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A Land More Kind Than HomeAnd I can tell you God makes us how he needs us to be Wiley Cash A Land More Kind Than HomeWhat was there to do for Clem Barefield the sheriff for twenty five years of Marshville in Madison County with astor Carson Chambliss who ran his church like he was Jesus Christ himself had a following that would believe in his message to their deaths and a church with windows covered in newspapers and his idea of religion that was to their deaths and a church with windows covered in newspapers and his idea of religion that was a drug to these souls People out in these Ä parts can take hold of religion like it s a drug and they don t want to give it up once they re on it they re likely to do anything these little backwoods churches tell them to do like drinkingoison handling snakes and fireClem Barefield Well I got a dead boy who never said a word in his life a mama who don t want to say one now a reacher who s interested in saving my soul than telling me the truth and an old woman who s too scared of him to say hardly anything at all I know it sounds like I got a lot but when you take a hard look at it it don t it sounds like I got a lot but when you take a hard look at it it don t to much than jack shit if it even amounts to that Adelaide Lyle the fiery old matriarch of the church the midwife who brought most of the members into the world the spiritual conscience of the town had the history of the church and town to share when a little boy dies during a church service She was country she was tough she was sweet and nurturingNine year old Jess Hall second son of Ben and Julie Hall was the keeper of his older brother Stump the mute friend and soulmate in a time when silence was important to his dad and the church the voice of reason for his mother Jess and Stump explored the mysteries of the world but discovered one mystery too many that left young Jess with a guilty secretSheriff Clem Barefield the outsider the rational voice of the law had to defy the laws of God and the self anointed resenter on earth Carson Chambliss to get to the facts For in religion and stories there is always a deeper truth disguised behind the lies The roblem was how to determine what was lies and what was truth And what to do when his own road of life crossed intimately with some members of the communityMY COMMENTSA literary thriller southern noir southern gothic grit litt In the rhythmic dialect of the Souths because the dialects differ from region to region resulting in than one south a tale of hope of deliverance and salvation and the ower of forgiveness enfolds in the mountains of North Carolina I was so immediately invested in this story making it my own since it reminded me of one of the most rofound books I have ever read in this genre The Night of the Hunter by Davis GrubbhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowBoth books not only knocked my socks off it also ripped my heart outTHE ELEMENTS IN THE BOOKThere are three rotagonists who represent a true When The Light Went Out portrayal of the community Theyrovide a well rounded multi erspective angle to this story1 the emotional element through Jess the young innocent boy 2 the spiritual balance through Adelaide Lyle 3 and the voice of reason through sheriff Clem BarefieldThrough their eyes introducing the history customs and complexity of all the characters a tale of love and sorrow is told with a fine balance between the lighter and darker "COMPONENTS IN THE BOOK MORE DARK "in the book More dark light A Land More Kind Than Home is an atmospheric lyrical and literary thriller which deserves all the accolades it received as a bestseller MY REACTIONSI made war with Julie I wanted to confront the author man how I wanted to drive Wiley Cash off the dang bridge I was shocked and sad emotionally spent but in the end I was so grateful for the author s brilliant storytelling and mastery with wordsWhat an unbelievable journey this book has been How can I ever forget it Like The Night of the Hunter this book lands up on my All Time Favorite shelfHIGHLY RECOMMENDEDPS A 1967 documentary called The Holy Ghost People about the religious handling of snakes and drinking oiso. A stunning debut reminiscent of the beloved novels of John Hart and Tom Franklin A Land More Kind Than Home is a mesmerizing literary thriller about the bond between two brothers and the evil they face in a small western North Carolina townFor a curious boy like Jess Hall growing up in Marshall means trouble when your mother catches you spying on grown ups Adventurous and recocious Jess is enormously rotective of his older brother Christopher a mute whom everyone ca. .

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N in some American churches can be viewed here 45 stars rounded upA Land More Kind Than Home is a daring haunting and heartfelt story of courage and the bond between two brothers I could feel the evil slithering in this story that left me feeling a little uncomfortable The love and bond between Jess Hall and his brother warmed my heart but my guard was up for the love and bond between Jess Hall and his brother warmed my heart but my guard was up for the hiding behind the face of what should be good and safeWiley Cash creates the strongest narrators here for me with these complicated and troubled characters allowing me to become completely engrossed in their stories I loved the intensity grit and suspense to this one and Cash does a great job of showing me what his character s words wanted me to see It left me with no uestions as to who to trust with this one just the intense suspense to see how it all comes together in the end I highly recommendFor all my reviews featuring Wiley Cash lease check out our Travelling Sister Bloghttpstravelingsistersbookreviewsc I am surprised how uickly I was drawn into this book I didn t want to read it at first because I thought it might be a bit too dark for me and I wasn t sure if I "really wanted to read a story about religious fanaticism I m glad I did read "wanted to read a story about religious fanaticism I m glad I did read in spite of the fact that this book was gut wrenching and tragic and dark and it made me just about hold my breath waiting for the inevitable to happenI know it may sound odd to say that this is a readable book but it really is From the first word there is no going back only forward it is so gripping There are multiple story tellers Jess Hall s focus is on the resent lending us a 9 year old s view of this world in a small town in North Carolina defined by tobacco farming and religion I was heartbroken for what he endures and was moved to tears as he tells about his relationship with his mute brother Stump and how he has to deal with things that he just can t understand Through Adelaide Lyle who has delivered many of the children and their arents and Clem Barefield the sheriff who carries his own Baby Girl (Erik Ead Trilogy, personal loss and sorrow we come to know about theasts of Ben and Julia Hall Jess and Stump s 待つ [Matsu] parents and Carson Chambliss the minister who is theersonification of evil It s eerie and dark and sad yet beautifully written While there is a feeling of hope and redemption in the end I couldn t help but ask at what cost I can t imagine that I will forget about this book any time soon I was left with the thought that Wiley Cash was born to write A Land More Kind than Home by Wiley Cash is a 2012 William Morrow ublication Deeply affecting and very impressive debut novel Death is to lose the earth you know for greater knowing to lose the life you have for a greater life to leave the friends you loved for greater loving to find a land kind than home large than earth Thomas Wolfe This book fits into both of my 2020 reading challenges which is to read authors I haven t tried yet and reading books everyone has read but me I had a feeling I was going to like the book and the author but both exceeded my expectationsTold from the triple narratives of nine year old Jess Hall Adelaide Lyle a midwife and the small North Carolina town Sheriff Clem Barefield the story chronicles the rise of Carson Chambliss astor of River Road Church of Christ and the hold he has over the community The church zeroing in a specific Bible Brainwashing of the German Nation passage twists it into a circus of snake handling speaking in tongues and the drinking ofoison After Adelaide sees a woman die during one of the worhip services she dares to challenge the Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) pastor and steps up torotect the county s children from him and the strange goings on at the church Jess looks over his brother Christopher nicknamed Stump who is mute and autistic But the boys have a habit of snooping and eventually they see something they shouldn t have Their mother Julie hoping Stump can be healed allows the Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt pastor to help him The results of Julie s faith and desperation Lls Stump Though their mother has warned them not to snoop Stump can't help sneaking a look at something he's not supposed to an act that will have catastrophic repercussions shattering both his world and Jess's It's a wrenching event that thrusts Jess into an adulthood for which he's notrepared While there is much about the world that still confuses him he now knows that a new understanding can bring not only a growing danger and evil but also the ossibility Ill rompt Sheriff Barefield to start oking around in the life of the enigmatic Carson Chambliss This string of events will erupt into a tragic but fateful turn of events I was sitting on the edge of my "Seat Watching As The "watching as the build into a owerful storm knowing there will casualties but unable to tear myself away The writing is exemplary the atmosphere thick with dread and the characters vivid and vibrant Southern Fiction is always compelling but it takes a special talent to capture the right tone Cash employs a stark literary rose which is uite effective Occasionally it was a bit too #polished for this remise but that s a #for this Ouroboros premise but that s a flaw Clem is so uiet and introspective and hisain is haunting and alpable Yet it wasn t until the bitter end that I began to feel a deeper respect for himJess was the conduit by which the events that transpire are connected His character is one that inspires sympathy but of the three narratives his trials are yet to come which doesn t allow him much room to develop emotionally I would like to hear from him again someday though It was Addie s courage and morality that made the biggest impression on Me It S A It s a thing to see that eople can heal after they ve been broken they can change and become something different from what they were before The irony is thick as the story winds around coming full circle Fate and redemption are the most ronounced themes but love and true faith are also very strong messages that shone through the murky mess bringing the romise of better days ahead A brilliant debut So glad I finally got around to reading this one 4 stars You show me a woman who calls herself a Christian up in these arts and I ll show you a woman who knows how to heal It ain t un Christian to make do when you re oor I can romise you that You just show me a Christian woman up here and I ll show you a woman who knows what to ick and where to find it If you don t know how to heal yourself then you don t know how to live when times are hard ahhhh another salt of the earth take care of your own business kind of bookand another great one at thatthis definitely reminds me of that tom franklin brand of crime fiction but this one is somehow even grim than Crooked Letter Crooked Letter in the best way of course here we have a story of a Bauern In Mexiko: Zwischen Subsistenz Und Warenproduktion preacher come to a small town in north carolina with aast full of sins and a hankering to form his own little cult of snake handlers and affliction healers covering up the church windows with newspaper and ostensibly leading his congregation on the ath to glory speaking in tongues and laying on of handsexcept sometimes behind those newspaper covered windows eople will dieincluding a teenaged boy mute and somewhere on the autism spectrum who has seen something he just shouldn t have seen and will be healed so hard he will end up deadthe story is told through the narration of three characters the brother of the deceased boy the sheriff of madison county and the elderly adelaide lyle who knows what the Punainen metsä preacher is but isowerless against him she has managed one small victory in taking the children out of the church and schooling them herself every week but that is a small victory and cold comfort when christopherstump dies in that very churchthe most Forever Im Yours powerful element of this story is the transformation of the family after stump diesarticularly stump and jess father s transformation this is deep heartbreaking stuff here it is a story of Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown powerlessness and the way that we rarely have the opportunity to do the right thing because of lack of knowledge or courage orroof it is about small town clannishnessand old grudges and the difficulties of seeing the big Honey, I Wrecked the Kids: When Yelling, Screaming, Threats, Bribes, Timeouts, Sticker Charts and Removing Privileges All Don't Work picture in the midst of a crisiseventually it is about healing but the healing comes at a greatrice and leaves a ermanent hurtdefinitely worth reading and if enguin UK weren t so stingy i would be reading his new one through netgalley right nowdammitcome to my blo. F freedom and deliverance as wellTold by three resonant and evocative characters Jess; Adelaide Lyle the town midwife and moral conscience; and Clem Barefield a sheriff with his own A Spectre Is Haunting Texas painfulast A Land More Kind Than Home is a haunting tale of courage in the face of cruelty and the Tilak Kathalu power of love to overcome the darkness that lives in us all These are masterfulortrayals written with assurance and truth and they show us the extraordinary romise of this remarkable.