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Crazy Love jOdreads GiveawayPsychos Serial Killers Depraved Madmen and the Criminally Insane is a collection of short stories that center around psychos hence the name John Skipp uses commentary before every story to set up the story or express why it s included in the collection In the forward Skipp points out that the killers in this particular collection could beust as real as we are They don t have any supernatural powers or are mythical creatures from the depths or hell They are our brothers daughters librarians teachers or any stranger we come in contact with There characters all have snapped in some way Either it was one too many abusive incidents a look in their direction or Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society just a crazy baby who s mad at their parents for bringing them into the world outside of the mother s womb Most of these authors I have not heard of so I felt very excited to be introduced to them in this fashion Neil Gaiman Ray Bradbury Bentley Little and thirty three other authors grace the pages with their gore and stories of insanity or in some cases complete sanity The names I was familiar with were Jack Ketchum Thomas Harris an excerpt from Red Dragon and Edgar Allen PoeMy favorite short story from this collection is Small Assassin by Ray Bradbury It is a story of a woman who thinks her new born baby is on a mission to kill her My first thought is that the woman has post partum but things get weird pretty uickly Another that stands out for me is Incident On and Off a Mountain Road by Joe R Lansdale Murder for Beginners by Mercedes M Yardley was absolutely hilarious in a crazy way Life With Father by Bently Little will make anyone think twice about recyclingOf course this collection has stories that I will probably never think twice about but overall the collection here is pretty sound I m so excited I won this because it is my type of reading exactly It s also introduced me to authors I would have never heard of before I look forward to searching for works by the authors in this book This is a must read for lovers of short stories I read and reviewed this book in 2012 for Suspense Magazine It s one of my favorite collections of short stories Well worth a read Thought I d put it up here for those who are partial to the art of the shortTHE SHORT STORY ALIVE AND WELL Stephen King is arguably one of the master storytellers of our time Yet even he felt he d fallen out of touch with short story fiction in 2006 when invited to edit The Best American Short Stories 2007 In an interview promoting his own collection Just After Sunset inspired by his editing of the volume he said People have forgotten how to read the short story They ve fallen out of love with the short story People are too lazy to pick up a short story and start over and over again It s too much of a grab bag John Skipp editor of Psychos Serial Killers Depraved Madman and the Criminally Insane certainly ensures it is not a grab bag He knows something about great short stories with his first published short story in The Twilight Zone Magazine in 1982 He s a New York Times Bestselling author and has co authored over a dozen successful horror novels Psychos being his third anthology with publisher Black Dog and Leventhal in the fantasy horror genre So he has credibility in choosing a gripping yarnThese stories will restore your faith in the short narrative Some will stick in your mind even if you don t want them there These are thirty eight gems that will keep you reading like the addiction that follows that first blackelly bean Your need for ust one will keep you up into the psycho prowling wee hours You will meet perfectly normal people you ll think at first that hide twisted dark secrets And you will *MEET NORMAL PEOPLE WHO DON T * normal people who don t they have crossed evil s pathway Dark humour and light dance in perfect combination Alongside genre royalty of Neil Gaimin Thomas Harris Ray Bradbury and Edgar Allen Skipp has included some astonishingly polished emerging authors The pleasure of reading a good story is that you don t want it to end The wonderful thing with Psychos at over six hundred pages there are plenty of beginningsMy review copy of Psychos thanks to the loveable people at Murdoch Books and Allen and Unwin Australia After finishing this collection of short stories I am left with very similar emotions that I felt after reading Jack Ketchum s The Girl Next Door Unlike Ketchum s novel which was based on a true story Psychos is a work of fiction Nevertheless these are stories of twisted humanity in which the reader understands are scenarios that could actually happen and in many cases mirror similar events that have happened Unlike tales of horror that we all know deep down inside are only make believe vampires werewolves goblins etc Psychos presents us with a monster that we know is all too real Humans Sick humans Insane humans And these are the monsters that really make us cringe when we pass dark shadows in the night Or when we pass an ordinary person in broad daylight It isn t the skeleton in the closet or the boogie man under the bed that truly terrifies us It s the knowledge that the smiling neighbor who seems so normal and appears to be so friendly could be a deranged serial killer You fear monsters demons and devils You hang a crucifix above your bed and load your gun with silver bullets Your neighbor has a head in a arWayne BarrettI couldn t bring myself to give this collection five stars even though I was tempted solely based on the power of a handful of stories within I noticed a couple of spelling errors I can live with those but mostly the lack of five stars is simply because many of the stories especially toward the end seemed to lag for me There are some great writers new and established writers such as Ray Bradbury Thomas Harris Neil Gaiman Edgar Allen Poe and Jack Ketchum to name a few But there is one writer a complete amateur who supplies us with the most horrifying bit of all It is the actual letter from Albert Fish to the mother of his first victim Here is the editor John Skipps note at the start of the letterWhat follows is I believe the precise transcript It is by far the most horrifying piece of writing in this book because it s true And if you read it it will haunt you for the rest of your days Not in a good way but in a very real oneYou have been sincerely warnedThere were other occasion at the onset of a story where the editor issued strong warnings about particular stories Yes I read them all Yes they were very fucking horrible And yes I will give the same warning I can t bring myself to recommend this book not that it can t bring myself to recommend this book not that it a bad book but only because I don t want you to hate me I know what morbid curiosity is and I know this may tempt some to read it but like John Skipp said You have been warned. Ctions are from the latest and most promising crop of new authorsJohn Skipp who is also the editor of Zombies Demons and Werewolves and Shapeshifters provides fascinating insight through two nonfiction essays into our insatiable obsession with serial killers and how these madmen are portrayed in popular culture Resources at the end of the book includes lists of the genre's best long form fiction movies websites and writers.

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Skipp serves up 38 stories about sociopaths and murderers most modern rather than classics Classical Scenes of Farewell by Jim ShepardAn accomplice to a 15th century noble and murderer recounts their killings This historical sort of fiction wasn t my kind of thing and it dragged 25 Hop Frog by Edgar Allan PoePoe s grotesue story of a court ester getting revenge was entertaining 35 Marmalade Wine by Joan AikenA ournalist yearning to be a poet stumbles upon a mysterious stranger in a cottage only to get caught up in his own lies This was a fun one 45 The Most Dangerous Game by Richard ConnellA man washes ashore an island where murder is a sport Suspenseful and thrilling this was a fun one 45 The Small Assassin by Ray BradburyParents suspect their newborn is out to kill them Bradbury delivers a twisted and suspenseful tale 55 Lucy Comes to Stay by Robert BlochBloch writes about a mentally ill woman with a friend I enjoyed the twist ending 45 Marla s Eyes by Ed KurtzA man hires a maid who has his deceased wife s eyes and the rest gets dark from there 45 The Liar by Laura Lee BahrA six year old girl must discern truth from lies when her older sister takes captive a rapist in the basement a gripping and powerful story 55 The Paperhanger by William GayBleak and philosophical this story of a paperhanger involved in the case of a missing child and nameless characters had me thinking 35 Red Dragon by Thomas HarrisThe chapter from the novel introducing Hannibal Lecter ust read the novel The Exit at Toledo Blade Boulevard by Jack KetchumSeveral people driving along Toledo Blade Boulevard try to find meaning in the tragedy of their lives This offered snapshots of lives struggling to find their way yet leaves a lot of uestions 45 The Incident On and Off a Mountain Road by Joe R LansdaleA woman gets into an accident on a mountain road and becomes pursued by a murderer The suspense and action made for a page turner 45 Murder for Beginners by Mercedes M YardleyA humorous story about two women who ve murdered someone s husband a fun little read 45 Jesse by Steve Rasnic TemAn unreliable narrator has a friend who invites him over to see his dead parents bodies The detachment of the narrator made this disturbing 45 In for a Penny by Lawrence BlockAn ex convict tries to stay away from relapsing back into crime The ending made up for the dullness of the story 35 Now Hold Still by David J SchowAn unnamed narrator addresses the reader to think about love and the people who ve hurt us and those we ve hurt through a story of a couple planning a murder list It was short but stood out in its style and execution 45 Feminine Endings by Neil Gaiman A human statue s love letter to a woman presents an intriguing character 45 Going Solo by Leah MannA short about breaking up relationships and being self sufficient sort of how I think of people connecting I enjoyed the idea and wanted from it 45 Death in Life Love Song by Kevin L DoniheA two page story of love and death Though well written and poetic I wasn t sure if I understood it 35 Ralph and Jerry by Leslianne WilderA sad story about a mentally ill guy on the streets with nowhere and no one to go to and again he harms others 45 And What Did You See in the World by Norman PartridgeI loved how this started with a seemingly predictable idea then revealed itself as a love story of a couple with a strange arrangement The title notes the theme of noticing and being sensitive to the good bad and everything in the world 55 Life with Father by Bentley LittleLittle presents a messed up story on recycling taken to the extreme 45 The Shallow End of the Pool by Adam Troy CastroA divorced couple makes amends by raising their daughter and son in anticipation for a fight to the death Action packed and intense the longest story here captivated my attention 45 Mommy Picks Me Up at Day Care by John GorumbaA toddler tries to make sense of his Mommy s madness disturbing subject matter given the innocence of the character 45 When the Zoos Close Down *They Ll Come For * ll Come for by Violet LavoitA daughter of a neo Nazi family manages to escape when they try to make her reproduce Interesting but racist 35 All Through the House by reproduce Interesting but racist 35 All Through the House by CoakeAnother longer piece about a sheriff who s friend murdered his family I enjoyed the depth intrigue and way the structure kept going back in time as the characters motivations become uncovered and led back to when the sheriff and murderer were childhood friends 55 Intruder John BodenAn intruder with OCD pays a house visit This story was both disturbing and funny at the same time 45 Straycation by Scott Bradley and Peter GiglioA nod to Thomas Harris brings an FBI secretary on vacation looking for stray dogs 45 Life Coach by Cody GoodfellowThis one in 2nd person took a weird turn when a woman you snaps and lets her dog loose on someone else mayhem ensues This was fun bloody and out of control 55 Righteous by Weston OchseA veteran suffers PTSD after his son dies at war He tries to make amends by taking the lives of others 35 The Meaning of Life by Amelia BeamerThe idea of sociopaths having a history of animal cruelty isn t new and though this was predictable it was powerful 55 Damaged Goods by Elizabeth MassieWeird and sexually explicit this was not my thing 25 Willow Tests Well by Nick MamatasAn interesting idea of a girl tested by the FBI for having sociopathic tendencies still it felt like an outline given the telling about her growing up 35 Serenity Now by Simon McCafferyA virus strikes and the narrator seems to be responsible not my kind of story too large scale for me though the ending worked well 35 The Mannerly Man by Mehitobel WilsonA dystopian society where manners run how people interact and any stranger can be anyone else This was interesting though not my kind of thing 35 Sensible Violence by Brian HodgeA Norwegian sociopath tries to help the world in his own way I m not sure I understood the character and the 2nd person POV made it odd to follow35 Bucky Goes to Church by Robert DevereauxA boy with a history of being bullied and victimized snaps and decides to go on a murder spree The story takes a uniue turn with a glimpse into the afterlife and the meaning of existence 45 At Eventide by Kathe KojaA dying murderer tries to pay a visit to one of his victims I didn t get this at all but it had some vivid imagery 35Also included the afterword by the editor Appendix A A Devil in My View Psychos in Popular Culture by Cody Goodfellow covers sociopaths in literature and film and Appendix B The Albert Fish Letter a disturbing and true account of a cannibal Overall this was a strong anthology with consistent and captivating stories about the potential for evil inside all of us as human beings 385 What an AWESOME chunky book filled wit. This collection of thirty five terrifying tales of serial killers at large written by the great masters of the genre plumbs the horrifying depths of a deranged mind and the forces of evil that compel a human being to murder gruesomely and methodically over and over againFrom Hannibal Lecter The Silence of the Lambs to Patrick Bateman American Psycho stories of serial killers and psychos loom large and menacing in our colle. H lots of creepy ass storiesEarly V Day present from my bf He knows me so well Won through a Goodreads GiveawayThis book is 601 pages of nasty A detailed accurate title would be Psychos People Who Eat Children and Tear Apart Cats I love feeling the thrill of fear but I don t like reading about graph My review of this one was uite funny I thought but not actually very helpful so I thought I d add an actual review of the actual book in case someone wanted to actually know about it First point how remarkable that the publishers list Ray Bradbury and Robert Bloch on the cover includes stories by these two are no longer modern so I m impressed that their names still ring out as the slingers in The Wire saySecond of the 34 stories five were crackers and have been added to the official list of PB s All Time Favourite Stories which resides on this PC s desktop They are Classical Scenes of Farewell by Jim Shepard I need to read of this guyLife with Father by Bentley LittleIntruder by John BodenWillow Tests Well by Nick MatamasThe Mannerly Man by Mehitobel WilsonThose were the ones which went over th edge of the cliff howling They took lunatic ideas about lunatics and found a fifth gear on their stick shifts A lot of the rest were okay but as is the way of big anthologies some were so bad I can only assume that the authors had got one of John Skipp s family members held hostage or maybe he ust owed them for saving his life that would be the only explanation why they are here Maybe on kindles you can ust download the individual tracks like on itunes and you don t have to buy the whole album I don t know I can t keep up with all this stuff Is that John SkippYeah who is thisThis is Harold from Black DogWhoYour publishersOh okay whatAh well John it s about this new anthologyWhatWell we like it great stories great stuff I m sure it s gonna be another strong seller but the thing is the titleWhat about the titleWell er Psychos Serial killers Depraved Madmen and the Criminally InsaneYeah What s wrong with thatWell we er we think we might have an issue with that from some uartersUh huh What uarters be thatWell ah the mental health advocacy groups you know they might not see it as er mental health positive you know They might could be saying that it you know gives a kind of stereotypical lurid spin to mental health issues which they ve been trying to eradicate from the popular mind for decades Like that John you knowYeah Well that so Hey well what say that when one of these advocacy group spokespeople call you up you tell them that I know where they live and if they cause me any grief I m going to come on down there and catch their family pets and grind em up and feed em to their children like they feed those pate de foix gras geese with those tubes down their throats you ust tell them that Harold Oh John ha ha I don t know whether that would be so wiseYeah and when I got done doing that then I ll stick their kids down in my cellar with blinkers on their eyes which I ll only remove in order to show them documentaries about the Khmer Rouge and Charles Manson For five years Then I ll let them go They ll be really different coming out to they way they went in Is that what these people want Is that it IS THAT ITOh now John heh now then How did you get my number HOW DID YOU GET MY NUMBERJohn we re your publishers Click I like a good anthology and this is a good one Although titled Psychos Serial Killers Depraved Madmen and the Criminally Insane it bleeds over into the accidental and the ustified killers as well I m a sucker for a revenge story and there are a few contained in these
Add to that the writers always make me suirm like EA Poe and Thomas Harris and it ust gets better and better Then there are the surprises Jack Ketchum has kept me up nights and not in a good way and yet his story The Exit at Toledo Blade Boulevard broke my heart Anyone with children will relate to Mommy Picks Me Up at Daycare whether they are honest enough to admit it or not John Boden s story Intruder made me check my locks twice and boil my tooth brush I live me check my locks twice and boil my tooth brush I live terror of the possibility that Bucky Goes to Church could become my grandsons own personal story This book whispered bad things in my ear screamed at me and slapped me than once This book is big not ust in content but in size You can t carry it around in your purse or read it in bed unless you are prepared for an upper body workout Here bigger is better and I would heartily recommend this anthology to anyone who likes murder and mayhem and perhaps a broken heart along the way Psychos and serial killers are so prevelant in popular culture these days they re like VW beetles on the highway Once you see one you see a multitude Actually you re likely to see a psycho thumbing a ride on the highway than you are to see a lovebug putting down the roadFor this anthology John Skipp has assembled a veritable who s who of authors from today and yesteryear Thirty five stories in all and when you pick up a trade paperback copy rather than download it to your ereader you feel the weight of every demented page If there s one story that made the book worthwhile it had to be Adam Troy Castro s The Shallow End of the Pool I had heard about this story a few years ago but as a novella it was near impossible to find so it was an added bonus to find it in the table of contents for this anthology It tells the story of a teen girl accompanying her father into the desert to visit her estranged mother and to meet her brother for the first time This is about the furthest thing from a conventional family reunion though It proceeds along with a very Matter Of Fact Style Simply of fact style simply the scene as it happens as they all prepare for winds up being a fight to the death between brother and sister all for the honor of one of the parents It s riveting to say the leastIncident On and Off a Mountain Road by Joe R Lansdale was included a taut little thriller I had previously read as a separate offering on Kindle Among the other stalwarts in the book Bentley Little s Life with Father and its unsettling portrayal of two young girls living with a deranged father did its part in sending a shiver up my spine tooIn the up and coming department Marla s Eyes by Ed Kurtz showed off an appreciation for the old British gothic touch with a super creepy ending Also Mercedes M Yardley s Murder for Beginners is one reason to seek out Yardley s work in all its forms Righteous by Weston Ochse took a slightly different tact with a grieving man s last violent actThrow in an all star table of contents that features the likes of Jack Ketchum Kathe Koja Lawrence Block and Neil Gaiman and you have a weighty anthology that is bound to entertain you and disturb you in the process Won through a Go. Ctive psyche Tales of their grisly conuests have kept us cowering under the covers but still turning the pagesPsychos is the first book to collect in a single volume the scariest and most well crafted fictional works about these deranged killers Some of the stories are classics the best that the genre has to offer by renowned writers such as Neil Gaiman Jack Ketchum Edgar Allan Poe Robert Bloch and Thomas Harris Other sele. .

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