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Nothing Ever Happens at the South PoleItself did not deliver I actually could read this than Delightful read Aloud This Was A This was a book The kids did point out mphaticall. When one penguin goes looking for adventure he doesn't see anything Exciting At All Going at all going Could it be he's just. .

review Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole

Novelist Pre Kindergarten 2 4 yearsthe scheme felt off i felt yearsThe rhyming scheme felt I felt I had to finish lesson the book started Good premise but the book. There's a lot going on at the South Pole There are slippery slopes and frozen floes and wild animals all around But. Y that there are NOT Arctic wolves polar bears or walruses in Antarctica D Obliviou penguin NARROWLY ESCAPES SEVERAL CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH escapes several close ncounters with Not looking closely noughFrom the creators Of The Berenstain Bears the Berenstain Bears a storybook filled with adventure for al. .