The Beautiful and Damned (Scarica)

The Beautiful and DamnedR allureWe are not entirely sure why Gloria married Anthony He perhaps bored her less than the other men who sought her attention She doesn t seem to have much of a conscience or reason to do anything except have a good timeAnd what is a good time to Anthony and Gloria Getting pleasantly inebriated with friends This naturally costs money and neither of them have much Anthony is counting on an inheritance he will receive at his grandfather s deathAnthony is both contemptuous of his grandfather and also fears him because a wrong move could cost him millions of dollars His grandfather points out Anthony s lack of ambition and also employment He offers to provide Anthony employment Anthony is a writer His grandfather can get him a job as a war correspondent WWI has just startedAnthony immediately protests He could never desert Gloria At the same time he imagines himself in niform and the glamour this kind of work would give himGloria would also like to work A friend who produces Hollywood movies would like to give her a screen test But Anthony absolutely refuses to permit it His wife will never degrade herself like thatSo what do they do Live on what little stipend and savings they have but mostly they spend it on alcohol and parties with friends They also make very

foolish decisions such 
decisions such renting both a country house and apartment in New York City They see that they are acting foolish but cannot seem to stop themselves They know they must stop holding and attending parties but when the evening rolls around the empty life they see around them impels them to the social amusements Life isn t worth living ntil after the fifth or sixth drinkThis cannot last and it doesn t The grandfather dies But Unfortunately He Dies Shortly After Walking In On A unfortunately he dies shortly after walking in on a gathering of Gloria and Anthony s and everyone there is ite sloshed The grandfather a strong prohibitionist goes home cuts Anthony from his will and diesAnthony retains an expensive and I mean very expensive lawyer to contest the will The court case drags on for years in Bleak House ian style In the meantime Anthony is drafted travels south for training but luckily avoids actual service since the war ends before he finishes boot camp He returns to Gloria and they carry onThe two slide steadily toward the abyss A few nexpected things happen toward the end and I won t deprive you of a good read by spoiling itAnyone familiar with Fitzgerad s real life can see obvious autobiographical connections I was constantly reminded of Ernest Hemingway s A Moveable Feast where Hemingway describes Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda in a way not very different from Anthony and Gloria Because they were close friends who spent a lot of time together in Paris I found myself comparing Hemingway s writing to Fitzgerald s I can only describe Hemingway s writing as a large heavy aggressive predator and Fitzgerald s as a lightweight boxer who rapidly and gracefully dances around his opponent getting jabs in that are only painful to himself Hemingway enjoyed slaughtering his perceived enemiesHemingway s stories may pack a punch but Fitzgerald s go down as smoothly as one of the alcoholic beverages his characters are forever imbibing The Beautiful and Damned is the perfect title for this novel as well as for the author s life with his wife Zelda This is Fitzgerald s second novel and he had become wealthy and famous His protagonist and his wife Anthony and Gloria Patch move in a circle of rich hard drinking sybarites who seem to move glibly from party to party On the first edition dust jacket Anthony and Gloria are painted as Scott ZeldaAnthony doesn t want to work After graduating from Harvard he wanders around Europe for a few years before moving to New York City to live He finds a nice apartment and lives well on his allowance while waiting for his industrialist grandfather to die at which point he ll be a bazillionaire He meets Gloria the young beautiful cousin of his Harvard chum Dick and is smitten As is she the couple marry enjoy a protracted honeymoon and settle back into NYC s pre War party scene Gradually their life together crumbles The only consistent motifs are A that they don t want to work and B that their investments are not t want to work and B that their investments are not enough income to cover their lifestyleWhen Anthony Ziosi che sanno già tutto la caduta dal sogno in na realtà prosaica Belli e dannati è Outlaw Bride un romanzo dolceamaro ferocemente critico nei confronti dei nuovi ricchi della società americana ma fresco e poetico indulgente con i suoi eroi«Se tu mi odiassi se fossi coperto di piaghe comen lebbroso se tu scappassi con n’altra donna o mi picchiassi o mi facessi patire la fame come suona assurdo tutto ciò io lo stesso avrei voglia di te bisogno di te lo stesso ti amerei»Francis Scott Fitzgerald nacue a St. There is no doubt that F Scott Fitzgerald can handle language He writes in such a delicious manner that he can keep you going for a long time on that alone no substance reuired That is exactly what he does for the first half of The beautiful and the damned i fully admit that and the Damned I fully admit that became weary of this novel by the halfway point then in that manner that is also so very Fitzgerald he began to focus the story and I was lured to go forward to the endIf any author can invent characters that are nappealing in themselves Fitzgerald is the guy I found absolutely nothing redeeming in either Anthony Patch or his wife Gloria The two of them are pretty much the epitome of spoiled selfish wasteful lives people who contribute nothing and suck p everything around them If we are meant at any point to feel sorry for them it was a miss for me We watch them deteriorate from a point that might have seemed itself to be rock bottom Gloria is a woman who depends 100% on her looks her beauty to carry her through life Anthony is a man who feels no need to accomplish anything in life because he believes he is going to inherit millions from his grandfather As a result they live lives devoid of any meaning or purpose Gloria is too selfish to want children Anthony is too self centered to stoop to work You can t help thinking that society and their families have set these two p for failure and failure in a worse form than mere financial failure I read this too ickly on the heels of Tender is the Night I have Fitzgerald burnout I m glad he wrote Gatsby otherwise I think I would not be able to regard him as a great writer but only a sufficient one I always hate closing a book and saying to myself Aside from the Great Gatsby this is the only other novel I ve read by F Scott Fitzgerald Years ago when living on a small Caribbean island with limited things to do I read a large collection of books that I had had the foresight to bring with me it got dark at 6pm every evening after which it wasn t safe to leave my apartment One book was a collection of Fitzgerald s short stories and I enjoyed them immensely This book I also enjoyedThe Beautiful and the Damned starts like most of his short stories Young man falls hopelessly in love with young beautiful charming highly intelligent yet distant girl Her beauty her charm draw the young man in like a siren s call Her smile which is no than a mask of aloofness lets no one in and drives him mad almost to despairFitzgerald invented the prototype of the Manic Pixie Girl that is so popular in Romantic movies of today You know the type she s sweet sexy devil may carish She dances in the rain sings along in movie theaters and other behavior that would be considered irresponsible and weird IN REAL LIFE BUT COMES ACROSS real life but comes across funny and sexy in the moviesThe man is mesmerized and the fact that she s just out of reach emotionally keeps him reaching for her Today s aggressively eager woman might learn a thing or two from these girls Don t chase the boy run away and have him chase youAh but I m hopelessly old fashioned I m also happily married but that s a topic for another timeMost of Fitzgerald s short stories end with the boy finally catching the girl I don t say they all end happily they re complicated than that but they don t continue into married lifeThe Beautiful and the Damned does The boy in this story Anthony Patch does finally catch the girl he passionately pursues but does The boy in this story Anthony Patch does finally catch the girl he passionately pursues but is half the story The rest of their story is about their married life It is not a pretty tale it is a tragic but fascinating oneThe interest does not lie in the storyline per se I suppose lots of authors have written about drunk people racing toward destruction but Fitzgerald s writing simply bubbles and flows like an icy clear water brook down a mountain side His insight into the human soul his ability to lucidly display its depraved nature its desperate longing for greater things and its inability to save itself both repels while it simultaneously draws the reader inAnthony and Gloria get married They soon discover that what on Anthony s part at least manically attracted them to the other person was not enough to sustain a marriage Gloria is still lovely to look at but her impulsive behaviorself absorption and strong will have lost some of thei. Gloria Gilbert bellezza del Kansas fa strage di cuori a New York; Anthony Patch raffinato erede di n miliardario bigotto contempla la vita dalla sazietà dei suoi venticinue anni I due si innamorano e si scambiano il primo bacio in The White Paternoster, And Other Stories un taxi che attraversa Central Park Sono belli e innocenti ma il loro non saràn destino facile turbato dall’alcool e dall’avidità Fitzgerald evoca in este pagine luci e ombre della New York del secondo decennio del Novecento la conversazione brillante dei ragazzi ambi. ,
Grandfather finally does die he leaves not a dime to Anthony All too soon World War One looms and Anthony applies with his friends Maury and Dick to go to officer training school Anthony fails the medicalThis doesn t prevent him from being drafted later and he s shipped south for basic trainingFar from home Anthony finds affection in the arms of Dot a local girl The war ends before Anthony s nit can be shipped overseas and he and Gloria are reunited They arrel The war ends before Anthony s nit can be shipped overseas and he and Gloria are reunited They arrel money and find any excuse to drink which seems the only way they can tolerate life and each other They wait for Anthony s lawsuit against his grandfather s estate to settle Their apartments get smaller their clothes less trendy and frayed and the need for alcoholic oblivion even strongerWhat is disturbing about The Beautiful and Damned is how loathsome Fitzgerald obviously finds this society especially himselfAt one point Anthony is talking to Dick an author of great success and Dick talks of how vapid modern fiction is and how everyone asks him whether he s read This Side of Paradise Dick decries how detestible the characters in Paradise areThis Side of Paradise of course was F Scott Fitzgerald s first novel It s obvious that Fitzgerald and Anthony are both alcoholic and that Gloria like Zelda is both a big drinker and suffering from early stages of mental illness Things hit rock bottom Anthony has bounced checks and been thrown out of a club where he and his friends once held court They re at the absolute bottom Then he wins his lawsuit He s rich again but we sense as the book concludes with Anthony and Gloria aboardship for Italy that he really didn t win anything at all This is not an easy book to read Its tale of the bon vivant who loses everything reminded me of The Magnificent Ambersons but this was just so much sadder Maybe part of it is knowing how similar is the author s life that just three years later he would publish The Great Gatsby which made it impossible for him ever that just three years later he would publish The Great Gatsby which made it impossible for him ever turn back F Scott Fitzgerald wrote beautifully he lived too fast and died too young Maybe that tragic darkness makes his sentences shine that much brighter I know I said I wouldn t bother writing a review for this piece of trash but I couldn t resist to compile some of Scottie s greatest hits just to give context for my dislike of this novel Some of the lovely descriptions from men about our main protagonist Gloria Gloria s darn nice not a brain in her head A sense of responsibility would spoil her She s too pretty She s so tterly stupid Remarkable that a person Gloria can comprehend so little and yet live in such a complex civilization A woman like that Gloria about herself brace yourself since the internalized misogyny is real with that one I value my body because you her husband Anthony think it s beautiful And this value my body because you her husband Anthony think it s beautiful And this of mine of yours to have it grow He Taught Me to Hope (Darcy and the Young Knights Quest ugly and shapeless It s sim A deeply flawed book A good amount of editing would ve greatly improved this book However Fitzgerald was coming off his huge success with This Side of Paradise so the publisher allowed him to publish this veryneven piece of work This was the final Fitzgerald novel that I have read and by far the worstYes Fitzgerald writes beautiful prose Elouence for its own sake doesn t make a novel Indulgent elouence Knights of the Hill Country uneven pacingnsympathetic characters a generally poor plot and a terrible ending made it difficult for me to even finish this book We are first introduced to Anthony and Gloria our protagonists Then a seemingly endless array of vignettes aim to portray them as examples of the moral bankruptcy of the Jazz Age Are Anthony and Gloria products of their environment their A House Built out of Stone upbringing etc I don t care because I hated both of them 100 pages in and didn t want to read any about themThen the book just keeps going and going It finally gets interesting when Anthony goes off to military boot camp ie the first time anything actually happens in the plot other than Anthony and Gloria partying Once he reunites the Gloria the same tired plot startsp again The pacing and tone has improved and tightened considerably at this point and shows Fitzgerald s promise in later novels This book is a bridge between This Side of Paradise and The Great Gatsby and is interesting in this aspect but taken alone not at all. Paul Minnesota nel 1896 Iniziò a scrivere giovanissimo fin dai tempi della scuola Pubblicò il suo primo romanzo nel 1920 Seguirono alcune raccolte di racconti e infine Il grande Gatsby 1925 che basterebbe da solo ad assicurare allo scrittore Alma Mater un posto di rilievo nella narrativa americana Dopo avere goduto dino straordinario successo morì asi dimenticato a Hollywood nel 1940 Di Fitzgerald la Newton Compton ha pubblicato Il grande Gatsby Belli e dannati Racconti dell’età del jazz e Tenera è la not.