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My Full ReviewEven though I wasn t the biggest fan of Matched I ead Crossed which suffered from Middle Book Syndrome in my opinion However I still held some hope for the final "book in this trilogy and I dislike leaving things unfinished especially series so I picked up "in this trilogy and I dislike leaving things unfinished especially series so I picked UP LAST BOOK WHILE REACHED WAS DEFINITELY BETTER THAN last book While Reached was definitely better than predecessor it wasn t as good as I was hoping it would beReached showcases Ms Condie s growth as a writer I enjoyed the complexity of this book especially towards the end I ve felt as if the first two books are so cookie cutter basic everything being essentially as it s described But in this book I enjoyed how not everything was as it seems and the conceptual aspects of some things like the Pilot There were also some other complex scenes that I thought were wonderfully written and different from Condie s normal writing The depth in some parts of the book I found was The Crimson Thread: A Retelling of Rumpelstiltskin reallyefreshing and gave me something to The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog's Life Quality and Longevity really mull overThe ending was also great Even if it was a bit on the open ended side I think that it wrapped many of the loose threads that I was wondering about Also I liked the bittersweet touch that it had The loss was never fully covered up but the hope was still present This balance between grief and excitement for the future was a tough balance to strike but I think it was executed well I thoroughly enjoyed the ending of this book and it partiallyedeemed the book for meHowever the matter of the fact is nothing happens in this book for the first 300 pages It s like there is absolutely no plot whatsoever When I was updating my status about this book around page 300 I could almost find nothing to say since nothing happened There was pretty much one slightly major event that happened in these pages but other than that I felt as if the writing was just ambling Honestly I m surprised I kept going but it was only the slight intrigue of who Cassia was going to end up with that kept me going even if I knew in my heart who it would be But other than that there s a complete lack of plot in those first 300 pages which is a lot of pagesAlso there were some confusing parts of this book During those FIRST THREE HUNDRED PAGES WHERE ALL WE RE GETTING three hundred pages where all we e getting information and Close to the Land: The Way We Lived in North Carolina, 1820-1870 random thoughts with no plot I may add there s some info dumps and confusing info dumps at that I had toeread several parts to fully understand what these characters were talking about There s a ton of medical talk in this one and while I was able to eventually understand it not only was it frustrating to have to go back and Berlayar di Pamor Badik reread parts but some people aren t going to fully understand everything My dad being in the medical field I know a lot about medicalelated things but I m sure that there are going to be some people that don t understand just because it was complicated and not explained well enoughOverall Reached was a decent conclusion to this series I got many of my uestions answered and the ending was fabulous especially the writing However it can not be ignored that over half the book didn t L. Munatius Plancus really contain much of a plot not to mention the medical jargon that confused me I d onlyecommend this one to those who have Münchhausen's Pigtail, or Psychotherapy Reality read the first two books and are curious to see what happens or perhaps the occasional teenager who is just beginning toead YA but other than that this series is pretty meh I can t say that I d ecommend it to anyone else even if I did enjoy some aspects of the series Pre elease thoughtsI think the cover is pretty nice although it s not my favorite cover in the world and I still like the first cover better But I like this cover than the second book s AND it s supposed to be from the POV of XANDER yay Ky and Cassia So. The final thrilling part of the New York Times bestselling trilogy REACHED is the seuel to MATCHED and CROSSED by Ally Condie After leaving the Society and desperately searching for each othe. .
We shall seeHere are the uestions that I have in my head after The Pink Pearl reading Crossed They better be answered in this book Note Beware of spoilers if you haven tead Crossed yetWhat s up with Cassia at the end Where is she Why did they send her back in to Society What s her job there How does being back in Society help the Rebellion What are the trades that she does What does she need to get from the trades How does the Society not Get Suspicious That She suspicious that she magically eappeared back from the farmlands What about her family Where does She Live Does She Continue Talking To live Does she continue talking to family Who is she supposed to meet at the end Why did we skip months at the end Why not just end the book at Ky s POV Why extend the book to Cassia s POV giving me a bunch of uestions Has Cassia been able to talk to Ky Has Ky sent her a message yet Where is Ky What happened to him Did he do his job What exactly is his job How does it help the Society Did he miss Cassia Did Cassia ever find out Xander s secret Is Ky going to find a way to meet her again Why is he so jealous of Cassia Why was Cassia totally unaware of everything during Crossed Why didn t he tell her anything What about the Rebellion How does the Rebellion even work What do they do When are they actually going to you know Rebel How is Xander still a part of this What does Cassia feel for Xander Didn t she make it clear that she loves Ky So then why is she still obsessed about Xander What does Xander feel about her How does this all have anything to do with the mysterious choice Cassia is supposed to make Can they make the cover pretty like Matched s cover Why was Crossed s cover not pretty Will they make this book s cover prettyYep Condine has left me with a lot of uestions Actual ating 25 starsThis series based on synopsis had so much potential and seemed to be tailor made for my particular interests What was delivered however was an exciting sub plot centering around a tedious teenage The Violinist and The Son of Redhead: Two Plays by Leonard Melfi romanceIn myeviews for this series I have not given enough credit to how absolutely stunning the writing is It has a poignant lyrical beauty to it that had me scribbling an endless sea of uotes into my notebook This alone however wasn
enough to hold my interest these books and the plot often felt stalled prosaic and Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela repetitious This last installment in the Matched trilogy follows Cassia and Ky s attempt to overthrow the tyrannical and fascist hierarchy that governs every aspect of their lives from life partner to job to number of offsprings aided by theebellionThe previous book closed on Cassia and Ky becoming distanced from each other despite spending the ENTIRE BOOK attempting to be Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction reconciled This features of the same but I felt it had a little action and actual forward motion of the plot to keep me entertainedMy problem with this series was that I just wasn t very interested in theirelationship I wanted information about the governing body and I wanted anarchistic attacks and less melodramatic and angsty inner monologues and declarations of undying loveThere were some scenes that Dying to Be Ill: True Stories of Medical Deception really emotionally touched me and these all included theebirth of creativity to society Little else failed to yield any empathy from me however There seemed to be a lot of surplus characters and details that added absolutely nothing to the book and I found the ending to be very predictable and anti climatic I m a sucker for ed covers 3 Was it wrong for me to actually hope that there would be some sort of improvement in the last book of the Matched trilogy Maybe Maybe not Reached for me was every bit of what I did NOT want a final book to beHere are four things I did not like about it in honor of the four blank spaces. R and the Rising Cassia and Ky have found what they were looking for but at the cost of losing each other yet againBut nothing is as predicted and all too soon the veil lifts and things shift. In my Philosophy in Social Work rating 1 THE FLIMSY LOVE TRIANGLE Don t get me wrong but I do love ADORE well written love triangles You know ones that handle the three involved witheverence ones that leave them with dignity in the end Like the ones in The Iron Fey series and The Infernal Devices trilogyIt was FAR from the case with this seriesWhen Cassia decided to go to the Outer Provinces looking for Ky not Xander when she decided to CROSS A FREAKING CANYON to get to Ky not Xander when she decided to RISK EVERYTHING EVEN HER LIFE just for Ky again NOT Xander I knew that the love triangle was supposed to endBUT NO Xander is still hanging on to this Americana: The Kinks, the Riff, the Road: The Story really contrived triangle by the time we arrive at ReachedThe way the triangle ended didn t help either Xander conveniently falls in love with LaneyNea Lei That was too contrived as well 2 IT S SUPPOSED TO BE DYSTOPIAN Well would you look at thatSo now a dystopian world is defined as aomance set in a place uled by a totalitarian government where its citizens are pampered I don t think so You might think that the Aberrations and Anomalies sent to die in the Society s hands are living a dystopia But that s THEM and not CASSIA NOR XANDER NOR to a certain degree KY A NORMAL LIFE ALBEIT BEING CONTROLLED IS NOT A DYSTOPIAN LIFE 3 THE PLOT Reached did do its job and ended the story with all of the unanswered uestions answered and all of the characters fates sealedBUT THAT DIDN T MEAN THAT IT WAS ALL FINE AND DANDY IN THE PROCESS OF DOING SOI am so disappointed with the book because the author includes a whole lot of plot twists that could have been used as great ingredients to make a great story Although there were some good ones that she used what Condie did with most of them after they have been introduced is a different storyCassia isn t immune to the ed tablet Oh let s just conveniently make her Organizing Power remember things she was supposed to forget without ever explaining why she could do thatCassia isn t immune to the Plague Oh let s just conveniently cause aed dot to appear on her back so that she would be immune and that she wouldn t cause a lot of much needed drama in the storyThere are Society sympathizers Oh let s just ignore them and let them carry on with their livesIsn t the Society supposed to freaking RETALIATE against the Rising Oh let s just say that the Society and the Rising are the same so that there wouldn t be ACTION AND BLOODSHED AND MORE ACTION in the storyUrgh 4 THE FACT THAT REACHED SEEMS TO BE RUSHED This is what happens in a trilogy if you don t utilize every single book cough Crossed coughThe time that passes between certain chapters is unheard ofThere are many instances of this going on but I emember distinctly that in one chapter Ky s knocking on the door of Xander s family s house and next thing you know it s weeks later and the family works at
Rising and only Xander s is ever shownI also noticed that when omance appears in chapters time seems to slow down and when there s talk of the ebellion and some action going on everything gets to be played fast forward Miscellaneous notesWho s Colin again I forgot who he wasCHAPTER 44 IS SO TOUCHING Yes That s pretty much it What a wasteNever again will I fall for a pretty cover With A Review From Freaking a eview from freaking I m specifically talking about the cover of Matched Hey Allyster check this book out It s got an awesome cover and MTVcom says Over and out as i was posing for this i was thinking to myself how fitting this truly is like being trapped in a bubble because even though i was only eh about the first one and definitely thumbs down about the second one i am totally going to have to Victorian Fashions: A Pictorial Archive, 965 Illustrations read the third one to see how it all endstrapped. Once againIn the gripping conclusion to the bestselling MATCHED trilogy Cassia Ky and Xandereturn to the Society to save the one thing they have been denied for so long the power to choose. .