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He way he writes and the stories he tellsAlso I can t argue against his creativity I ve read 4 books by Sanderson at this point this series and The Way of Kings and each has managed to surprise me and astound me in the way Sanderson showcases his ability to craft worlds that feel real alive and full of history His magic systems are wildly creative and well thought out and are exactly what the best of fantasy should be So why didn t I love this book Maybe this was a case of too much of a good thing Yes the worldbuilding and magic is creative but the amount of information Sanderson packs into this trilogy was than a little bit exhausting especially when reading all three books pretty much in a row I think if I had put a year between reading each book I might have enjoyed it a little bit because if I m being totally honest Brandon Sanderson has a habit of over delivering information that drives me crazySanderson opens each chapter in all 3 books with italicized passages that are essentially his worldbuilding notes In books 1 and 2 I didn t so much mind them as they directly connect to research Sazed and Vin were conducting over the course of the story In this book they re straight up infodumps pertaining to a new magic system that he clearly couldn t find another way to work into the storyI was left wondering what the point of all this information was and like an english major taking a math course wondering why I needed to now it Each chapter starts with a character performing a simple action Vin Pushing and Pulling herself through the mists Sazed arriving at a town Spook or another ancillary character entering a building This sets the scene for action the characters will get to eventuallyThe characters endlessly ruminate over past events in what I became certain was an attempt to pad the page count to ensure each of these books reached epic proportions If you take out all of the pointless trips down memory lane this 700 page book could have achieved the same ends in probably 300 pages Vin s inner monologue was still revisiting when she first met Kelsier or when she dressed as Valette in numerous chapters and those events happened over 5 years ago in book timeElend s inner monologue reminds us constantly that he used to be a scholar and is now a ing Oh and in case you ve forgotten what metal does what it s repeated basically in every chapter too You seriously could play a drinking game based on the repeated information alone though I hope you have a hearty liver and an ability to hold your alcohol if you tryThe story finally creeps forward in slowly increasing steps until the final 20% of the book or so when Sanderson abandons the earlier slow pace in favor of a frenetic end If I was rating this book on the last chunk of the story it would get all the stars The ending was spectacular and appropriately epic for fantasy However a novel is a sum of its parts and there s about 500 pages in this book that I had hoped to enjoy a lot than I did Also I m just going to say it Elend and Vin are boring They re boring characters They re an even boring couple They re too powerful when they re together and Sanderson doesn t so much show them in love and romantically connected as he does tell the audience repeatedly that they re husband and wife and love Their connection to each other seemed another casualty of Sanderson s need to sanitize this story of any sort of adult element that might arise There is even a scene where Sanderson goes out of his way to explain that Kandra remove their visible genitals so when a few of them are walking around naked they re walking like barbie dolls or crewmembers of the USS CallisterIt doesn t make sense They re not even human though they use human form So why would they worry about removing their genitals It s stuff like this that pulled me out of the story and honestly makes me cringe a little Further 3 books in and the only decent female character Sanderson bothered to put in this trilogy was Vin There are than a half dozen supporting male characters in this series and the majority of them all survive to the end of the story Surely one or two other awesome female characters could have found something important to do in this book Don t even get me started on Beldre who I think was a terrible character with unrealistic motivations from start to finish She only exists to ensure that every character gets neatly paired off with a romantic and heterosexual interest of their own at the end of the book Before I started this series I had plans on prioritizing Words of Radiance and Oathbringer this year but after this experience I ve moved them to the bottom of my to be read list I enjoyed The Way of Kings when I read it but I ve also read 100 great books since then and I think my standards might be a bit higher than they used to be and I m no longer sure I d enjoy the seuels 3 out of 5 starsThank you to my buddy read longer sure I d enjoy the seuels 3 out of 5 starsThank you to my buddy read href Humphrey and Scrill These ladies are wonderful and if you re not following them you should be This was the most perfect series finale I can remember reading I cannot I just A review will be on my channel when I can form words As I finish this trilogy I feel like addressing this book on two levels first on its own strengths and weaknesse. Závisí přežití lidí Zmar hodlá Zemi postupně zničit a Vin s Elendem a s přáteli bojují s časem aby našli prostředek jak ho porazit Všechno co zůstalo v předchozích dílech nevysvětlené najednou začíná zapadat do souvislostí a dostává smy. ,

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Th the ever present mist and ash and red sunlight I yearned for the characters to find their blue sky and yellow sun and green grass They never new of those things With a thousand years of red sky and brown landscape such things were preposterous laughable Vin believed in it though because Kelsier did And this vague image of a better brighter lively world full of color brought them a measure of hope and desire that fueled them in their desperate actions to find this better world where Inuisitors and Ruin cannot abound and where peace and light reignOne last character whom I thought was brilliantly crafted even so after his death was The Lord Ruler I never could have imagined his role in the story his true intentions that were misunderstood by those seeking to overthrow him Sanderson created the most unbelievably cruel good villian He is not what he seems and is only a pawn of something even devious and cunning and ruthless than he ever could be The whole plot how everything came together the realization of what certain things meant was utterly brilliant It s mindboggling to think that someone could concoct such a story such a world being so attentive to every single little last detail that is essential in making the world work and have no problems in its making and telling Sanderson is a mastermind genius I could never be as superb as he is but I hope I could be half or a fourth or a hundredth so brilliant with storytelling and drawing people inI almost forgot Spook Erica what are you thinking Ah Spook you captured my heart You became the man I was hoping you would be You never lost yourself but you became so much And I loved it I loved your growth and love you had and strength You with Elend and Sazed are my heroI sincerely urge you plead you to read the Mistborn Trilogy It is so outstanding and perfect and thrilling you will find you cannot stay away from the world once you enter and will dread leaving it What truly is amazing than these books Though I have read them just this year and there are still thousands of books out there to read I have a feeling I will not find another read brilliant And though I don t read much epic fantasy which I think will change soon I believe the Mistborn trilogy stands out in this genre and is than worth reading and loving They have become my favorite books ever nothing I ve read comes even close And this is why I wish everyone on earth would read these books I will recommend it to everyone I can When I love a book so deeply and desperately I can t not tell everyone of its brilliance and that they MUST read it And you must You must if you want a book that arrests you completely and leaves you with such deep emotion and love and wanting I can t praise these books enough and I hope I have been able to sway you to read them You will not regret it trust me Re read on AudioWell that ending I cried I finally got to find out all of the mysteries behind the mysteries in Book I Loved How Spook S Character I loved how Spook s character so much this book although some of it wasn t from a good place But sometimes you have to go to a bad place to get to the good place I fell in love with his character a lot in this book I got to find out about TenSoon and the Kandra I loved learning about that although I wanted to vaporize some of them TenSoon won my heart in the second book but so in this book I still love Sazed and he had such an important part in all the books I m so happy for his ending in the book That s all short and sweet I love Brandon Sanderson even though he breaks my heart Vin Elend I will always love you both You ve led us to die Fatren yelled He was covered in oloss blood though a patch on his shoulder looked to be his own Why Fatren demanded Elend simply pointed as the speck grew larger What is is Fatren asked over Fatren demanded Elend simply pointed as the speck grew larger What is is Fatren asked over chaos of battle Elend smiled The first of those armies I promised youVin fell from the sky in a tempest of horseshoes landing directly at the center of the oloss army MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List This is not a review This is a story a story about a man who opened the first pages of Mistborn The Final EmpireBack in August 2016 there was a man who lived in emptiness He was probably clinically depressed but he would never Mexican Hooker know he didn t get no mistborn spoilers buti am a changed person Not that I m an expert here but no one writes fantasy like Brandon Sanderson does The Hero of Ages was so worthy of the title The ending was heavenly It ll always remain my favourite trilogy 1st read Nov 20142nd read April 20153rd read AprilMay 20164th read November 20175th read September 2020 I CANT FORM WORDS See this review and like it on wwwbookbastionnetI ve been avoiding writing this review for a week or so now both because Inow it s going to be difficult to write and difficult to share what I recognize is an unpopular opinion We all can agree that Brandon Sanderson is magic I can t even bring myself to finish one work in progress yet he s constantly in the middle of multiple projects at the same time and is slowly building a greater shared universe for his novels that will probably one day eual the book euivalent of Marvel and DC s own universes of heroes I also recognize that he has slowly and deservedly amassed a very vocal fanbase who absolutely adore Všudypřítomné ničivé moci Zmaru Teď už bojují ne za sebe a za své vlastní přežití ale za osud celého života na zemi Mlhy setrvávají dlouho za dne a zabíjejí lidi Popelečné hory chrlí The League for the Suppression of Celery kvanta popelaterý dusí oblohu a hubí úrodu na níž. .
I am unfortunately the Hero of Ages Books like this are the reason I am so harsh on shitty books is all i have to say right nowReview to come This review is not a review of the book but of my emotional journey through reading it and upon finishing For those of you who have read the Mistborn trilogy I think you can empathize with what I felt For those of you who haven t I ask that you do yourself a favor and feast upon these books For they are truly the most amazing books I ve ever read Before the end I was going to write an absolutely glowing review full of caps lock and exclamations points and gifs and pictures and my singing glorious praising to high heaven to clearly show my ultimate love and devotion for this book But I just can t I can t I am hurting I m in so much pain Never before has a book put me through such emotional turmoil rendering me to a sobbing terrible mess with my heart ripped to pieces bleeding on the floor my chest aching my mind near in shock I didn t want this to happen I didn t even consider something like this especially of this magnitude happening Sanderson put me through hell But I cannot hate him I cannot hate his prowess in making me go through all of this pain and yet leaving me with feelings of indescribable joy and breathless wonder I closed the book with such a wonderful feeling of satisfaction and completion not wanting in anything save for that I didn t want it to end It was a difficult journey yes but any journey worth making is worth the trials And this particular journey was most possibly the most rewarding journey I ve ever been on in the literary world I thrive onWhen a novel really makes me feel it becomes dear and precious to me than any other book It shines brighter dark as the tale may be tearful as it may make me But that is what readers are looking for A story that speaks to their heart and soul pours emotion into them making them feel everything the characters are feeling and lingers well after the last page And this is what I treasure Any novel that can do this to me even though it may not be the best written or executed is one to be cherished dearly This novel stands out though Not only does it make you feel deeply it has outstanding world building an incredible cast of characters that you love dearly and a brilliant execution of a story that leaves you in breathless aweI new this series wasn t all happy endings and rainbows and light It is a terrible dying world with an unknown force beating upon it Horrible ramifications will happen there is no escaping them There is no hope of creating a happily ever after for everyone and creating a world anew without some type of destruction and loss People die thousands of people People you care about My heart was torn out and trampled on And it s still trying to put itself together again This is a dark tale Sanderson doesn t paint it light He shows you what becomes of a world destroyed what happens after its thousand years of relentless abuse But even then even through all those dark moments there are moments of light of love and joy and laughter And hope Faith and hope I believe is the core of the novel what makes all the characters press onward in hopes of a brighter future The mists the darkness are ever pressing on them but they never give up hope They never stop believing that all could be well if they but fight to secure itI can t write this review and not talk about the characters I can t talk specifically about what they did that I loved or their personal thoughts and journey lest I spoil the book But I can say that I adore these people with every fiber of my being They are not just characters moving a story forward they live and breathe and are REAL When they were in pain I was in pain When something terrible happened to someone I loved I cried my heart raging inside aching and furious at what was happening But oh how wonderful they are how glorious their stalwartness and love and self discovery over the course of their lives One such person whom I love and respect and praise was Sazed Dear Sazed Your soul searching uest was perhaps the most riveting and saddening I ached watching you despair and lose your hope that you had held onto the whole of your life until something devastating sent your doubts flying
"your faith failing "
faith failing it all paid off Everything you learned discovered about your life s devotion of studying religions Therein was the faith you needed off Everything you learned discovered about your life s devotion of studying religions Therein was the faith you needed just had to look at them with a new light a different perspective And I loved what you became It was so perfect for you and made my soul soar with happiness And then Vin and Elend Their characters were brilliant Their outcome their destiny jaw dropping and I cannot say on them You need to discover this on your own You will come to love them and you will ache deeply when terrible things happen to them But the pain is not all for naught You have to feel pain for them to connect you to them to make them real to make the story and their characters believable and entrancing The ending was heartbreaking but so perfect it couldn t shouldn t have happened any other way And even though thinking that disheartens me it was remarkable in its execution and ended with a perfect brush of the light and new found joy that I was so desperate to find Wi. U Pramene Povýšení Vin nechtěně osvobodila neznámou negativní sílu terá v něm byla uvězněná tisíc let Podobně jako se Kelsier dysi postavil neporazitelnému nepříteli v podobě Pána Vládce učí se teď Vin s Elendem bojovat proti abstraktní. The Hero of Ages