried about his niece I really don t think he would have been trying so hard to get involved with Ava for a short fling that obviously wouldn t be good for a child with abandonment issues This book is part of the Lone Star Legacy series and I definitely won t be looking for I really njoyed this book I The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, especially liked the fact that the characters just didn t fall into bed togetherven though there was a very mutual deep attraction The main female character has well character thics intelligence and a strong will as well as Beauty And A Good and a good Will Delaney found himself the guardian and caregiver for his 5 year old niece Caroline when her father his brother was killed in an airplane accident a year ago His sweet lovable niece is withdrawn uncommunicative and sad and none of the countless xperts Will has brought in to help Caroline have made any impact on her He feels as if he is at his wits nd He is afraid that her reading skills are going to hurt her once kindergarten starts Then someone suggested he try a teacher They recommended he contact Ava Barton to get a list of potential teachers for Caroline for the summer to get her to get a list of potential teachers for Caroline for the summer to get her for school Ava Barton has been a widow for 6 years with no desire to have her life complicated by a suitor Therefore feeling as if she ll never find a love like she had and lost she continues to wear her wedding band She agrees to meet with Will Delaney at a restaurant in Austin Texas to discuss his reuirements and the list of probable candidates as teachers for Caroline The minute Will walks into the lobby of the restaurant he spies a very attractive woman and he gets side tracked from locating Ava Barton Having never met Ms Barton he assumes she is a middle aged woman So when the woman he s been assessing starts to walk over to him the realization that he might actually be facing Ava Barton shook him Ava is not immune to Will s strikingly handsome good looks ither but she needs to keep this meeting totally professional Thus begins a relentless pursuit. Own the hall Will wants her in his bed for June July and August But come fall he'll move on Unless she can teach him a thing or two about opening his guarded heart to lov. ,

Relentless Pursuit Lone Star Legacy #1
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