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Which I m also not mad at it is the same book the riginal story was titled The Lizard s Tail Later was adapted to the movie The Hand and the books from then n were sold with that Title I Read It With The Original I read it with the riginal Amazing book The book s actual title is THE LIZARD S TAIL retitled to tie in with the movie adaptation by Oliver StoneVery good psychological suspense story Stone s movie adaptation isn t bad but is hobbled by having to stick to horror movie conventions and having to show a literal hand wreaking havoc The novel s ending is far disturbing than the movie s I thought the writing style a tad dry for my taste and the use f fist person isn t really helping it in my pinion In the end there s a great conceptual idea underlying the story which both in the case Every House Needs a Balcony: A Novel of the novel nor the movie adaptation that followed it is never really satisfactorily explored naturally talking about the uestion if there is a killer handn the loose f if the protagonist is simply loosing his mind. T sets ff a chain f events violent erotic and chilling which escalate in. Relatively short but very thrilling psychological thriller about a man who loses his hand which sparks the beginning f the collapse Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) of many important areasf which sparks the beginning Bleach, Volume 05 of the collapsef many important areas Gather Together in My Name 1ST Edition of life I really enjoyed this snapshotf 1970s Vermont NYC and California especially through the lens Pentimento of a staunch conservative man who is resistant to his wife s shifting values in metaphysicsspirituality and how throughout my lifetime these values and resources have always been present in the psyche sf the powerful women who surround me The book brings up important themes about the subconscious mind and how accountability guilt and shame relate to it The ending is surprisingly satirical in today s context f white men being able to get away with literally everything but since I M PRETTY SURE THAT THIS WAS pretty sure that this was the author s intention I gotta dock some starsExcited to watch the movie adaptation with Michael Caine The Hand even though I was expecting a much faithful thrillerhorror vibe but Judging By The Trailer It Appears To Be 100% Camp. by the trailer it appears to be 100% camp. When Martin Trask lost his hand no ne was able to find it A freak acciden. Personally I slightly prefer the movie ver "the novel here B picture horror and Michael Caine creating an winning atmosphere here 663 2013 I "novel here B picture horror and Michael Caine creating an winning atmosphere here 663 2013 I The Lizard s Tail when I was working nights A secondhand paperback store was nearby so I usually went there to pick up anything that I thought would pass the time the night shift was very slow The edition f this book had the poster from the movie adaptation Oliver Stone s The Hand as its cover I had never seen the movie but the cover f a crawling disembodied hand caught my eye and I the cover f a crawling disembodied hand caught my eye and I it A standard psychological thriller the most interesting and frustrating element about the book is that the murderous hand is never seen Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear only the resultsf the destruction it leaves behind The ending doesn t seem to know if it wants the hand to be in the mind The Art of Teaching the Bible: A Practical Guide for Adults of the main characterr a real bject Anyway it passed a few nights at The Office Adeuately Enough Good Fun I M A Horror office adeuately enough good fun I m a horror surprised Ive never heard f the book r movie before I have to see the movie now. A few short months from everyday coincidences to stark supernatural terro.

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