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All Roads Lead Home kI found this book in the free section of the other night when couldn t sleep I couldn t put it down finished the whole thing within 30 hours Slavery is such a heartbreaking thing this book really helped me understand how devastating it was and why it had such a lasting impact on our society Highly recommend Reader it is not to awaken sympathy for myself that I am telling you truthfully what I suffered in slavery I do it toindle the flame of compassion in your heart for my sisters who are still in bondage suffering as I once suffered In the pre civil war period of 1861 Harriet Jacobs was the Only Black Woman In The United States black woman in the United States have authored her own slave narrative in a call to arouse the women of the North to a realizing sense of the condition of two millions of women at the Southto convince the people of the Free States what slavery really is Jacobs hoped that should the white women of the North now the true conditions of the slave women of the South they would not fail to answer the call to moral action With the help of a northern abolitionist Jacobs published this astounding poignant record under the pseudonym Linda BrentShe was a slave woman who for seven years record under the pseudonym Linda BrentShe was a slave woman who for seven years in a tiny attic space in her grandmother s house before making her escape to the north In Incidents she recounts her story from her childhood writing in lyrical and intimate tones which in spite of its painful agonizing rhetoric coaxes the sensibilities of the reader To Linda s credit accounts of the ugly features in the daily life of a female slave atrocities treachery humiliation the lengths taken to evade the licentious abusers free at hand to mistreat with impunity and the sanction of social and religious law being hunted and separated from her children were narrated with striking control and measured emotion so that the reader is not overwhelmed by the lashes of such oppressive eventsAs a black slave woman Linda suffered hardships unimaginable to women of the North She spent most of her adolescent life in the household of Dr Flint barely able to eep at bay his lecherous sexual advances Flint was consumed by a neurotic obsession that grew in severity and viciousness whenever his sexual harassments were foiled My master met me at every turn reminding me that I belonged to him and swearing by heaven and earth that he would compel me to submit to him Linda could not accept the destruction of her moral and physical being that is to say by the conventional sexualizing of a female slave She refused to become the passive female victim instead she was fiercely determined to pr. The true story of an individual's struggle for self identity self preservation and freedom Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl remains among the few extant slave narratives written by a woman This autobiographical account chronicles the remarkable odyssey of Harriet Jacobs 1813–1897 whose dauntless spirit and faith carried her from a life of servitude and deg. N record and future generations will learn from it that women were articles of traffic in New York late in the nineteenth century of the Christian religion It may hereafter prove a useful document to antiuaries who are the Christian religion It may hereafter prove a useful document to antiuaries who are to measure the progress of civilization in the United States Once upon a time in America not too long ago fellow human beings had to go to extraordinary lengths to secure ownership of their own bodies and that of their children Never forget Harriet Jacobs book is uite a nuanced account of slavery from the point of view of one who is not physically abused This does not make slavery any better being owned and used and having no free will cannot ever be anything but terrible but it was less painful For most slave owners slaves were extremely expensive farm animals and only the richest who could afford herds of them would be able to maltreat them on a continual basis If you want hard work from your oxen and you want to breed from your cows they have to be ept healthy and in good condition Well fed rested and with down time Not a life of ease or uality not one without the whip but one designed that the animals will do their job dawn to dusk and Breed On A Regular on a regular So it was with slavesHowever there is a line in a book Caribbean Slave Society and Economy A Student Reader by Beckles and Shepherd that says Within one year of the free market being established in Kingston it was run by slaves much to everyone s satisfactionWhat does that say It says uite a few things It says that the slaves had time and plots of land big enough to grow produce than sufficient for their needs and of a high uality It says that some slave masters allowed slaves time to go to market and sell their produce once a week which is allowing entrepreneurship It says that the slaves were well organised and commercially savvy It says they had good customer service skills What it says most of all was that Slaves were all victimised but not all became victims And that is why there are so many successful Black islands in the Caribbean But this is not to blame those were victims It must have been very hard to have the strength of mind and character not to be when one is owned beaten and mind and character not to be when one is owned beaten and far worse than the family dog The best book I could recommend on slaves not being victims is Marlon James The Book of Night Women A very enjoyable and instructive book that will have you cheering and rooting for some characters that do some very evil things You might have to listen to it rather than read it though as it is almost all in Jamaican dialectRead Jan 2013 reviewed Aug 2016. Escape after several unsuccessful attempts and her seven years in self imposed exile hiding in a coffin like garret attached to her grandmother's porchA rare firsthand account of a courageous woman's determination and endurance this inspirational story also represents a valuable historical record of the continuing battle for freedom and the preservation of famil. ,

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Otect her virtue and to steer its destiny herself to uphold her dignity to seek freedom or die in her attempt As a final recourse to escape the grasp of one she hated and nowing it would outrage him she succumbed instead to a indly white neighbor to whom she would bear two children When he told me I was made for his use made To Obey His Command In Every Thing That I Was obey his command in every thing that I was but a slave whose will must and should surrender to his never before had my puny arm felt half so strong The war of my life had begun and though one of God s most powerless creatures I resolve never to be conuered Linda writes of her struggle to protect her womanhood with an ironclad sense of self a determination to maintain an autonomous identity impenetrable to assault She contrasts the roles of the female slave juxtaposed with those of the white female slaveholder as they both existed under the same patriarchal roof and offers that as hateful as slave owners were there were those who were good and benevolent though not in eual portions She puts in grave context the uniuely female burdens of slavery how inhumanly debauched and grotesuely disfigured white slaveholders were being empowered by ownership of female slaves Women are considered of no value unless they continually increase their owners stock They are put on a par with animals This same master shot a woman through the head who had run away and been brought back to himThe master who did these things was highly educated and styled a perfect gentleman He also boasted the name and standing of a Christian though Satan never had a truer follower Landing on Philadelphia s soil having severed the bonds from master was the ultimate triumph for the naturally virtuous spirit that could never acknowledge itself to be chattel Linda managed to eep the reins on her that could never acknowledge itself to be chattel Linda managed to eep the reins on her destiny pride and dignity in her memory she stored the love of family she left behind and to her heart most dearly she held her children An important historicization of the female slave role or a victorious feminist s literature Incidents also exists as a testimonial of tragic human losses in an oppressive institution and a solemn reminder of those who did not escape it For Harriet Jacobs aka Linda Brent it is both a blood soaked lamentation and an enlightening melody of the break from the chains that bound her She concludes with subtext as impressive as her escape strategy Reader my story ends with freedom not in the usual way with marriage Harriet Ann Jacobs 1813 1897 Fugitive Slave Writer Abolitionist A human being sold in the free city of New York The bill of sale is Radation in North Carolina to liberty and reunion with her children in the NorthWritten and published in 1861 after Jacobs' harrowing escape from a vile and predatory master the memoir delivers a powerful and unflinching portrayal of the abuses and hypocrisy of the master slave relationship Jacobs writes frankly of the horrors she suffered as a slave her eventual. Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Written by Herself