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G to make one suirm but neither is Lupin an invisible cat burglar and his gang is uite capable of doing what is necessary in order to protect himThe plot is devious and convoluted I got so wrapped up in the plot that I forgot about Lupin s ability to become almost anyone And then I discovered that several of the characters were in fact Lupin in disguise I could only laugh Yep borders on burlesue is a good description There is no whodunit here Lupin will not be caught afterall there are in the series The uestion then becomes how will he escape being caught Good fun and though this isn t really any than 3 stars I will happily turn to another in the series Maurice Leblanc is one of those rare writers whose craft gets better with every new piece they publish After the first few pages it s clear that he put thought into his characters which brought certain dynamic to the plot However once again he proved he has no understanding of his own title character and that for him Ars ne Lupin is nothing than a tool to eep everyone else in the novel busy And while his bad female characters are already the yesterday s news I strongly feel that the degrading of character of Herlock Sholmes was unnecessaryPlot in this one was something else completely Every single detail was in it s place not a single misstep First mystery was good second was even better and third one that you didn t even now was there leaves you speechless Combine all of that with the ending and you get something truly brilliantI am recommending this book to everyone don t skip it even if you haven t read the first two It s a uick read that will make your time worthwhile The second novel in the Arsene Lupin series by Maurice LeBlanc finds the master thief and head of a criminal underground hunted not only by his old police nemesis and by the copyright avoidingly named Homlock Shears but also by a precocious high schooler The tale involves a single long hunt rather than a series of masterful crimes as in the first book An enjoyable book with a shift in narrative scope that shows growth in LeBlanc s style As before Lupin is almost omniscient He anticipates his rivals to a laughable degree and his mastery of the art of disguise rivals that of any character in literature But this time he faces a high schooler who can match him step for Step He Also Faces He also faces the Doyle ripoff Homlock Shears who tracks him to the last The extended tale works pretty well but because of its length the levels of intrigue get a little extreme for me I enjoy the incursion of historical mystery a Dan Brown ian lost treasure of the French ings becomes part of the story Unlike The Scarlet Pimpernel this book seems to feel sorry for Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette The book also relies on cryptography for a significant part of its clue The connection to various Holmes stories and to Poe s The Gold Bug cannot be missed That said the translation of text clues into audio format doesn t work very well Spoiler The end of the book is particularly amusing as Lupin surrenders his treasure hoard and his secret lair to fake his own death and then start life anew with the woman he loves Just as he thinks he s getting away with it though Homlock Shears shows up there is a pistol duel and Lupin s brand new bride falls dead He s left Lasenby style lamenting both his lost career and his lost loveThe Librivox recording is really solid and enjoyable Most of the readers do very well with a

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mix of shading the reading The reader of the second to last chapter had a hammy vocal style that was particularly amusing if a little over the top I have enjoyed several Leblanc titles very much Confessions of Arsene Lupin and Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin but this is a weaker entry in the series The book opens up with a robbery and a murder Gentleman thief Arsene Lupin is implicated and amateur sleuth Isidore Beatrelet matches wits against him But just when he thinks he has Lupin s methods figured out Lupin proves that he is still ten steps ahead of him Unfortunately the story goes on forever It was first serialized in a French magazine and it seems like Leblanc was adding things or making them up as time went along The plot is convoluted than the others I ve read The whole history of the hollow needle and how its secret had been passed down for generations then lost then found by Lupin ne. E l'Aiguille creuse disparaît en même temps Isidore Beautrelet lui ne croit ni à ces faits ui s'enchaînent trop facilement ni à la mort du gentleman cambrioleur Il décide donc d'enuêter. One word Masterpiece I think this Mystery has become my favorite one about Ars ne Lupin the plot was outstanding the writing was so easy to read catchy and thrilling i had a wonderful time reading it and i totally recommand itPS couldn t digest the END Now let s about something seriousI was chocked the moment couldn t digest the END Now let s talk about seriousI was chocked the moment have read the reviews on this novel here in Goodreads for they have all disliked it which i can understand why now that i have read it each reader has the right to give his opinionAll i can say is this when some have said that it was not concentrated on Ars ne Lupin my response will be if you have read the first two novels you would now that Arsene Lupin is not a detective and that he is the THIEF so since it is a detective novel the readers are seeing the mysteries through the eyes of the NARRATOR INSPECTOR GANIMARD HERLOCK SHOLMES in this one through inspector Ganimard s an amator called ISIDORE BEAUTRELET s eyesI don t see what is wrong with that it has been the case in every detectivemystery novel so why not accept it in this one aah because the serie is called after ARSENE LUPIN The name of ARSENE LUPIN was present in every conversation for he was the main subject even while he was not the main character but he was always there three steps AHEAD of them and why can t they accept that this story is foccused on the mystery itself not on the charctersLet s not forget that this has been the choice of the author he nitted his mysteries in his own wayand this is what make this serie so UNIUE BELKADI Fatiha Had been looking forward to this as it is considered one of the classics of the Lupin series and really found that it didn t live up to the hypeThe meeting between Lupin and Sherlock Holmes happens mostly off stage until the grand finale and neither character comes across very wellMost of the action focuses on a young French student and amateur detective who manages to hold his own against the gentleman thiefThere are alot of great ideas and mystery here but Lupin who we are supposed to root for is portrayed as such an obnoxious jerk and Holmes is written as only barely competent that the meeting of the two feels either forced or really blahYoung Isadore is a fun character so that he want him to ick Lupin s ass You have no sympathy for Lupin Even as the bad guy of the book he just comes across as smug rather then menacing or intriguingThe reveal of the Hollow Needle is uite cool but the book wraps up so abruptly that you don t even get much chance to enjoy thatI really enjoyed the Lupin short story collections but maybe he just isn t strong enough to rate a novelWould like to see adventures of Isadore Boy Detective though A pretty naive novel very much focused on sensational not on credibility It is definitively a recipe for any modern commercial success And when there are also famous detectives involved it is hard for any modern commercial success And when there are also famous detectives involved it is hard miss itThese ind of novels usually don t have an elaborate premise It is consisting of the usual good versus evil fight but for this one Maurice Leblanc wanted to create a crimedetective novel without a negative character He tried hard to make the villain look like just an adventurer that did not do any important infraction But it ended it somewhere in between and this is why I will give it a 1The form is another element from the genre that don t reuire too much skill It needs to be simple so that it allows the reader to follow the story and the clues There are couple of misses as the story seems to turn unexpectedly in another direction but in general it is fairly fine This is why I will give it a 2 for formIn terms of originality there is pretty impossible to write original crime novels I will give it a 2 for the level of originality of this book just because this is my first Arsene Lupin novelThe characters are again something not too important for this genre Authors are not reuired to create very complex characters the evolve over time It is obvious that Arsene Lupin and the young Isidore are the most worked characters so I will rate it with a 3Regarding the complexity and difficulty usually the mysterycrimedetective novels have at least a complex problem solving exercise at their core For this one even this problem solving seems too forced The detective guesses the right think from the first try almost without any clear clue so I will rate it with a 2 for complexity Arsène Lupin est mort En tout cas c'est ce ue tout le monde a l'air de croire lors d'un cambriolage nocturne au château d'Ambrumésy Mlle de Saint Véran tire sur un rôdeur mais son cadavre.

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Nd difficultyIn terms of credibility this is a novel that lacks it altogether Most of the mystery solving and actions made by the villain seem extremely off the radar of what I consider credible My rating for credibility is therefore 1The last criteria is edition This ebook had little issues as I noticed only few proof reading misses Due to this I will rate it with a 4To summarize I wished I would have liked this novel but in the end it failed in some important aspects Credibility is for me the most important in this genre All in all my final rating for this novel is 214 which I will round it to a 2 on Goodreads system Criteria Rating Premise 1 Form 2 Originality 2 Characters 3 DifficultyComplexity 2 Credibility 1 Edition 4 Total 214 For details on how I rated and reviewed this novel please read these guidelines I wouldn t wish to be a love interest of Ars ne on my worst enemy cause she would have a life span of Dylan Dog girl either that or she would be used and forgotten Sometimes both He just plows through everything shedding a tear here and there and then saying that what happened last year actually happened 10 years ago because you now he is so specialHe does have a genius mind full of incredible ideas that are used for stealing as much stuff as he likes to be sold to the world s highest bidder while somehow at the same time being seen as an icon of the French people and portraying himself as the greatest patriot How man By stealing your country s cultural artefacts and selling it to Italians or Americans Or by outsmarting English detectives It s an age old story of rivalry between English and French and Leblanc rides that wave like Matthew McConaughey in Surfer dude Alright alright alright see what I did there D the books are not all that bad and this one in particular had some pretty good storyline with a historical mystery the beginning was superb but the ending ruined it for me in several ways not just because of the James Bond s unfortunate attempt of marriage finale but mostly for spoiling and simplifying the only cool female character After making an audio book using this story as a script I think I enjoyed it much The end upset me a lot Disliked this book in many many waysthe story is centered around Bautrelet an amateur detective as I saw during the novel the character isn t big enough to be a lead character I didn t feel any ind of connection to him at some points he seems very naive or succumbing to primitive statesAt other timeshe seems to always guess everything with little if any clueAlso the descriptions and many insignificant details make the story seem SO MUCH LONGER than it should beLet s add that Lupin that is without a doubt one of my favorite characters is very far from his usual self in this workThe author pretty much forces many things to occur that really doesn t seem RIGHTTHE CONFRONTATION BETWEEN ARS NE LUPIN confrontation between Ars ne Lupin Hercule Sholm s is mediocre not the least realistic and the end although the outlook of it might have potential is executed poorlyApart from some good parts toward the 220 pages till 260 maybe there isn t much intriguing events the story even gets boring and stagnantIt s like reading 220 pages of boring description and stupid narration from an amateur point of view to finally get a glimpse of the character which should be the star of the showBadly written and portraying a deformed image of Lupin making him seem very far from what we new him to beDon t waste your time with this book There is no reason to think this is serious reading This entire series can only be described as a lark Ars ne Lupin is the master of disguise In the beginning we are introduced to a sixth form student named Isodore Beautrelet Though I entertained thoughts he might be Lupin in disguise it soon became obvious he could not possibly beThere is a nice introduction in this edition by Otto Penzler Reading his fiction today one is generally impressed with the fast pace diversified action although it borders on burlesue and the situations and coincidences may be a little difficult to acceptUnlike Fant mas the other great criminal in French literature Ars ne Lupin is not violent or evil his unlawful acts center on theft and clever cons rather than murder or anarchyIt is true Lupin s acts don t center on violence but there is a bit of that in here It is nothing bloody or anythin. Reste introuvable uelues jours plus tard la jeune femme est enlevée et son corps est retrouvé inanimé à côté de celui d'Arsène Lupin Comme par hasard le document renfermant le secret L'Aiguillle creuse