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Not Another Vampire Book Not Another Vampire #1Finitely read by this authorCompletely safe What was she thinking It was hopeless to A Constellation of Vital Phenomena love a supernatural villain from a romance novel Pos 4911 Myife has been a ie25 to 3 starsLet me start by saying that this books gives you exactly what it promises I expected a funny entertaining story making fun of the typical clich s in vampire books and this is what I got Still I d say that

found the idea very good the execution just okay In this book we follow Karalynn Donnelly who works as a book editor and has to deal with the worst paranormal romance book ever written Eternal Passion at Sunset Even worse she happens to get transported into the story and alters its storyline by accidentAs a bookworm I ove books about books and thought the idea sounded very promising The beginning of the story was uick and captivating but got a bit messy towards the middle part I somehow found it a bit stilted As for the characters they were walking clich s and really shallow but since this fit the story and the general topic of the book it did not disturb me Karalynn stood out as the most vibrant detailed and vivid character just the way it should be Still I had a huge problem with this view spoilerI had not expected the Sextasy: Master the Timeless Techniques of Tantra, Tao, and the Kama Sutra to Take Lovemaking to New Heights love story to turn out the way it did but that didn t bother meat all Still I had a huge problem with the whole mate thing Using some old traditions and I don t know what else as an excuse to suppress women and make them subordinated to men inove scenes just makes me cringe I m aware of the fact that Damien and Kara were eual in their relationship and that Kara SAID SOME OF THE THINGS SHE SAID ON PURPOSE some of the things she said on purpose stilll I did not enjoy reading those parts at all They just made me feel uncomfortable hide spoiler 35 stars rounded up because the concept was so great creative ending and I would probably have iked this if I hadn t read other books by this author Karalynn Donnelly is a modern day book editor transported to the world of a truly terrible fictional book Eternal Passion at Sunset an unfortunately non parody of the classic vampire novel The heroes are idiots but thankfully we re with the other side We do get hilarious excerpts from the novel He was perfect Her mate was a true hero He d told her so himselfThis was a ot of fun blending the ridiculous with identity discovery But the plotline is very familiar from the other books and I m a Still Life with Chickens: Starting Over in a House by the Sea little tired of female heroes who are really slow to recognize their mateTrue LoveEternal Onewhatever. Charismatic and unrepentantly villainous Damien hates the Vampires and he’s very interested in what Karalynn might know about all the changes happening in his world Somehow Kara has to reunite Slade and Melessa dodge kidnapping Vampires fight fire breathing dragons and deal with her own growing feelings for a handsome bad guy who’s starting to seem an awfulot ike her knight in shining armour.
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Summary Not Another Vampire Book Not Another Vampire #1

Dy romance was a ton of fun It managed to be a parody of PNR books while still managing to be a pretty good one in its own right Karalynn Donnelly an editor at her families book publishing company has the unenviable job of editing Eternal Passion at Sunset which is on Enjoyable uirky and funny but not as good as her other series LOL well this should be interesting Love the title This book was a TOTAL delight I don t think it would be everyone s cup of tea because it s oftentimes chaotic and ridiculous as hell but it s so charming at the same time that you cannot help but augh This was at the same time that you cannot help but augh This was first book by Cassandra Gannon My friend kept pushing me to read her books so i picked this one and it is amazing Karalynn Donnelly is a book editor and has been given draft of a really horrible and inconsistent book called Eternal Passion at Sunset I mean it is so inconsistent that the details STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare like hair color cloths etc are constantly changeIf you read the back cover you might already know that Kara gets stuck in the bookiterally and unknowingly messes up the story and because of a small mishap everyone mistakes her for the heroine Melessa who was run off to join a wild west show Now to get the story back on track she teams up with the bad guy of the book Damien the ast Wizard Warlock and both of them Well at east Kara tries to get the book back on trackNot Another Vampire Book is a amazing read with Syncopated: An Anthology of Nonfiction Picto-Essays lots of great characters hilarious plot a totally clueless hero Slade who just can t take a hint orike he is called in the book Fucking Moron a amazing bad guy Damien who is a natural at being bad but is actually good a heroine you will Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All love Karalynn who is reckless in her caring ways anditerally punches the hero in the face a What a Lass Wants little bit of drama all kinds of supernatural creaturesots of funny moments and a clich d romance novel that just doesn t make any sense Hilarious If you get and ike satires this is a great change from the mainstream romantic comedies Think 90% romanceromantic novel satire with very ittle seriousness Reminded me a bit of Walt Disney s Enchanted without the singing and wa few not G rated scenes The book makes a parody of every romance plot device herovillain characterization overused cliches and even of author s mistakesinconsistencies in writting a book Very entertaining a Mexican Hooker lot stupid uniue and still had a cute romance found inbetween all the silliness It was actually kind of brilliant in a ridiculous way Ioved it Will de. N meeting Now Slade the idiot Vampire King thinks Kara’s his destined mate and Melessa his actual bride has run off to join a Wild West show If Kara’s going to find her way home she needs to get this story back on track But teaming up with the novel’s bad guy might not be the best place to startDamien ast of the Wizard Warlocks thinks Kara is the key to destroying his archenemy Slade Snarky. So this was another reread for me and this was just as blood hilarious the second time aroundNot Another Vampire Book is a rip roaring parody of every bad supernatural romance aroundNot Another Vampire Book is a rip roaring parody of every bad supernatural romance there full of every cliche imaginable ridiculous plot directions and fabulous one inersSo the basic premise here is Karalynn Donnelly book editor has been transported care of a plunging elevator smack bang into the pages of just the worst book ever Eternal Passion at SunsetWhere the supposed hero Slade king of the vampire s mistakes Kara for his eternal one and Damien ast of the wizard warlocks the supposed villain
the piece is the one is actually drawn toWhen Kara unintentionally throws a spanner in the works knocking off course the whole plotline she joins forces with Damien much to the chagrin of Slade to try and get the story back on trackThis was such an ingenious and uniue concept and I has so much fun reading thisNot Another Vampire Book is ever so entertaining and I aughed so much throughout thisIf you re Suspicion at Seven: A Lois Meade Mystery looking for a funighthearted giggle this really is the book for youIt will make you smile from ear to ear and is one I really recommendReviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom Highly entertaining outrageously unbelievable so cheesy it makes you augh even harder and I oved every word because that s how I roll Plus it had some yummy steaminessI mean who wouldn t want to read it after this The Day Fidel Died line Okayook I can t just sleep with every handsome villain who tries to kidnap me He arched a brow and eaned closer t just sleep with every handsome villain who tries to kidnap me He arched a brow and eaned closer her ear How about just one 45 starsThe opening chapter is a bit clunky but once the heroine Karalynn Donnelly a cynical New York editor gets horrifyingly transported into the world of a really badly written historical paranormal romance novel ETERNAL PASSION AT SUNSET this book becomes hilarious Cassandra Gannon pastiches the established tropes of paranormal romance in a really oving way at the same time that she writes a fabulous romantic comedy set in the midst of them Karalynn being a smart woman immediately bands together with the evil villain Damien who s SO much smarter and interesting than the smug romantic hero of the novel Slade and does her best to persuade him to see through the fog of the established plot to a much sensible happy ending for both of them Along the way she copes with terrible anachronisms because the book was SO badly researched and constantly shifting details This come. What’s worse than editing the stupidest supernatural romance novel ever written Getting stuck inside of it Karalynn Donnelly has somehow been transported into Eternal Passion at Sunset a vampire ove story filled with enough clichés anachronisms and run on sentences to drive any hardworking book editor insaneTo make matters worse Kara accidentally prevents the story’s hero and heroine from eve.