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To continue to strum his instrumentOf course verything to make that utterly impossible as he gets caught up in one hysterical mishap after another This one make that utterly impossible as he gets caught up in one hysterical mishap after another This is one the funnier Jeeves titles and definitely worth reading is you re a fan of Wodehouse or ven just looking for a humorous bookBUTI do feel that you should be warned that there s a fair bit of for a humorous bookBUTI do feel that you should be warned that there s a fair bit of cringy shit in this one that kind of puts the brakes on the funny for a good bit while you try to recover from the shock of the causal racism I mean if you read a lot of older novels you ll be pretty well used to uite a lot of itYou don t have to like it to admit that it just pops up verywhereBut between the N word the whole The Qur'an, Morality and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur escape plan hinging on blackface and the maids screaming fainting when they saw Bertie And just the simple idea people were so stupid to think that some English dude who has shoe polish or whatever on their face could actually pass for someone of a differentthnicityIt was so insulting And it just went on foreverNow maybe the author was trying to use this as a way to show how ridiculous people could act over something as simple as skin color Bertie was the same person underneath it all but he garnered very different reactions when he pulled his little switcheroo Unfortunately Wodehouse is dead so it s not like we can ask him And as much as I hate to admit it this is still a hilarious storyThis would actually be a 5 star book without all the weird racism but it seriously put a damper on my Vermeer to Eternity enjoyment so I gotta knock off a starven if Wodehouse didn t realize what he was doingRecommended for Wodehouse fans and Bertie Jeeves addictsJonathan Cecil Narrator Bertram Bertie Wooster is part of the English idle rich don t you wish you were too Set during the bleak Great Depression of the 1930 s these dark aspects are unseen by the clueless gentleman that strangely gives it charm Most of his friends are members of the notorious Drones Club in London and hardly notice the bad Heaven to Betsy economic conditionsither such a bunch of nincompoops the world would be hard to find any He has a valet Jeeves much smarter than his boss and for that matter his friends That comes in handy as Jeeves is always getting them out of trouble with small assistance from his So B. It employer The big mystery is why such an obvious genius remains I know times are tough yet with the constant harassment and nevernding turmoil but maybe this will change The often Cabaret engaged but never married Bertie finally drives poor Jeeves out by Wooster s incessant banjo playingxcruciating caterwauling which would raise the dead ven butlers have limits Leaving the noisy city and going to live in a uiet country cottage by the sea where there are no neighbors to complain about shall we say Bertie s not a very xpert performer being kind The silly Lord ChuffyChuffnell the landlord and one of Wooster s numerous Oxford friends needs help plenty of it Miss Pauline Stoker Bertie s x fiancee for two days and new love of Chuffy s the lord doesn t know about their past peccadilloes and Bertie can keep a secret is visiting here yes trouble will commence shortly Her wealthy American father has brought his little yacht to keep an ye on the pretty but fickle athletic daughter Jeeves new Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice employer is you guessed it Lord Chuffnell The fun begins with theccentric Bertie the poor are called crazy and his new mysterious valet Brinkley cause the local police the two of them many headaches migraines if truth be told The forever calm Jeeves will have to use all his wisdom to En plein coeur eliminate the misunderstandings for a hopeful proper and acceptablending This is Englandafter allA delightful amusing romp into the mythical lives of the very well to do there adventures problems and mishaps admittedly not serious compared to us still uite The Bookshop on the Shore entertaining as written by the incomparable Mrxcuse me Sir PG Pelham Grenville Wodehouse Dance Real Slow even his name brings a smile to the reade. Himself caught up in the fray much to his consternationven Jeeves struggles to get Chuffy his fairy tale The Art of Memoir endi. For gentle humor you can t beat Jeeves and Wooster in this novel sized story PC Warning Contains non PC language Such great recall Jeeves I recollect saying on returning to the apartment who was the fellow who on looking at something felt like somebody looking at something I learned the passage at school but it hasscaped me I fancy the individual you have in mind sir is the poet Keats who compared his The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life emotions on first reading Chapman s Homer to those of stout Cortez when withagle yes he stared at the Pacific A small nemyLittle Seabury a child who should have been strangled at birth I have no positive proof but I have always been convinced that it was he who put THE LIZARD IN MY BED THE lizard in my bed the time I stayed at the Hall His new valet longs for the revolutionOutwardly he was all respectfulness but inwardly you could see that he was a man who was musing on the More tales of woe for Bertie Wooster but this time he s on his own with no Jeeves to get him out of the soup Perhaps that s why I felt this volume though probably as good as the rest didn t uite resonate the way others have Wooster without Jeeves is like Laurel without Hardy Abbot sans Costello The reason these books work is that they are a duo they play off of one another Wooster needs Jeeves and in a way Jeeves needs Woosterat least for comedic purposes But the good thing about reading Wodehouse is that it s like watching a rerun of an old favorite tv show You can anticipate all the jokes but you laugh anyway So although the usual winning formula goes a bit cockeyed in Thank You Jeeves there s still nough Wodehouse isms to keep his fans happy A guy told his friend Can you imagine the nerve of my neighbor He was knocking on my wall non stop at midnight Luckily I was not asleep at the time I was playing tromboneThe joke above is very appropriate as the book starts with Bertie Wooster trying to learn to play banjo Not surprisingly the result was his neighbors complaining see the joke above some people have no appreciation for music and his landlord kicking the poor guy out of his flat Bertie decided to go to a countryside where neighbors are far nough to ndure his attempts at torturing both banjo and listeners Here came the biggest Bertie s problem Jeeves decided he did not like coun Sublime splendid superbin short PG perfectionPG Wodehouse is the funniest writer of the past century Wodehouse defies superlatives He is uite simply the best comedic writer to ver put pen to paper I am best comedic writer to ver put pen to paper I am confirmed Wodehousian and revel in the man s comedic genius I have read numerous books by the great man and all to one degree or another are a delight I read Thank You Jeeves for my book group and once I had started I realised this was the third time I d read it It was like meeting an old and valued friend It is one of my favourites sublime splendid superbin sh For the past couple of years the name P G Wodehouse kept popping up in interviews and articles about some of my favorite people most notably Hugh Laurie and Neil Gaiman among others They praised him as THE master of British comedy Since I admittedly like my comedy British I decided it was time to give Wodehouse a try The thing with Wodehouse is that he creeps up on you During the first few chapters I thought What s all the fuss about There is some admittedly clever language and the strange turn of phrase but nothing laugh out loud hilarious In true Wooster fashion I thought Everyone who loves this man must have gone potty hilarious In true Wooster fashion I thought Everyone who loves this man must have gone potty re seriously off their onion What a rummy bit of business this is And then it happened a smile here a titter there a giggle and then laugh out loud hilarity Particularly hilarious are Wooster s attempts to go to sleep while being constantly awakened by the far too diligent local lawmen Jeeves plan to smuggle Wooster off the yacht where he s being held captive which results in Wooster spending a good portion of the book in black face The odds are stacked against Chuffy when he falls head over heels for American heiress Pauline Stoker Who better. ,
He uest for slabs of butter and the maniacal replacement for Jeeves who uit Wooster s mploy because of his disdain for the banjolele Many of the jokes aren t subtle in that you know The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, exactly how onevent leads to the creation of a particularly vexing problem for our man Wooster However that doesn t rob the book of its fun as the anticipation of the vent lends itself

to a certain 
a certain giddiness when the vents do indeed come to passCross posted at This Insignificant Cinder Jeeves and Wooster break up after Jeeves lays down an ultimatum and Bertie chooses his banjolele over his manservant Hilarity nsuesThe 2011 2012 re readAfter Jeeves and Wooster have a spat over a banjolele Jeeves leaves Wooster for Lord Chuffnel who is nad with Bertie s The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl ex fiancee Pauline Stoker Complicating matters are Stoker s dad a millionaire who wants to buy Chuffnel s mansion and Chuffy s who is being pursued by Wooster s old nemesis Sir Roderick Glossop When Bertie winds upngaged to Pauline instead of Chuffy can Exile and Pilgrim even Jeeves set things rightAfter so many books I m almost at a loss at trying to convey the awesomeness of PG Wodehouse in words He moves the characters through the various scenes like a puppet master While this is the first Jeeves novel it s by no means the genius butler s first outing I d forgotten how much history there was between Bertie and Sir Roderick Glossop renowned nerve specialist prior to this book The supporting cast did a good job driving the story from the Stokers to the Chuffnels to Brinkley the replacement Jeeves Little Seabury and his protection racket cracked me up Things are not as perfect as they would later become in the Jeeves books Today s readers may find Bertie and Glossop being in blackface for a good portion of the story and the casual use of the n word is sure to offend Since this was the first full length Jeeves outing it feels like old Plum was still working some of the bugs outStill it s still a great story So many lines of uotable dialogue and hilarious situations Even though you can see a lot of them coming it doesn t lessen the impact As usual it was a joy to watch Wodehouse do what he does bestInjoyed revisiting Thank You Jeeves with the Wodehouse Cracks Me Up group and am xcited about reading the other ight this year THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE IS A PAID ADVERTISEMENT FROM THE READ YOURSELF HAPPY FOUNDATION Are you feeling sad depressed not uite yourself Did your youngest child decide to make paper airplanes out of the pages of your 1st Edition copy of Lord of the Rings Did the brilliantly astute network asshats cancel your favorite television show in favor of a 22 part documentary on the Brittany Spears Comeback Tour hosted by Paula Abdul Did the video of the unfortunate incident at your office picnic recently make 1 Most Watched on Y 910In one of the scaliest threats To His Bachelor State Our his bachelor state our acuaintance Bertram Wooster is left without the moral support of his dependable gentleman s gentleman Jeeves It all starts with a misunderstanding about a banjolele On one side Bertie is convinced that assiduous practice makes perfect when learning to play his newest toy On the other his neighbours have given him an ultimatum Hannah Montana: The Movie either he or his bajolele must go from his posh London residence Jeeves joins the ranks of the malcontents and hands in his resignationRather than give up his musical pursuits Bertie Wooster stiffs the upper lip releases Jeeves and chooses selfxile to the countryside in Chuffnell Regis the residential seat of his old school pal Chuffy the fifth baron Chuffnell of Chuffnell Hall view spoiler and known only to his recent fiancee by his given name Marmaduke hide spo Not veryone appreciates the banjolele Sadly for Bertie Wooster Jeeves is among those who are uite fed up with his newest hobby After getting hit with a noise complaint from his neighbors and being deserted by his butler Bertie heads out to the country. To help him win her over but Jeeves the perfect gentleman's gentleman But when Bertie Pauline's x fiance finds. ,
Thank You Jeeves