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The day before I read Dave Pelz s Putting Games I played n a scramble where all four members of my team none with a handicap over ten missed the same basically straight five foot birdie putt As you might. The first putting book n than a decade from the

World’s Best Known And 
best known and golf nstructor With numerous bestselling books coast to coast golf schools and lessons to elite pros Dave Pelz has founded an empire based upon his scientific approach to the game His last putting book Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible was a blockbuster but his fans are eager to learn the master’s NEWEST AND MOST UP TO DATE and most up to date Their wait s finally overIn Dave Pelz’s Puttin. Cs like aim and face angle while the third s about developing touch and feel Pelz painstakingly describes seven games you should play to measure your performance so you can map a route to mprovement They. Your putting skillsEvery golfer knows that mproving his or her putting will lower scores yet great putting remains one of The Game’s Most Elusive Goals game’s most elusive goals with full color nstructional photos and step by step lessons Dave Pelz’s Putting Games s the answer to a golfer’s dream It shows
The Way To Improve 
way to Library Wars: Love and War 10 improve putting by playing gamesn the comfort and convenience of your own home during the week so you can shoot lower scores on the course on the weekend.

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Imagine I opened Pelz s book with than average Interest I Wasn T Disappointedputting i wasn t disappointedputting s interest I wasn t disappointedPutting Games s about developing the skills to make putts The first section Crossing Boarders is diagnostic the second covers stroke mechani. G Games he synthesizes the lessons he gives to elite prosncluding Phil Mickelson Vijay Singh Steve Elkington Bo Van Pelt and Mike Weir not to mention the thousands of amateurs who attend the Dave Pelz Scoring Game schools and clinics every year Pelz guides readers through the process of fine tuning existing strokes creating new skills and techniues and using feedback devices at home where t’s easy to find the time to make It Happen All In The happen all n the of mproving. Dave Pelzs Putting Games