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M to take away from the mystery and plotline of The Book And It S One That Even I Ueen book And it s one that even I ueen wanting to know the spoilers was glad I only had the tiniest amount of information on Suffice it to say that you should be warned it will not conform with many of your romance sterotypes in the end but that said take it as a draw to one of the if not THE most haun This should probably be a 2 star rating for the story but the uality of the writing ust edges it up to 3Unfortunately Deeper was a massive disappointment for me Broken was *one of my top reads for 2010 and created some pretty high expectations *of my top reads for 2010 and created some pretty high expectations this author s work I had heard that Deeper was fairly controversial and I can usually appreciate that in a book The reviews are polarised and it seems to invoke a lovehate response in readers so at the very least I was expecting to have strong feelings about the book Ummm NoThere was nothing about this book that made me care enough to have a strong reaction either positive or negative On the whole I found it or to be accurate my experience to be decidedly mediocre which was the complete opposite of what I was expecting Any positives were counterbalanced by negatives so I ust ended up feeling a bit meh about the whole experienceFirstly I was already aware of what I expected to be a big spoiler in that the hero was view spoilera corporeal ghost hide spoile. Ain And now back at the beach house and taking a break from responsibility from marriage from life she discovers his heartbreaking fate and why he never came back for her Suddenly Nick's name is on her lipshis hands on her thighsdark hair and eyes called back from the swirling gray of purgatory's depths Dead alive or something in between they can't stop their hunger She wouldn't da. ,

SPOILERS BIG EXPLICIT SPOILERSAs I am dabbling in paranormal fiction *and because this was recommended by a friend I read itI *because this was recommended by a friend I read itI t have anything against ghost stories really I don t I don t even mind corporal ghosts who are capable of mind blowing sex But if the author goes into too much detail about the nature of the ghost s physical being then I have problems In this case Nick Bess s lover of 20 years ago shows up from the gray as he calls it with no idea where he s been But he insists he is real and Bess is so o 5 Stars is NOT enough to do this story usticeAn awsome book Beautiful beautiful love story I m too much of an emotional reck at the moment to write a review without tearing upperhapes this afternoon when I get home from workI have tried to write a review for this wonderful book but find that I can not The story seems to have reached into the centre of my being and stolen a tiny piece of my heart What I really need is someone to hug and sob with So instead I ve written how this book made me feelI hope you understandEveryone who has read a review of this book will know that it s the story of Bess and Nick The story is about what they had once what have n 35 stars I know many of you loved this one but in the end I skipped through the last third of the book as the story didn t seem to be moving along And by that time the repetative. Some lovers never leave youTwenty years ago she had her whole life spread out before her like a mesmerizing map She was Bess Walsh a fresh scrubbed middle class student ready to conuer the design world And she was taken Absolutely and completely But not by Andy her well groomed intellectual boyfriend who hinted than once about a ring No During that hot summer as a waitress and livi. Deeper By Megan HartSex scenes were also getting cliche It did have uite a tear erker punch to it so I can see why so many people were moved by this story But tear erker punch to it so I can see why so many people were moved by this story but didn t care for bess story But didn t care for Bess too much of her story is told around a bad relationshipmarriage that simply didn t make sense to me And while Nick was great in bed that seamed to be his entire role in the book And for those who prefer romances this isn t really something I would put in that category Womans erotic fiction but not romance REVIEW UPDATED BELOW 5 Just completed this book audio version right now and I m still completely stunned and deeply emotional over it One reviewer already said they bawled their eyes *Out And I Have To Say The *and I have to say the were How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead just a rollin for me as well I HIGHLY recommend this to erotic romance lovers it s highly erotic and for those who don t mind a REALLY WELL WRITTEN romantica don t miss this one Additionally if you are an audiobook listener skip reading it and indulge in the complete emotionalourney including the music at beginning and end that Savannah Richards takes you on in her narration of this audiobook Whew I ll update my review with a bit book information after I ve decompressed EDITED TO ADD I ve been thinking about what I could or should or even can add to my review on this book It s difficult because this is such an unconventional romance that the smallest comments see. Ng on the beach she met Nick a dark haired local bad boy He was to put it mildly not someone she could take home to Daddy Instead Nick became her dirty little secret; a fervent sexual accomplice who knew how to ignite an all consuming obsession she had no idea she carried deep within her Bess had always wondered what happened to Nick after that summer after their promise to meet ag.