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Te it a 3 out of 5 stars Canadian "9th grader Gavin is devastated to learn that his new high school doesn t have a soccer team Soccer "grader Gavin is devastated to learn that his new high school doesn t have a soccer team Soccer his life as football is his English grandfather s life Taking his cue from something his grandfather did as a young man Gavin gets permission to set up a soccer team but he has to be the coach From the start the team is a mess Gavin doesn t now how to be a strong coach his Best Friend Mido Seems friend Mido seems want to take over from him several "Of His New Players Have " his new players have idea how to play and the ony one who does is playing for This was an amazing book that captured the life of a high school student who loved soccer The problem in the story was that the school is not going to have a soccer program because the coach was leaving The main character Gavin decides he should take the role of being the new coach Gavin was determined to HORROR STORIES keep the soccer team and get other students to sign up His Grandfather was an important figure in his life because they loved to watch soccer together Gavin wanted him to be proud of the steps he was taking toeep the soccer team together However being a coach was not as easy as Gavin imagined and he came into many problems during the season All in all this was an exciting story of a soccer player s life in school and on the field. T Gavin will be responsible for running the team With a newbie team made up of misfits and ids just out to have a good time Gavin soon learns that being a good coach isn't the same as being a good playerFry reading level. A well written relatable story with thought provoking content that even those who don t play soccer will be able to appreciate I read the book Playing Favorites written by Trevor Kew I loved it I loved how the main character Gavin started of on the field and they introduced everyone I loved how there was two different things going on But my favorite character in the whole book was Gavin though he started rough he was determined to win and while he was doing that he helped others learn Gavin was brave though he was shy at first and didn t now what to do to be a coach he worked hard to be better Another character i admire was his grandpa he was inda "THE YODA IN THIS SITUATION HE "Yoda in this situation He Gavin be better and was his number one fan My favorite uote was It s my turn to take one for the team said by Gavin at the championship gameThat s why i loved the book Playing favorites written by Trevor Kew "I think this book was one of the best books I ve read I would recommend this book to "think this book was one of the best books I ve read I would recommend this book to people and soccer players i liked the beginning of the book a lot because it starts with a big game the main character is called Gavin i hope lots of people read this book because this book is a motivational book Gavin is a freshmen soccer player at a school that loves football After his summer team. Gavin and his friends Mido and Critter are starting high school this year which means moving from a school with a championship winning soccer team to a school that doesn't have a team at all With a little encouragement fro.

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Loses because of Craig a rich id that was only on the team "because his dad was the coach Gavin is looking forward to high school "his dad was the coach Gavin is looking forward to high school so that his team can beat Craig s My favorite character in the book was Critter because he is a lanky goof that plays goalie and somehow makes crazy saves all the time My favorite part of the book was the awkward first practice that they had without a coach because I coach a youth team and the first practice is always terrible I could relate to Gavin because he was trying to coach a team of misfits when he hardly Oeuvres de Ennius Quirinus Visconti, Vol. 3 knew if he could coach the team The story adds realistic elements like on Saturdays the three friends watch English soccer in the morning and it had real results from 2013 Another character that I enjoyed was the grandpa He was English and had moved to the US He talked super funny and was always complaining about the pro soccer playersI did not like that the story was very simple and predictable but that is expected with aids book The only character I did not like was Mido and it was because he came off bossy He was supposed to be Gavin s right hand man he was complaining about things and never seemed to help "GavinI Would Recommend This recommend this to any young id that likes soccer because it is an easy read and entertaining enough I ra. M his friends and granddad a former footballer from England Gavin musters up his courage and makes a deal with the school football coach he agrees to let the soccer team share the field while the football team practices bu.
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