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Wreck of the Nebula DreamSectors SF Romance series Captain Nick Jameson is one of over 8000 passengers on the maiden voyage of the Nebula Dream Nick is Special Forces but the maiden voyage of the Nebula Dream Nick is Special Forces but a mission one wrong the future looks bleak He will muddle through this cruise and accept the conseuences There he meets Mara Lyrae a businesswoman who he finds attractive and would like to spend some time But Myra doesn t seem to be interested When the ship is obviously in trouble Nick does his best at helping where he can He teams up with Mara and A Couple Of Other Passengers couple of other passengers save as many as possible including themselves They discover they are in sector 17 and not sector 16 as expected Sector 17 is enemy territory and bad news for allI read one other book in the series and enjoyed it and decided to check out by this author The story is told in third person but follows Nick We don t really et to know exactly what the other characters think or feel but I didn t mind much No time this week for a lengthy review Just have to say

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I need vacation after this sci fi romance adventure Parallels to the Titanic in space Just incredible action seuences and SUCH imagination in the tech Mild romance but who has time in this story Trust me you ll be out of breath when you finish this one. Or himself and several other innocent people before deadly enemy forces reach them or the ship’s malfunctioning engines finish ticking down to self destructionBut can Nick conuer the demons from his past that tell him he’ll fail these innocent people just as he failed to save his Special Forces team Will he outpace his own doubts to win this vital race against ti. .
Ting sci fi romance any Well I WOULDN T UITE CALL wouldn t uite call this in space Yes it is a luxury liner its first trip It is expected to break speed records as well However when everything oes wrong there is a lot that Animal Ecology goes wrong than on the Titanic The lead is a Special Forces captain who is battle weary and depressed after a difficult job He doesn t fit with the rest of the passengers and finds himself intervening in a couple of emergencies just because he is prepared There are some interesting future cultures and abilities that come into play for a hodgepodgeroup to survive They really are diverse and each plays a part in their effortsI really enjoyed this book and felt that the only real weakness was that I didn t have a ood feel for the universe until things started to happen So I was unaware of some significant facts until they became relevant to the story However I think the broad setting in which the action is set would have provided depth to the story for me However since this is one book of many set in the same universe I don t know how much the lack of world building was due to the author trying to prevent being repetitive across books I ll definitely have to check out the others in the series The first in Veronica Scott s Shows maybe even have a shipboard fling with Mara Lyrae the beautiful but reserved businesswoman he meetsAll his plans vaporize when the ship suffers a wreck of Titanic proportions Captain and crew abandon ship leaving the 8000 passengers stranded without enough lifeboats and drifting unarmed in enemy territory Aided by crew abandon ship leaving the 8000 passengers stranded without enough lifeboats and drifting unarmed in enemy territory Aided by Nick must find a way off the doomed ship Overall I really enjoyed this ride I have to preface this with saying that I went into this thinking it was a sci fi romance It was recommended to me as such The cover kind of also implies ti would be a romanceIt doesn t work as a romance though as there is almost no development of a couple and they o from barely having looked at each other To Starry Eyes And Probing Tongue There Is No Sex starry eyes and probing tongue There is no sex on just kissing The POV is from the hero only so there isn t really much of the inner workings of the heroine Not sure what else to call her but again this is not a romance Its a fast action space adventure with some romantic elements But barely So if I don t try to look at it what I thought it was it was non stop fun and edge of seat for me It was a fun motley crew that has to fight against odds after odds once the cruise ship space liner John for Everyone: Part One, Chapters 1-10 goes to the dogs What I found soreat here was the way the author made me feel I was there the urgency of fighting your way through obstacles and enemies This read like a fun sci fi adventure movie for me and for that I loved it But now I a fun sci fi adventure movie for me and for that I loved it But now I to Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First American Avant-Garde go back and again try to find sci fi romance that actually is sci fi romance They are so hard to find I will be reading of this author I just won t beoing in expec. A reimagining of the Titanic disaster set in the far future among the starsTraveling unexpectedly aboard the luxury liner Nebula Dream on its maiden voyage across the Betting on Ideas: Wars, Inventions, Inflation galaxy Sectors Special Forces Captain Nick Jameson is ready for ten relaxing days and hoping to forget his last disastrous mission behind enemy lines He figures he’llamble at the casino take in the.

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