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Forever trying to make her life like a novel but Running Into Difficulties All Along The Way Still It Has into difficulties all along the way Still it has happy ending which pleased me much There weren t any plot holes and it kept moving at a good pace throughout the whole book It was a very enjoyable storyCharacter Development 55All the characters were very well developed Every line of dialogue seemed to portray their various personalities Elizabeth kind of aggravated me for a while be personalities Elizabeth kind of aggravated me for a while be snobbishness towards servants but I was pleased at her character arc Lavinia was certainly an entertaining character Mercy was sweet and Rodney was funny Actually Rodney was my favorite character He liked to say ridiculous things to make people laugh which caused me to be constantly grinning while I read the book But Rodney was also kind and nderstanding i loved the characters and i understanding I loved the characters and I sad to say goodbye at the end of the bookOnly a Novel was a well written enjoyable book which I highly recommendFor reviews from me and my sisters visit wwwshirereviewsblogspotcom From my first glimpse of it on s Preview achingly few pageswhich is a good thing I started to fall in love with Only a Novel and main character Elizabeth Her realness and relatability were delightful and gripping it was so easy to slip into her Elizabeth s shoes and follow her on her exciting adventureoh and what an adventureOrphaned with no one and no where to go with a very small inheritance Elizabeth Markette decides to do something she has always wished Go to England and become a governess well maybe not the governess part but to England she must go and seek her fortune like so many of her favorite literary heroinesand await her dashing Hero to come fall in love with her marry her rescuing her from what her life has becomeTo say the least things don t go as planned but the delightful journey along the way had me laughing and crying and falling in love with all of her characters From lovable Lavina to Rodney the stable hand and his little sisterher small charges and that toad in the gardenAmy Dashwood s sense of humor delighted me She is supremely witty and has a great knack at pulling out certainly literary references that enhance the readers delight at just the right places throughout the book I really cannot say enough wonderful things about this book but I fell in love with it and hope you will tooActually I can say one thing GO BUY ITCaution this book may cause you to laugh out loud while reading it and make people clamor for you to read what is so entirely witty and entertainin. Ten's novels It isn't But if we told you all the details surrounding that it would spoil the story so we'll leave the rest for you to find out.

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I really did like this book The story was very good very sweet and it was very fun placing all the hints at various works of classic literature Lavinia was properly vexing and lovable Rodney was witty and charming Mercy was sweet and Elizabeth was properly Catherine Morland ish I really wanted to give it four stars but there were really wanted to give it four stars but there were many problems for me to do so in all good conscienceMy first issue was on the grammatical side Often times the sentences seemed rather clunky Most often I noticed this could be easily remedied by rearranging sentence parts Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers using a pronoun instead of a name or adding in a commaMy second problem was that the characters seemed from time to time to speak in a manner a little too old fashioned for the era in which the story takes place 1880 s This was especially true for Elizabeth the main character who was from the US While I cannot say for certain about people of the UK in that time period a girl of the US no matter who she read and how much she read would speak in a custom normal to her surroundings and eraThird I found the the constant bookoting and referencing in the first half of this book to be a bit much I do realize that these actions were key to some of the characters and the overall story line but in the first half there was so much of this it started to become tiring Thankfully the second half of the book had a much acceptable amount of Present Pasts uoting and referencingAlso I would like to have seen the time between Elizabeth s decision to go to England and her departure expandedpon I m sure there must have been some emotional conflicts in the selling of her childhood home and all the things with which she had grown p I would have liked to see this or at least see her giving a sad farewell to her homeLastly there were a few spots in the Kindle version which is the version I read where something had gone wrong with the formatting causing whole sentences to be cut or blocked out making me have to guess wrong with the formatting causing whole sentences to be cut or blocked out making me have to guess was going on in those missing spotsMy dear Amy I really did enjoy your book And I do recommend to others the reading of this bookAnd I think Amy stole a certain dress idea see green with white roses completely out of my brain without even realizing it My review What an adorable bookIt is soooooo cute I love it to pieces I mean it is modeled after Jane Austen s novels and written by one of my favorite bloggers so obviously it s perfect Elizabeth was a bitannoying at times but she was a good heroine complex enough to suit my needs and LADYLIKE Oh yes I ca. Only a Novel chronicles a year in the life of Elizabeth Markette who is forced to earn her own living after the death of her grandmother She .
Only a NovelN hear the gasps of astonishment issuing from the lips of every person reading this particular review A ladylike heroine I like a heroine with spunk but I am so fed p with supposedly strong heroines that a ladylike one is a Breath Of Fresh Air And Rodney Oh of fresh air And Rodney Oh Word HE IS ADORABLE And Mercy is no less wonderful Also Lavinia I wasn t sure I would like her at first and even now my feelings towards her are a bit mixed but so far I think her a thoroughly good character And the kiddosa bit spoiled but fun nonetheless I just want to hug all the charactersExcept Pendleton And evil waxed moustached Mr Boyce YuckEdit 2017 I want very much to write letters as entertaining as the one Lavinia writes Recommended for Ages 10 to Adult interest and reading levelRating GI hadn t heard much about this book before a friend lent it to me so I didn t really know what to expect I ended p really loving Only a Novel After I finished it I handed it over to my sister who read it in a day She loved it tooWriting 455Only a Novel was very well written It had a very old fashioned feel like that of the classics but thankfully without the rambling the classic authors were prone to do It had somewhat of a satirical tone and was full of delightful references to the works of Jane Austen Charles Dickens Charlotte Bronte and Lewis Carroll I probably would have enjoyed it if I had read of Jane Austen s works than Pride and Prejudice but I still enjoyed all the references In fact even though I am not much of a Jane Austen fan it made me curious to possibly try of her books in the future I only deducted half a point because there were some formatting errors in the book It was extremely well proof read but the text on opposite pages did not always begin and end at the same point on the page and she forgot to take the header off the first page of about half of the chapters Most people probably wouldn t notice but I tend to notice just about all formatting errors Setting 55The setting is primarily in England in the early 1900s It seemed accurate to all formatting errors Setting 55The setting is primarily in England in the early 1900s It seemed accurate to and felt ite real Having always loved British literature I really enjoyed it I liked how it also was not primarily a high class setting but had plenty of servant life I ve always preferred the servants to the rich people in booksPlot 55Elizabeth Markette is convinced her life will be just like that of a novel but it is anything but that Real life isn t nearly as glamorous Being a governess isn t as wonderful as it seemed in Jane Eyre and why hasn t Mr Darcy shown A Letter To Pakistan up Elizabeth is. Ravels from Philadelphia to London and secures a job as a governess serenely believing that her new position will be just like one of Jane Aus.