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The Secret Diary of Laura PalmerTotally convincing as a young girl s diary pretty disturbing at times with a lot of really memorable scenes and definitely took me right back to twin peaks and all the time i spent watching and thinking about the show as it went on however it seemed to unravel a bit got to a point where it bit got to a point where it seemed they were just throwing in references to other people in town like they were checking names off a list gotta hit this mention that check check check check and of course the story doesn t really work on its own it just ind of fades away and ends still though an interesting read i m glad i finally got around to it probably be getting "OUT THE GOLD BOX AGAIN SOONB "the gold box again soonB fB ob My life is whatever the other person in the room wants it to be Laura Palmer I would recommend this book to Fans of Twin Peaks and or people interested in troubled teenage girls the subconscious and horrorThe Beginning Dear Diary My name is Laura Palmer and as of just three short minutes ago I officially turned twelve years oldI finished the Twin Peaks series a few weeks ago and loved every single episode Imagine how intrigued I was to learn that there was a Laura Palmer diary written or seen by Jennifer Lynch daughter of David LynchReading Laura Palmer s secret diary as you might remember she ept two diaries in the series was uite an secret diary as you might remember she ept two diaries in the series was uite an So heart breaking and disturbing I ept thinking that poor girl wishing I could somehow help herThe writing was really clever and hit the tone of a young teenage girl switching between ordinary girl stuff to horrifying feelings that no girl or boy should go through And all within a few lines Just take a look at the picture below Throughout Twin Peaks Laura Palmer is a mystery to us The perfect straight A student whose double life is revealed to us in glimpses It was fascinating finally getting her side of the story but horrifying to see how her life was ruined by people she should have been able to trus. Ed dreams in a secret diary rom the time she was twelve years olduntil the day she was murderedThis is that diary It contains importa. T It was like a darkness growing "inside her slowly eating her from the inside manipulating her making her feel shameful dirty and isolated "her slowly eating her from the inside manipulating her making her feel shameful dirty and isolated s a young girl whose life is stolen from her long before she s illed I am trapped inside a part of me I hate A hard masculine part of myself that has surfaced to fight after small memories and scars come out of me with a suddenness that is sobering as well as horrifying and I fight to save the Laura I wish I could be The one everyone thinks is still around

"me in a "
in a in the wind and a smile engraved into my cheeks by the sharp fear that a man may visit me at any moment this evening and try to ill meAnd BOB or what he represents was just as scary in Laura s diary as in the series Now we get the perspective of one who s actually dealing with BOB first hand someone whose life and mind is ruined by himit Laura s conversations with BOB and her attempts to get him out of her head were one of the most horrifying things I ve ever read I ve given the book 4 solid stars because I think it s perfect within its genre So many things could have gone wrong but never did The book did the TV series justice but still stood strong as a work on its own Twin Peaks experts have pointed out some inconsistencies in the book but I didn t notice any but then again I ve only seen the entire series one time so I guess I can t be classified as a real fan The only thing that bothered me was that it seemed a bit rushed towards the end that too many characters were introduced at once and that things happened a bit too fast compared to how it started And that s what eeps it from being a 5 star read I just discovered another Twin Peaks spin off The Autobiography Of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper My Life My Tapes I HAVE to check this one out I ve got a bit of a crush on Dale Cooper For reviews please visit my blog The Bookworm s Closet ONLY TWO MORE HOURS GUYSTWELVE HOURS UNTIL NEW TWIN PEAKSE. Nt clues to the identity of her iller And for the inhabitants of Twin Peaks it begins a mystery that will reach out to obsess them
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Oh Jennifer LynchIt bears repeating Oh Jennifer Lynch The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer Is At Palmer is at wonderful and hilarious As a hardcore Twin Peaks nerd of course I love it The book tells us what the series could only ever imply that Laura was not just a rape survivor er former survivor but a girl who had been consistenly abused since childhoodObviously if you haven t seen Twin Peaks don t read onThis is an utterly bizarre book as befits the life of a girl from this peculiar town At times we get insight into the heartbreaking downward "Spiral Of Laura Palmer And "of Laura Palmer and terror of her existence not to mention the most wonderful moments which are those peaks into the mundanity that comes from being an old hand at this lifestyle Sometimes she just genuinely is bored with these men and these drugs and reverts to a robotic childlike stateThe other side of this book is one of purple prose and needlessly erotic encounters between Laura and seemingly every member of the town coughBlackiecough The book also does nothing to dispel the town coughBlackiecough The book also does nothing to dispel series biggest uestion how in the name of BOB did Laura manage to become homecoming ueen tutor residents in English serve meals to the elderly mentor a mentally handicapped man and attend eight hours of school a day even as she juggled two serious boyfriends a half dozen extra men run cocaine and still have time to jet off to far flung parts of the state for threesomes with Teresa BanksI love this book both because and in spite of the flaws in Lynch s writing style After all David Lynch is nothing if not a melodramatist he just submerges this below layers of unsettling suburban paranoia and tracking shots of phone cords But would I recommend this to anyone who doesn t now the series and like it Absolutely not been meaning to read this for about twenty years and found it sitting by the register at my favorite used bookstore for 2 bucks the other day seemed like a sign it s actually a pretty good read. In a town like Twin Peaks no one is innocentLaura Palmer – the sweet faced beauty of Twin Peaks – hid her darkest deeds and twist.