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Arlie s mother is a great example of his subtle yet very "Effective Way Of Getting "way of getting message through a mother can bear than you d think The tower of Babel chapter felt like the right balance between science fiction and history The ever potent thought of did ancient humans posses knowledge beyond our nderstanding of them The closing line
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from the will probably bring a wry smile on the conspiracy theorist in you Just like the expression Mort had while saying it The penitentiary chapters were just another short showing how confinement against the will will change someone for better or for worse or in some cases like Rourke doesn t change #One At All Even The #at all Even the line from the inmate is I can t take it any which suggests no matter what reform isn t on the cards The slave ship and the stained glass window were two short stories with no real conclusions but merely a telling of events Even if there was a hidden message it has escaped me on the first read The tomb of Lisis was a good read since I am a fan of the ancient Egyptian culture And the battle of thermopylae was a beffiting end to a string of great short stories One could say Mort was Ezra s Rosetta stone He sed the wealth of life experiences spanning over centuries from Mort s life to decipher the mysteries of the very antiues the antiuarian collectedBut at the end of the day let s be honest Mort Cinder the book is what it is because of Breccia s chiaroscuro I was gifted this graphic novel for Christmas I m not normally a fan of black and white comics but this story was interesting Excellent striking art that clearly influenced some later American comic masters paired with writing that is still pretty decent for the modern reader pulpy and slightly repetitive adventure comics although seriously two stories are about. Uras y para contarle historias ocurridas en el fondo de los tiempos Obra mayor del guionista Héctor G Oesterheld célebre creador de El Eternauta y del dibujante Alberto Breccia apare. ,
Great art but the story was only filler a classic like this can t die I found this amazing Maybe #it was due to the first few chapters being landscape but the art really didn #was due to the first few chapters being landscape but the art really didn click with me ntil later Very melancholy like many of the other euro comics I ve read Was that what Gaiman is going for AnywayI look forward to anything else Fantagraphics is going to do with them Read the new English translation It s really good Fun pulpy horror stories paired with mind blowing black and white art There s some repetition felt from the weekly format and a lot of people retelling moments that then drop into flashback But Breccia s the star here and what he s doing is incredible moody detailed so playful with light It s amazing now Must have been mind blowing when it came out I have a new found respect for brushwork after just reading two pages of Mort Cinder Alberto just blew me away with his strokes Hector did a great job of writing this piece no less but the artist just stole the show for me
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fact that was published in 1962 makes this black and white piece an absolute stunner and I stress the bw aspect because it adds to the feel that the story takes place a long time ago in the past it feels like a period piece Only thing I can compare the art to is a colorless Alex Ross but with crazy amount of details The simplicity in the brush work that evidently adds so much detail to the panels is a feat I can t Cirsova (Issue uite wrap my head around And before going into this book one has to note that this was originally published as strips and so as a whole this book doesn t have a continuing narrative or any particular plot points that are resolved in the finale it just continues this is a book about stories and about story telling Hector s writing was at times beautiful in its nuances The story about Ch. Ezra Winstonn anticuario de Londres es guiado por misteriosas señales hasta la tumba de Nuestra propuesta inconclusa. Ecuador-Perú un ajusticiadon tal Mort Cinder Este vuelve de la muerte para arrastrarlo a sombrías avent. Aliens in ancient civlizations Fantastic art that still holds after all these years The story is a of sci fitime travel and years The story is a mix of sci fitime travel and and holds p for the most part I enjoyed the origin story most of all though and did find myself losing interests with the writing for the later stories Luckily the art is so fantastic that it remains engaging I still can t believe that this was done in the 1960s its art style seems so much contemporary Anyway I liked this far than #I Was Expecting I #was expecting I found the humanity behind Mort s experiences to be really grounding even though the story drifted from time and place The First chapter had a lot of traditional horror elements and tilized much of the metonymy of gloom and horror but the later sections were a bit eclectic in how they built suspense and developed conflict I actually really liked the character of Ezra whose name in Hebrew means help or helper and he was a great sidekickguide in this work Mort of course is very Christ like but somehow it is his storytelling and desire to not let the past stay the past that kind of makes him heroic Really well done and I love the story behind Oesterheld and Breccia s lives Alberto Breccia and H ctor Germ n Oesterheld moved in the same artistic circles as Hugo Pratt and like Pratt s Corto Maltese Mort Cinder is genre comics done with real intelligence and humanity Also like Pratt Breccia is a stunning chiaroscuro artist delivering panel after panel of evocative work But while Pratt s human figures are lithe and stylized Breccia s have realistic heft to them he draws men with paunches bad posture and haggard lines all over their faces This world weariness fits the character of Mort Cinder an immortal who s lived thousands of years and can t come to terms with all the suffering he s witnessed. Ció por primera vez en 1962 en la revista Misterix Aunue abundan las ediciones extranjeras es considerado Diccionario trilingüe Miskitu - Sumu-Mayangna - Español un clásico de la historieta mundial esta es su primera edición en castellan.