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The handover ceremony of Hong Kong in 1997 officially marked the transfer of "Sovereignty Over Hong Kong "over Hong Kong the United Kingdom to the People s Republic of ChinaHandover is a book of three separate novellas about three expats living in Hong Kong ust prior and leading up to this event Very interesting how the author intertwines the lives of these three people

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Kong is bustling city with a myriad of people from all walks of life the rich and the poor Tess moves to Hong Kong for change and has an office romance that goes awry Rob goes to Hong Kong after his lover goes missing and he starts seeing her everywhere and then there is Sally who is being charged with murder Of the three stories I found Rob s to be the strangest one I was left not uite knowing what happened there This book was a fast read and well worth it I enjoyed it Paul Blaney s three part novel takes place months weeks and days before Britain handed over Hong Kong to China in 1997 Each story overlaps ust enough with the other to link them together If Wong Kar wai were to make an expat version of Chungking Express he would adapt HandoverThe book starts with the story of Tess a recent graduate from the UK She leaves her family and a boyfriend back in England to find herself in Hong Kong An aunt and uncle live in Happy Valley and have extended It's 1997 and three very different expatriate Britons are living and working in Hong Kong Sally a sophisticated thirty something magazine editor finds her life plagued by a ruthless bully Tess an idealistic young graduate embarks on an unlikely office romance And Rob the most recently arrived of the.

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N open invitation to her So she takes them up on it and through her uncle s connection finds a ob as a newspaper photo editor She s not impressed with the groups of detached expats she meets and is determined not to be like them At work she strikes up a friendship with Sam a graphic designer and cartoonist Sam is one of the few locals in her office and it s soon apparent to Tess that the East West divide at play in Hong Kong also defines local and Expat Relationships At Work Tess Shuns That relationships at work Tess shuns that and spends her lunch breaks with Sam On her days off she thinks of him She even asks to meet his mother a chicken farmer One evening their relationship changes forever Is it a cultural misunderstanding or was their relationship doomed from the beginningThe next story revolves around Rob a recent UK transplant He comes to Hong Kong because his last girlfriend had lived there for a couple of years they met back in the UK Although Rob had comfortable and satisfying Liar job in England he gives that up to experience the Hong Kong that Jane knew He lives in a couple of backpacker hostels in Kowloon presumably in or around Chungking Mansions until he finds a small flat in Kennedy Town on Hong Kong Island Tess from the first story also lives in the same building Rob finds aob as a bartender in a posh hotel bar twenty. Three is haunted by an enigmatic ex lover As the date of the Handover draws closer and each of the three falls further under the spell of their adopted city their lives criss cross and start spinning out of control July 1st dawn of the reunification with mainland China will find one in prison await. HandoverPlus stories above ground "Level In Tsim Sha "in Tsim Sha The bar patrons are mostly an expat crowd who go there bar patrons are mostly an expat crowd who go there enjoy the stunning harbor views and congregate with other expats A supporting character in this and the Tess story is Elaine a willowy South African lawyer who befriends Rob and gets him to talk about his relationship with Jane On the night of the Handover Rob makes a decision that will change his lifeIn the first two stories a minor character named Sally makes an appearance She s British a women s magazine editor in her thirties There s mention in the first two stories about a gruesome incident in the hotel where Rob works In this final story we learn about Sally and the sexual harassment she suffers at the hands of Gordon a former boss Unrelenting and violent Gordon won t leave Sally alone An older Cantonese woman at work gives Sally the phone number of someone who can help her get rid of Gordon once and for all By the time the Handover rolls around Sally s future is in flux and her family all but abandons her back in the UKI thought Paul Blaney did an excellent ob of portraying the Handover and the mood in Hong Kong during that historic era His characters are all uniue and sympathetic This is not a stereotypical expat in Asia novel as each character has a uniue set of problems and ways to deal with them. Ing trial for armed assault one in disillusion and deep denial and the third floating face down in the waters off Macau Handover a vivid cinematic new novella by Paul Blaney writer in residence at Rutgers University peels back the skin of expatriate Hong Kong to uncover vengeance betrayal and madnes. ,