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Easy read nothing special Jack Driscoll has written a witty suspenseful touching Book About A Marriage about a marriage been through the proverbial wringer and a full wash cycle hot water cold rinse fast spin His ye for detail his sense of humor and ar for dialogue this is a fine novel What a discovery this book and author were for me No wonder that Rick Bass said it is one of the best novels I have read all year an incredible story not of high drama but rather of a marriage of all thingsBeing from the UP I loved that Driscoll lives in northern Michigan and writes of that. Perry Lafond approaching forty knows he's had a decent life with his attractive longtime wife Marcia But he's come to the point where he Is Not Sure That He Can Continue not sure that he can continue In the meantime there's the uestion of children His wife Locale I m also intrigued that Driscoll hangs out with author Bonnie Jo Campbell another Michigander We read this for our first and only until hopefully this March book club meeting back in 2002 our first and only until hopefully this March book club meeting back in 2002 scoured reviews hoping to find a fantastic book and chose this one It was one of the most awful and amateurish books I have ver read AWFUL The main character is a vain useless go centric pudgy gross lazy pathetic character who tries to cheat on his trying to get pregnant wife with her sister Because he s bored Or something Let s set the record straight here Yes Perry had serious Attling infertility is obsessed with the idea of having a baby Perry wants a child too maybe Suddenly he can't keep his mind off other women In his job as a probation officer he becomes recklessly infatuated with the pretty beleagu. ,
Houghts of cheating on his trying to get pregnant wife but it wasn t with her sister It was with the wife wasn t with her sister It was with the wife one of his parolees he oversees If you can t follow the story don t review it Also Perry s not lazy hell he s driven He s also confused conflicted and facing a mid life crisis on a daily basis If his character gets so under your skin you hate verything about him I d say the author did a pretty good job of describing him Overall Driscoll does a pretty good job spinning this tale of a struggling couple dealing with a crumbling marriage and trying however they can to save Ered wife of a parolee who has a young child Perry's own confusion ndangers this child as well as a nephew under his care Always unflinchingly honest Jack Driscoll tracks a man's headlong and just possibly redemptive leap into cha. ,