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And most accomplished living novelist there are many myself not included that believe the swedish academy awarded the 1998 nobel prize to the wrong portuguese writer though rumors persist that lobo antunes is an annual contender for the much coveted literary prize his dense and powerful works are often compared to those of joyce faulkner and c line though he denies influence from ither of the former the land at the The Eightfold Path for the Householder end of the world os cus de judas is lobo antunes second novel originally published in 1979 the work has been published previously innglish under the title south of nowhere with a translation by lizabeth lowe 1983 random house this new rendering by margaret jull costa bears the distinctive uality that one xpects of her translations saramago mar as pessoa Plancton - Aux origines du vivant. e a de ueir s a side by side reading of the twonglish How to Stop Feeling So Damn Depressed: The No Bs Guide for Men editions shows clearly that the new translation is much richer and fluid than its predecessor margaret jull costa also translated the fat man and infinity a fantastic collection ofssays and short stories that demonstrates another side to lobo antunes many literary talentsmaragaret jull costa writes in the introduction the title of this novel in portuguese is os cus de judas cu de judas being a slang term for any very remote desolate place the back of beyond the middle of nowhere the boonies but literally it means judas s asshole the book s original title so than the land at the Two-Hour Party Cakes end of the world is both a literal and figurative allusion to the book s harrowing narrative it aptly conveys the harsh desolation of both the setting and the main character s internal statethe story relates the tale of a nameless narrator as he recounts his time serving as a medic in the angolan interior during the portuguese colonial war the land at thend of the world may well be lobo antunes most autobiographical work as he too spent over two years during the war as a medic nearly all of the book s action takes place in a bar as the narrator while attempting to charm a woman he wishes to spend the night with offers up the harsh details and inescapable memories of his time in the war zone his long dark and often resentful monologues illustrate the timeless horrors of armed conflict and the lasting repercussions on individual lives and the nation as a whole the narrator also muses upon the repressive portuguese government and the factors that led up to the 1974 revolution we weren t mad dogs when we arrived here i said to the lieutenant who was seething with anger and indignation we weren t mad dogs before the censored letters the attacks the ambushes the mines the lack of food and tobacco and cold drinks and matches and water and coffins before we were told that a berliet truck was worth than a man and before we found out that the death of a solider merited just three lines in the newspaper he died in combat in angola we weren t mad dogs it s simply that we meant nothing to the mealy mouthed state who shat on us and used us as laboratory rats and who now at least are afraid of us so afraid of our presence of our unpredictable reactions and the remorse we represent that they cross the road if they see us coming they avoid us they don t want to face a battalion destroyed in the name of a lot of cynical ideas no one believes in a battalion destroyed merely to defend the wealth of the three or four families who shore up the regime the giant lieutenant turned to me touched my arm and begged in a voice that was suddenly a child s voice doctor fix me up with some illness before i xplode right here in the street from all the shit inside me

Ant Nio Lobo Antunes 
nio lobo antunes remarkable prose full of vivid description and analogy his writing is both visceral and cerebral combining for an ffect that is both haunting and breathtaking despite the horrific subject matter lobo antunes manages to infuse the narrator with a dark humor that Empty Your Cup: Why We Have Low Self-Esteem and How Mindfulness Can Help (Self-Compassion Book 1) enlivens his character while decrying rampant atrocity and state sponsored neglect or rather indifference lobo antunes is still able to breathe a beauty into the work that contrasts sharply with themotions the story is intended to Bids, Tenders and Proposals: Winning Business Through Best Practice (Bids, Tenders Proposals: Winning Business Through Best) elicit his literary dexterity allows both the story and the language to flourish and the synergisticffect truly is bewildering the land at the Leading Cultural Change: The Theory and Practice of Successful Organizational Transformation end of the world has been hailed as lobo antunes masterpiece and it certainly is deserving of such praise his other works however resonate with as fevered a pitch and if this story offers something the others do not it may simply be that it was informed by the young novelist s ownxperiences of the tragedy and absurdity that is modern warfare with ant nio lobo antunes training as a psychiatrist his insight into war s ffects on the mind and spirit offer another dimension that lend this work its great richness and relevance the land at the nd of the world is an xceptional work of art one that further demonstrates the potent talents of a masterful storyteller no seriously happiness that vague state resulting from an impossible convergence of parallel lines in the form of a good digestion and a smug gotism untouched by regrets still seems to me for i belong to the glum category of the sad and restless Die Neurobiologie des Glücks: Wie die Positive Psychologie die Medizin verändert (German Edition) eternally waiting for anxplosion or a miracle something as abstract and strange as innocence justice honor those profound grandilouent and ultimately Meditieren mit Musik und Klngen: Inspiration Nada Yoga empty concepts that the family school the catechism and the state solemnly imposed upon me so as to tame measily to nip in the bud if i may put it like that any stirrings of protest and rebellion what others demand of us you understand is that we don t cause them to doubt that we don t disturb their teeny tiny lives which they have carefully insulated against despair and hope that we don t shatter their auariums of deaf fish floating in the slimy water of the day to day shatter their auariums of deaf fish floating in the slimy water of the day to day obliuely by the sleepy lamp of what we call virtue which when looked at closely turns out to be merely the lukewarm absence of ambition Antunes tunes into vivid illusions Had I known of his work I wouldn t have bothered reading L szl Krasznahorkai Mr Lobo s work has the same breathless fluidity but the imagery is stronger the dramatic pulse is uicker and it appears far inclusive as opposed to the Hungarian s stark Beckett like isolationism This great Portuguese war surgeon turned writer utilizes warlike tangles of symbolism to tango with heartache and human futility Within nested imagery and dense coupling metaphors he MasterCases in Spine Surgery ex. ?ão de idéias para construir a história o perfil de seu narrador protagonista um personagem ue a partir de uma dolorosa aprendizagem da agonia vê sua vida seus valores stilhaçados pela melancolia O ue lhe resta são fragmentos de memória a criança ue visitava com os pais o jardim zoológico aos domingos o jovem ue assiste impassível a seu futuro sendo traçado pela autoridade inuestionável de uma família salazarista o adulto apático Keepers Compendium e frustrado diante da violência ue lhe retira as rédeas o sentido da vidaO leitor vai star frente a frente com decadência putrefação The struggle is realIs this a four star or a five star book It borders so close to that upper most standard of xcellence teases at it steps across the line and then takes a step back Ultimately the struggle between stars doesn t matter I guess though I labour over it a decent amount while reading a book It is how you xplain those stars that matter and it is those words that I struggle to place into nearly sensible sentences over and over and ov A tightly packed bomb built of beautiful metaphors Brutal at times very sad at others Highly recommended Antonio Lobo Antunes The Land at the End of the World may well be the best war novel written by a leftist psychiatrist of the Freudian school I suppose that sounds a bit snarky or narrow but it s not meant to be a criticism but a snapshot of what to xpect The unnamed narrator like Antunes was a medic duri In her translator s introduction Margaret Jull Costa notes that this works original Portuguese title was Os cus de Judas which roughly translated pretty much means Judas s Assholes Costa didn t go with this translation I can t imagine her publishers would have been thrilled with it and I think that it s sort of a shame The Land at the End of the World suggests something fantastical or whimsical Lobo Antunes s book isn t Schmerzmedizin - 1000 Fragen either of these things It s nasty and cruel dirty and sexualized Judas s Assholes would have been much fitting I m still bouncing back and forth on what rating I d like to give this book I am very glad I read it I also have very ambivalent feelings about it I thought I d read it in a few days but it took me weeks largely thanks to the fact that it was immensely difficult for me to read than a few pages in a sitting There were parts that drew me in and that were beautiful others parts were upsetting and repulsive There were parts I genuinely hated but I think I was supposed to hate them So it s hard for me to assign a rating 3 stars in a lot of ways is a bit of a coward s choice on my part Let s start with the writing and Antunes s style since itncapsulates a lot about how I feel towards this work as a whole It can be breathtaking and beautiful There are similes and metaphors absolutely Psychologische Homöopathie. everywhere all over the pages like Antunes is frantically reaching around in a wild jazz solo or modern dance in order to desperately convey his point It s busy and overwhelming at points but it s fascinating his writing is filled with banana trees with large fringed leaves like the wings of decaying archangels bats flying in stumbling spirals like torn umbrellas in the wind and thunderstorms advanced in dark billows towards the barracks rolling in thenormous pianos of the clouds down the stairways of the air It s beautiful and surprising just like good writing and good poetry should be I read a review that described this as a prose poem and I think that s apt For me though sometimes Antunes got a bit too self indulgent with his metaphors one that particularly stuck with me and made me roll my The Viva Mayr Diet: 14 days to a flatter stomach and a younger you eyes was about El Greco greyounds that joined in melancholy coitus and fixed us with the painfully imploringyes of dying nuns For Aviation Logistics: The Dynamic Partnership of Air Freight and Supply Chain every metaphor that s surprising and beautiful there is usually one that trends towards the over the top Individual mileage on this may vary of course And while some of the language seemed overwrought to me I still sort of admire it to a certainxtent I feel like Antunes metaphor izes with wild abandon throughout the whole book Some of them land and some of Them Don T But don t but s something to be said for the style and bravery of just going for it I also really admired Antunes s depiction of his nameless narrator s xperience in war The novel is framed around THE NARRATOR MONOLOGUING TO A WOMAN IN A BAR narrator monologuing to a woman in a bar back and forth between his childhood his time as a medical in the Portuguese colonial war in Angola and his time settling back in or not to society in Lisbon The way the story flits around gives the narrative the ability to recreate a sense of instability lack of purpose and the scattershot uality of traumatic memories All that said the main reason that I can t bring myself to give it than 3 stars is that it s really hard to read this book as a woman I think a lot of this is intentional But it s still rather brutal Every woman who appears is silent and ruthlessly sexualized Women are ither raped objectified or function solely as objects of sexual solace for the narrator It s absolutely xhausting and upsetting I think that Antunes was attempting to make a point here that war is dehumanizing to those who participate in it and that they then dehumanize in turn but we are so inextricably trapped in the narrators head that it just plays like an motional horror show It made it a difficult work to Scala for Java Developers emotionally navigate and I found myself despite all the horrors he d faced losing sympathy for the narrator At one point he view spoileressentially rapes a girl for looking younger and innocent than he d originally thought hide spoiler What I dislike most about this book is that I dislike it I closed the cover with an alarmingly lowmpathy level and for reasons that may appear petty and pedantic The vague non spoiler sketch a semi autobiographical young Portuguese doctor goes off to war in Angola and comes home to find that he cannot shrug off the horrors and simply continue prosaic modern lifeThis is material that should move me But it doesn t And here s why I couldn t stomach the non stop gratuitous and sometimes totally inane similes and metaphors There are certain horrific descriptions of the war and of alienation that were potent But then a dogpile of metaphors would The Qur'an, Morality and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur emerge like a teeming mass of ants like a mass avian migration whose flapping vitality wouldand I wouldither start to fall asleep or look ahead for the chapter break I just couldn t get immersed I m sorry This is supposed to be a masterpiece but I don t see it I admit that I haven t fought in a war So maybe that s it But I don t know because I ve read other books about war that have torn me to shreds And I don t think it s the Englishing Vermeer to Eternity either because some of the figurative comparisons were uite good But it was a veritable hot dogating contest And not in a good way I would support my claims with some Heaven to Betsy excerpts but I don t have the stomach for it25 stars rounding up so I don t get shanked with nearly two dozen books to his name ant nio lobo antunes is unuestionably portugal s greatest. Logo depois de voltar da guerram Angola António Lobo Antunes So B. It escreve Os cus de Judas sobre suasxperiências nauele país O romance se tornou um Cabaret enorme sucesso vindo a ser o primeiro grande livro sobre o conflito a independência angolanos uma referência histórica obrigatóriaNuma narrativa não linear fragmentada Lobo Antunes revela as inuietações xistenciais de um ser humano na indelével xperiência de uma guerra ue se misturam às memórias de infância Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice e juventude na Lisboa salazarista O autor utiliza se na maior parte do romance do fluxo de consciência da associa?.

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Plores multilayered settings with floral sentences replete with luscious detail free associating between dreamlike war reminiscences and En plein coeur enigmatic conuests His haunting serpentine grisly prose is both harrowing and alluring to behold His seamless narration passes from atmospheric locales like a disembodied spirit of defiance blending poetry and terror in a grueling alphabet soup ofvanescent verbal The Bookshop on the Shore eruptions Since this is an anguished monologue it dehumanizes with itsxistential horror and paints rich pastiches of a war torn Angola from the desperate Dance Real Slow exile of LisbonBaring his soul the narrator conjures famous artists Rembrandt Dali Bosch overlaying their immortal scenes with his own shattered memory C zanne s card players appear before his beleagueredyes and so do El Greco s greyhounds and Magritte s skies There are many integrated literary references and a tone reminiscent of Malcolm Lowry s Under the Volcano about men forgotten in far corners of the world struggling to undo the incomprehensible atrocities of well fed demonic leaders An uncomfortably profound read A lucid nightmare of knotted analogies And some of the most nlightening rants I ve ver The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life encountered I do believe thatveryone should ventually read this book Eventually because they should be ready for it It s not to be trifled with That would be a waste Thanks to Neal for bringing this to my attentionMy reviews do not tell the story That can be found lsewhere the official blurb other reviews This is the story of a medical doctor who was drafted into Portugal s military to tend the wounded in the war against colonial Angola in the 1970s We follow him into the military camps and villages of Angola and back to his new life in Lisbon We hear only his voice as he drones on in horrific and painful detail that reads like poetryIt is a story of war and its horrors It is a story of love and sex in the painful ambiguity that marks us all It is a bizarre story of a man and a woman who have met in a bar and go home together for meaningless sex that he wants to give some sort of meaning to while recounting his story of war and what it h Everyone in this world is a learner And veryone in one s life must learn a thing or twoSitting in the cabin of a truck beside the driver cap pulled low over my yes an PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition endless cigarette vibrating in my hand I began my painful apprenticeship in dying The Land at the End of the World seems to be made completely out of metaphorsConfined in dilapidated wards wearing the uniform of the ill we walked our incommunicable dreams our formless angst around the sandy parade ground of the barracks viewing our past through the inverted binoculars of letters from home and photos kept at the bottoms of suitcases beneath the bed prehistoric remains from which we could reconstruct like biologistsxamining a single bone the monstrous skeleton of our griefAnd so the story runs like the river of the present and the past like the rapids of fear and sorrow like the stream of sualor and poetry of lifeYou for Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography example with your aseptic competent dandruff free air of anxecutive secretary would you be able to breathe inside a painting by Bosch overwhelmed by demons lizards gnomes hatching from The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, eggshells and staring gelatinousyeballsAnt nio Lobo Antunes is able The Portuguese VietnamWhile the USA was ngaged during the 1960 s and 70 s in its insane war in Vietnam Portugal was digging proportionately ven deeper graves in its African colony of Angola one and one half million men went to Africa from a population of ten million almost 80000 died on all sides Somewhat Lower Tech Than The tech than the ffort the Portuguese troops went out on all sides Somewhat lower tech than the American ffort the Portuguese troops went out by jet plane but by ship This was hardly a morale building The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl experience they travelled in the same cargo holds that carried the coffins which would bring many of them home Lobo Antunes was a doctor conscripted to help reduce the number of coffins neededMilitary discipline doesn t mitigate themotional immaturity frustration and fear of young soldiers it condenses Exile and Pilgrim extrememotions for periodic xplosive release The xplosions as soldiers it condenses Hannah Montana: The Movie extrememotions for periodic xplosive release The xplosions as know may continue for a life time Alcohol and prescription drug abuse seem to be popular longer term dysfunctions but the immediate ffect of putting lethal weapons in the hands of half cooked troubled adults is a casual unpredictable inhumanity and the occasional massacre and of course a chronic inability to talk coherently about the xperience ven if that s all they do talk about It s called post traumatic stress disorderLobo Antunes s voice it can hardly be called a protagonist since it doesn t ven have a name has PTSD He can t shut up about what he s gone through xcept to comment on what he s going through at the moment as a conseuence Guilt alternates with the ffects of military irrationality is it the guerrillas who are murdering us or is it Lisbon or is it the Americans the Russians the Chinese or the whole fucking lot of them determined to screw us good and proper in the name of certain interests that scape me now Is there anyone who can xplain this absurdity He understandably avoids mention of the secret police the PIDE which had power than the army and was dangerous than the A Companion to Peter Martyr Vermigli enemyThey return unfit for normal life as they always do because war makesverything relationships possessions personal history cheap disposable and temporary The young soldiers shipwreck victims are shunted into islands of despair military hospitals of a uality and capability of the 19th century However for the Portuguese returning from Angola as undoubtedly for those Americans returning from Vietnam those French from Algeria those Dutch from Indonesia and those Russians from Afghanistan among so many others it is the malign indifference of one s fellow citizens that is the final crushing blow The shock of loss is far profound than the relief of safety We spent twenty seven months together in the asshole of the world twenty seven months of anguish and death in the sands of Eastern Angolawe ate the same homesickness the same shit the same fear and yet it took us just five minutes to say goodbye a handshake a pat on the back a vague The Best Four Years: How to Survive and Thrive in College (and Life) embrace and then bent under the weight of our baggage we were gone out through the main gate and off into the civilian whirlwind of the cityWould that young men realise that this is inevitable and refuse the commands of the old men who hide it from them Only then might the old men stop. Estilência morte Adicionando canalhice violência insensatez Para o jornalista português Nuno Barbosa Lobo Antunes dando plena xpressão a uma The Time of the Hunters Moon escrita impiedosa grosseira consegue uma harmonia preciosa Vegas Vacation (Destination: Desire, entre a violência do narrado a rudez dos termos utilizados as suas palavras ganham portanto uma credibilidade muito maior criando um lo profundo com a realidadeO livro ue recebeu o prêmio Franco Português conferido pela Embaixada da França m Lisboa stá na 21ª dição m Portugal já foi vendido para mais de dez países como Inglaterra França Itália Alemanha Suéci. Os Cus de Judas