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Ska yNced relationship As things are now Jason s precarious situation has me very worried and he still has so much growing up to do I m very much looking forward to the seuel Thanks to Logan for letting me borrow this To get it out of the wayThe book contains some pretty harsh BDSM scenes no edge play or humilationpublic exposure butOuch If this is notour cup of teaDid the story have flaws for me HmmmmyesWhat rubbed me the wrong way was the firstinitial scenePutting a rookie sub through the wringer like that Uhthe stuff Henry put out of his BDSM toy box and used would turn Conan into a sobbing mess just sayingOk after that poor Jason knew what he was getting intono doubtAND at the end of the story Henry didn t say IT backwhyThe story is 247 Masterslave romance only No sub plot but I didn t miss one After the MCs met at a SF convention and their first weekend together I resigned myself to reading one sexBDSM scene after another but to my surprise it turned out to be a very well written and thought out maydecember 2240 love story between an experienced Dom and a The Gods Themselves young going to be sub I devoured it in one go and snarled at everyone who dared to interrupt meI loved the charactersAt first I pegged Henry as an all knowing Dom would have been a pet peeve who always knows what s best for his sub but again I was wrong He like Jason had his doubts and fears He was able to apologize for mistakes and knew when to back up or to stop in the middle of a scene and take care of his boy He put the needs of his sub first and saw his role as a Dom like everyday guidance and support But oh man what a sexy deliciously evil kinky son of a prick his words not mine He could charm the pants off the saintest monkNo such troubles with Jason I just wanted to hug him save him fromHenry s clutches at first save him from his unloving father and family his onoff boyfriend Terry and non supporting soon to be ex best friends I usually don t like when characters cry a lot but Jason was an exception I felt with him understood his fears and emotional turmoil and Conan Not once did he come across as whinyAnother forte of this story was the not trying to explain Jason s need to submit Aside from his mother s death there were no traumatic events in hisouth or abuse He likes to submit being whipped likes to be disciplined and someone telling him what to do In short he wants Henry and HIS collar damn itThe icing on the cake was the musicThe String uarted playing Metallica as background music in a BDSM scene That did itThe String uartet Tribute to Metallica Master Of Puppets Say our prayers little onehow fittingmuhahahahaLater on I switched to Apocalyptica and I had a great book with a great soundtrackmade my dayNOTEI remembered a friend complaining in a review to HB Pattskyn s first book about excessively using substitutes for first names like smaller manolder man and so on One of my favorite pet peeves too so I peeked at the expert to this book oh the cover at DSP "Through Slightly Spread Fingers "slightly spread fingers to bolt butthey are gone Vanished into thin airthanks I think Simsala s review said it allI really really enjoyed this story Not hardcore BDSM but not sugar kink just highly satisfying restraint and floggingpaddling with a very touching look inside the sub s headspace Please HB Pattskyn will ou write a seuel Even though this story fit the usual mould of BDSM novel ie older Dom ounger sub etc I really loved this novel I loved the Ds dynamic and there was enough BDSM to please me too In some novels bdsm and otherwise it is hard to believe that the couple feels any affection FOR EACH OTHER IT FEELS COLD each other It feels cold is not the case with this book Jason and Henry feel so much affection and LOVE FOR EACH OTHER IN SUCH A CLEAR AND for each other in such a clear and manner that the reader can t help but feel affection for them Jason was mischievous and lovable keeping Henry on his toes Henry was a strong character He was affectionate while maintaining clear dominant control He made the decisions They were a good pairThe author used good grammar I just noted a couple of little mistakes eg uite instead of uiet The story flowed well and made sense There was enough action and tension to Intense and fast paced journey for Jason as he takes his first step into the waters he s been eyeing for ears Except that first step is an awfully big one and he gets deep fastFor a Masterslave story this is very loving Often when Kiffe Kiffe Demain you read these they come across as My Way or The Highway but though Henry is hardcore his strength and dedication come through crystal clear He pushes Jason faster than I d think possible but that s because he sees something in him that he s trying to allow to emerge that s been buried forears Jason s worries and fears and the actions of good intentioned friends and less so family are in direct conflict of where he thinks he wants to goThere are hurdles to be jumped and Jason has to make decisions I really enjoyed the perspective on an emerging slave s mind and the obstacles and rewards he facesFavorite uote I really don t know If Sanzoku Ou King of Bandits Vol 9 you re the one making all the decisions he can t just tellou no Like hell he can t If I completely ignore my boy s limits and desires and try to force him into something that s no good for him then I don t deserve his service If he was smart something I know ou are he would take my collar off his neck and throw it in my face He d tell me where to go and how to get there and in exactly what position I should fuck the horse I rode in on. Ing to terms with his identity as a submissive and masochist isn’t easy for Jason Suddenly he has to face fear doubt and a best friend who’ll do anything to get him away from “that creep” and back together with the ex boyfriend who ignored him All Jason wants is to be with Henry but what if that means becoming his slave. ,

Rrounded by assholes on all sides From his father who s just a shit to his BFF Kendra who needs to learn to shut the fuck up I m also happy to find a BDSM book where the sub doesn t have some horrible event like rape that causes him to turn to a DS relationship as a way to punish himself This is the main reason I wasn t too enthused by Stripping the Pain It read like the author just thought it would be awesome to add some hints of BDSM to represent the MCs inner pain Which then disappears when met with a perfect sparkly dick A crappy childhood doesn t just disappear in the face of twuuuw wuuuv And damn CAN T A DUDE OR DUDETTE JUST ENJOY GETTING THEIR ASS BEATWould ve enjoyed A complete endingThere are several plot threads that still need to be addressed view spoilerFor instance Henry collars Jason but doesn t return Jason s I love ou Come the fuck on Henry ou closed mouthed bastard Also who the hell is Derrick really and what is he to Henry hide spoiler Big misunderstanding I m embarrassed to admit that I got this book for all the wrong reasons With a recent Teen Wolf fanfic binge still fresh in mind my brain short circuited upon reading the word knot as in werewolf shape shifters knotting Not as in knotting ropes for BDSM scenes Huh Yeah that s why I m ashamed to disclose my inadeuate thought processSo this is formalized BDSM with a capital F The BDSM here is entirely safe I don t know how I feel about this book I liked parts I loved parts and other parts made me wonder why I was reading it The good was then the bad and I would like a seuel as the ending was abruptParts of the domination in this book was a little too much for me not that it disturbed me but I didn t think it was responsible for a Dom to start out with a person who was only starting to feel his way with this lifestyle with such an intense session That made it too hard for me to engage my heart with these characters so I had to drop back my rating a little My second novel Bound Forget Me Knot is a very very different story from my first book Heart s HomeIt isn t just that it s a contemporary and pretty hard hitting BDSM novel pun intended It s steamier sexier kinkier and realistically it s purely a romance ie there isn t any kind of major subplot It s also told exclusively from one character s POV rather than alternating between MCs It meant losing some great material like Henry s conversations with other people regarding his new boy but in the end it felt like the best way to tell the storyBound starts out in a real place I know pretty well a science fiction convention specifically ConFusion which I ve been attending for the past 20 ears which is only partially true I took a good chunk off in the middle of that 20 Jim Hensons Labyrinth years but the point is I was around 20ears ago As for whether or not I ever picked anybody up at a conwell a lady doesn t kiss and tell Seriously as hard hitting as Bound is it is at it s "Heart A Romance It S About Two "a romance It s about two finding love and acceptance and most of all a place to call homeOne last notemild spoiler I know this and acceptance and most of all a place to call homeOne last notemild spoiler I know this some people s buttons the wrong way There s some mild infidelity before the relationship gets solidly cemented I knew when I was writing it that it was something that I would take a few hits for but it s the way the story played out Basically sometimes we humans do stupid things especially when we re feeling lost hurt or confused But sometimes out of those moments of stupidity wonderful things are born Posted at Shelf InflictedI don t read a lot of BDSM stories just because I associate them with pain and I really don t get off on pain With the right partner however loving dominance and submission bondage spanking and blindfolding can be extremely eroticJason puts a lot of trust in Henry early on and though their sex was blisteringly hot some of their encounters made me suirm a little Boundaries were pushed but I trusted that Henry would respect Jason s hard and soft limits and at no time did he betray my trust Trust works both ways according to Henry I only just met Basic Training you too Jason Trust is a two way street You have to trust that I m not a psycho and I have to trust thatou re not gonna go telling all Gambling for Dummies your friends bout how some creepy old dude rapedou I have to trust that ou re not gonna have second thoughts in the morning and call the cops Henry may be an experienced Dom but he also has a vulnerable and tender side that is not sufficiently explored in this story Jason lacks confidence has difficulty communicating his needs and desperately needs acceptance His on off relationship with his boyfriend Terry is frustrating Terry has been rather inconsiderate on numerous occasions and Jason is unable to let Terry know what he wants and needs His best friend Kendra borders on being too meddlesome but she genuinely cares for Jason and has a very good reason to be concerned about his relationship with Henry Jason does not have a good relationship with his father who was unexpectedly saddled with him after his mother s death Despite Jason s flaws and his inability to effectively deal with the difficulties in his life I found his character genuine and difficult to dislike I enjoyed being a part of Jason s thoughts while coming to terms with his submissive nature and enjoyed his conversations with HenryThough the time they spent together was rather short Henry is eager to teach Jason while at the same time forming a gradual connectionI hope in time they will fall in love and have a bala. Who insists Jason try it on When Henry asks Jason to be his model at a bondage demo Jason agrees despite his lack of experience as a sub and ends up spending a no strings attached weekend exploring his kinky side with a virtual stranger Then the con is over Jason and Henry go their separate ways and it’s back to real life Com. A chance encounter over a grey leather collar unleashes Jason s inner submissive taking him to places he had only dared visit in a fantasy and the result a beautifully narrated MayDecember BDSM Romance45 stars LOVED ITThis is my first book by Ms Pattskyn a book I won t forget in a hurry and one I thoroughly enjoyed It is told completely from Jason s point of view and how wonderful it was to be privy to the inner musings of this boy confused by the sexual awakening of his subservient nature Both Jason and Henry are such well developed characters with very clear voices and distinct personalities All my motherly instincts engaged with Jason I wanted nothing than to delve into the pages wrap him in my arms and smother him with hugs and kisses whereas Henry our experienced Dom at 40 ears old was all powerful his voice and words alone seductive Hell I wanted to get down on my knees and kiss his feetWhen Jason admires the beauty of a handmade leather collar with the feel of the leather and the thought of it against his skin arousing his baser instincts little does he know that it will change his life forever When not only does he want the collar but also the man responsible for it s makingHenry Durand at 40 BUG DEATH years old was drawn to this boy with no confidence he saw Jason s desires hidden beneath the shy blushes was aroused by the perfect submissive he saw deep down in the depths of his innocent eyes as though pleading with him to take control to show him the true euphoria he could experienceThis is Jason s first time in BDSM play and he is curious but has doubts Is it just a kink Is it something he really wants or just a fantasy uestioning his own sanity at times for getting himself into this situation but his body is in a state of More Please Sir and testing the limits of his desires I loved how his sensitive soul was displayed how eager to please he was and his embarrassment at having to verbalise his desires Something Henry was eager for him to do to talk about his boundaries to be comfortable with his inner sub and to see that it is not abhorrent to be in the scene but that to some it was a normal way of life and to embrace it rather than be ashamed of what his heart and body is cravingIt was beautiful to see the connection between these two characters how Jason was bursting with pride at Henry s complements smiles and gestures of kindness He was Henry s total focus nothing else mattered in their time together it was just the two of them and he was humbled that Henry would cherish him in such a way But this was a short term deal the weekend only and now Jason is even confused and lost than he was before and distraught at the thought of never seeing Henry again and with his insecurities playing out scenarios in his head my heart was breaking for himThey are separated by 8 hours not conducive to a 247 masterslave relationship and with some misunderstanding and communication problems Jason turns to his ex Terry spurred on by his supposedly best friend Kendra who as far as I am concerned needs a good slap and wake up call for her prejudices What a bitch she would be no friend of mineSo poor Jason His best friend chastises him on his choices his Father is a mean uncaring bastard his ex boyfriend has turned over a new leafeh right and the only person who ever asks him what he wants what he needs the only person that really cares enough to ask in the first place is Henry view spoilerWhen he actually gives Jason the grey collar he so loved that was it I was crying again hide spoiler 375 starsMy review in a sentence Or two Now this is BDSM done well Not that I know jackshit I m just basing "My Opinion On Other Crappy Books I "opinion on other crappy books I also add that after reading Gamble EVERYTHING WHICH I LOOOVE IT S NOT ALL THAT which I looove it s not all that But it probably is to anyone newish to the genre Ok that s 4 now 5 sentences WhateverIt is my pleasure to announce The lack of shared bodily functions Thank god there was no pissing on the sub I live in fear of this particular event every time I pick up a BDSM book Please no golden showers or Cleveland steamers or anything that involves the word Sanchez That is my HARD LIMITGreatly relieved by The lack of soundsI don t really mind reading about them But every time I do the place where my pee pee would be burns in sympathy I find myself clutching my va jay jay thinking it s a good thing I don t have roommates cause that would be an odd position to be caught in Actually they d probably just think I was masturbating so that would be okIt s not a Sean Michaels book Thank Forests Hope (Timber Valley Wolf Pack ya jeebusI used to read a LOT of books by her and I got so SICK of reading about Doms taking their subs out to dinner and then moaning over the deliciousness of loaded potato skins I DON T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT LOADED POTATO SKINS GET TO THE FUCKING TORTUOUS FUCKING PLEASEOkay what I actually really liked Henry the DomEven when Henry was being all big meany Dom I felt he really cared about Jason He stopped when he felt Jason had had enough before Jason safeworded he offered him water stroked his hair gave him kisses and called him baby In a non annoying way he didn t go to the babies too uickly Of course he would then continue to beat Jason s ass with a leather paddle or a whip but c mon that s why we re reading thises Their relationship gave me a warm snuggly feeling not uite on the level of Loving Jay but I wouldn t expect that from a BDSM book anywayJason the BDSM Cinderella He s a crierBut I totally don t blame him He s su. Jason Kennly needs to get a closer look when he spots a gray leather collar from across the dealers’ room at a science fiction convention even if there’s no way he can afford it on his college student budget After all looking is free But then he spots something he wants even than the collar leather booth owner Henry Durand.

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