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You know how in american moviesmost not all something has to be happening all the timethings blowing up slapstick comedyme I uess it says something about me that I was surprised when I read the flyleaf of this book and saw that it was described as a story "about a wildly dysfunctional norwegian family i didn "a wildly dysfunctional Norwegian family I didn think they were all that dysfunctional it s just that the author describes their dysfunction in such a mesmerizing way Of course my own family would never be the poster family for functional Ramsland weaves his story back and forth in time so that we begin to understand what makes each character significant we begin to understand why certain subject such as the stolen coin collection continue to pop up in family conversations We begin to see why Grandpa was not uite a war hero fat Anne Katerine was not just a harmless old auntand how Jug Ears s character was formed by his unusual appendages I m actually reading this for a second time which is unheard of for me It s that interesting a novel that crazy a storyI want to make sure I didn t miss a thing There s only one thing I enjoy than reading and that s reading lists describing books I haven t yet read And there s one thing I enjoy even than that which means that logically there are two things I enjoy than readingad infinitum my OCD purrs with priapic prolepsis when an online bookstore emails through a link to a 24 hour super sale Oooh yes 10000 books to trawl through many at 95% off Hours of cross referencing researching checking reviews on Goodreadschecking whether they are on sale elsewhere weighing up whether spending two dollars on a book compensates for a below par review deciding whether I really do want to be that person who has coffee table books meticulously angled to all points of the compass in a randomly scattered manner just because that oversized hardback on ancient Egyptian Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story graffitti has been discounted by 50 I normally end up with a 10 kilo haul of dross dogends and literary detritus However every now and again aem appears in the pick n mix making the whole process super special Doghead was one of those seriously surprising seriously unexpected and seriously Danish books that came out of the blue It s simplywell it was a surprise for me soditto Read it You won t be disappointed Read about 100 pages It was somewhat interesting darklywryly fu. Beonicontrabbandierispacconii parenti non si scelgonotoccano in sorteE uelli capitati ad Asger Eriksson sono proprio bislacchiAccorso al capezzale della nonnaAsger si trova a ricomporre la saga della sua famiglia dagli anni trenta a oggiCapotribù è Askildingegnere navale dedito a traffici illecitisopravvissuto a Buchenwaldche passa la sua vita tra be. HundehovedDanish Shrimp and The Bandit notes at one point in his saga of three enerations of his family There was Anne Katrine who was robbed of her mother s love There was Leila who lost both her parents There was Niels Junior with his ears and his corset "There was Knut with his broken nose There was Madam Mother s reproachful rief Grandmother Elisabeth s illness "was Knut with his broken nose There was Madam Mother s reproachful rief Grandmother Elisabeth s illness Grandfather Hans Carlo s alloping tumor There was Great randfather Thorsten s bankruptcy There was Grandma Bj rk with her alcoholic husband and there was Grandpa Askild with part of his index finger missing and those bloodhounds on an eastern German plain Who would blame this Dane for being melancholy The Eriksson family is dragged all all over the Scandinavian landscape by the roguish bullying head of the clan Grandpa Askild And yet this is a RAUCOUS HIGH SPIRITED NOVEL LACED WITH DARK HUMOR AND high spirited novel laced with dark humor and stuff out of Scandinavian folklore And while Mr Ramsland has been likened by blurbists to John Irving he never oes over the top or sinks into sentimentality the way Mr Irving sometimes does The novel s title brings to mind the movie My Life as a Dog and it has some of the same boy s eye view off kilter observation of an eccentric worldAbove all the novel is a tribute to the power of narrative the preservation of memories however distorted and embellished that makes a family into a coherent unit At the end of the novel Asger reflects that none of us realized that the stories were the lue holding our family together because it was only after they vanished that everything began to disintegrate and slowly we were scattered to the winds To return to Tolstoy every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way But it s the way they share the unhappiness that makes them family I picked this book up the way they share the unhappiness that makes them family I picked this book up because of the cover and the title I hadn t heard anything about it before picking it upIt s really really oodI ve read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Smilla s Sense of Snow over the past year and noticed a striking similiarity between the two heroines it was refreshing to read a book that doesn t stick to that female character Doghead is a family history as well as a slight tragedy and very funny The story starts at the end of World war II and continues to the modern day it is about the ties that bind people together sibling love and rivalary as well as mushrooms. Partorito nella latrina di casa e da sempre impegnato a tirarsene fuoriE infine c'è Asger che è tormentato sin dall'infanzia dalla paura delle cantinelaggiùal buioc'è testa di caneun mostro pericolosoSulla scia di Irving e HoegMorten Ramslandla nuova stella della letteratura daneseci regala un romanzo traboccante di magiarealtàpoesiaumorismo e vit. ,

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Nny but dysfunctional family stuff is not what I want To Read Right Now Plus Askild S Nightmares He Was read right now Plus Askild s nightmares he was from his time as a German prisoner were haunting me too Sorry but we have to refer to Tolstoy again To paraphrase all happy families are alike and dull but "all dysfunctional families are unhappy in their own "dysfunctional families are unhappy in their own and often very amusing way and This Very Dysfunction And Indeed Unhappiness Brings Them Together Here very dysfunction and indeed unhappiness brings them together Here a story or rather a collection of stories some of which are actually true told by an unreliable narrator of three Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi generations of nomadic Scandinaviansjumping back and forth through time moving from POW camps in 1940s Eastern Germany via Norway to Denmark towell I won t spoil the end for you A darkly funny tale of sex drugs alcohol various crimes mental illness family in fighting and finally self awareness By turns upsetting moving and laugh out loud funny If you have the same dark maybe even bleak sense of humour as me read it Twice The first time you ll miss some important bits 8 CDs ready for us to listen to on the next road tripWhich we did stuck in slow moving traffic through the Alps stuck in the ueue toet through the ticket machines at the Brenner pass stuck in the traffic around Stuttgart cruising the autobahn past Koblenz and CologneI m not very After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 good at listening to books it turns out Iot on much better when I found a printed insert in the box with the family tree of the Svenssons and the Peterssons and could check on who these people were in relation to one another Hard to keep names straight in your head without those black and white marks on the pageIt Alien Alpha gave us some laughs But it s also hard to uite work out what it is all for when you hear one half on the way south and the other half on the way north three weeks later What s the point of it all The most fantastic Danish read I have ever read Highly recommended for any man trying to remember how it was being a boy and any boy trying to figure out what it means torow up view spoiler Bettie s Books hide spoiler Happy families as Tolstoy noted are so much alike that they make for dull fiction It s dysfunction we want And in his first novel to be published in English the Danish writer Morten Ramsland has served up a sm rg sbord of dysfunctionAs the novel s narrator Asger Eriksson aka The Liar The Latchkey Kid The Bastard Boy The. Ttole e cantieriAl suo fianco è nonna Bjorkcustode delle storie familiarifreuentatrice segreta di sale da ioco e collezionista di scatolette piene di aria fresca di BergenLa coppia ha tre figliKnutanima corsara dagli strani tatuaggi che ha ereditato dal padre l'attaccamento alla bottigliaAnne Katrinesovrappeso e cardiopaticae NielsOrecchie a sventola.
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