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Ot disappoint It is a fun and interesting read one that I enjoyed immensely Cat the Cat Flintstones Shush Stadium are absolute fun readsApartment starts with a happy note but ends with a melancholy tone to it Old "Spice doesn t use a full stop throughout and is almost poeticOverall this anthology is a delight "doesn t use a full stop throughout and is almost poeticOverall this anthology is a delight something I d love to read over and over again I found this book for free at Kobobooks and as I am interested in flash fiction I gave it a try Flash fiction is an interesting form but difficult write well because so much of the actual story has to be placed between the lines Sometimes authors take this too far and the resulting story leaves the reader completely baffled Other times the reader can get a much greater story than the actual word count would suggest In Larry Brown s Satellite I felt I got both sides of that coin To me the story Apartment is good example of flash fiction where the word count doesn t tell you anything It is a very strong story In short flashes the author takes us through a few months in the life of the characters and I felt I got a good insight into what was happening On the other hand the title story Satellite left me a little perplexed I ust couldn t figure out what the author was trying to achieve I think too much of that story ended up between the lines or maybe I m ust not seeing what is in front of meSo I can t

*say i liked *
I liked of the stories in this collection but I think the good outnumbered the baffling ones considerably and there are a uite a few good ones Cat the Cat for example is a nicely gruesome tale I laughed out loud at the end of Tiptoe All in all I thought this was an interesting read What is Satellite is probably a book I could read again I don t think I enjoy flash fiction very much Don t get me wrong I do like short stories but these stories are so short I couldn t really savour them. R of the story collection Talk Oberon Pre.

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SatelliteExtremely short collection of extremely short prose Also short of depth character and intrigue Could ve been an interesting collection but was like the ruminations of someone on a long distance creative writing course Not a big fan of flash fiction personally but the stories in this book had some great concepts that could be expanded upon mentally Found a few of the stories comical some disturbing which isn t a bad thing and a couple left me scratching my head like Huh but overall it was pretty good Definitley going to check out some of the full length books by this author Thanks for the chance to read it Fresh Flash Flash fiction can be like sampling the latest haute cuisine at an overpriced "restaurant The servings are small there s really nothing new happening "The servings are small there s really nothing new happening you leave wondering what all the fuss was about As someone who reads *A LOT OF SHORT STORIES I FIND THE GENRE *lot of short stories I find the genre to poetry Good flash fiction is all about cadence craft and creating that perfect picture for the reader Larry Brown s Satellite has stories that showcase the best of what flash fiction can be There s humor and poignancy in Roots which manages to catch that perfect moment that magically communicates an entire relationship in a few sentences Some danger and darkness in Shush Cat the Cat and the amazingly well crafted and Some danger and darkness in Shush Cat the Cat and the amazingly well crafted and Old Spice And of course the absurdity of a Cajun polka band and programmable slippers in the title piece Satellite There are many beautiful solid pieces in Brown s collection The ones I mentioned really resonated with me And therein lies one of the problems and beauties of flash fiction There really is no grey The piece either sticks with you or it doesn t and many of Larry Brown s pieces stuck I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review And honestly if you re a fan of flash fiction pick this one up This brief collection of su. Uirky Poignant Includes one Cajun polka ,
Pershort stories is clever and varied but ultimately not as accessible as I Would Have Liked would have liked Brown is very thrifty with his words but often the thrift becomes stingy and teasing making the stories enigmatic instead of expressiveFor about half of the stories I had no idea what was going on and I am a fairly smart person It is a dilemma I recognize being both a producer and consumer of poetry at various points in "My Life How To Convey "life how to convey idea with an economy of words but still connect with the reader Sometimes Mr Brown did this to great effect and I thought the second half of the collection was much stronger in this regard than the first half But in general I was spending too much time figuring out what "Was Going On And Not Enough Time "going on and not enough time enjoying the experienceIn those times that the story was able to hook me and I deciphered the hidden message I did enjoy it however I thought the emotional content could have been amped up a bit Sometimes I would get it and then say So Other times I found myself wishing I knew about what the people in the stories were feelingSo a curious experience but not fulfilling enough for me to repeat However if puzzling over short stories and their unexpected meanings sounds appealing this may be of interest to you I was given a free copy of this for an honest reviewI love Flash Fiction It is a somewhat rare form but I love it done well This collection wasn t bad I loved the titular story Satellite Side Dish was cute and mysterious Stadium was adorable and my mother and father have fought over stadium food before Mail was hilarious and I have felt like stealing mail at sometime Also Cat The Cat was a little disturbing but I love that about it All and all it was a nice little read This is my first foray into flash fiction I don t read short stories per se I m usually into full length novels But Satellite did And18 flash fiction storiesFrom the autho.