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The Adventures of Sherlock HolmesK it s Sherlock Holmes the ORIGINALthe book is a reprint of the twelve original mysteries as written by Sir Arthur Conan DoyleSo when Holmes is not marvelling over the cleverness of Irene Adler he s scratching his head over the sudden collapse of the Red Haired League Whether it s the trivial case of the Blue Carbuncle or the horrifying finale of the Speckled Band Holmes is striding about with a befuddled Watson in tow Dignities are being restoredgenteel ladies are being chivalrously rescuedand pages are being fraught with drama deceit and old fashioned danger In short everything that you would expect from the most famous detective of all fictional timesWhat could I write in my review that would add anything new to the reams that have been dedicated to the snarkiest sleuth of them all How do I delve into a character that s a delightful blend of humility and egotism How do I gush and fawn over a mind that could dissect an individual down to the tiniest speck of dust on the tip of his frock coat From the moment a knock falls at the door of 221B Baker Street you know that you are in for a treat From the pithy to the sensational no case escaped the interest of Holmes and his partner in crime solving DrWatson Holmes would settle no case escaped the interest of Holmes and his partner in crime solving DrWatson Holmes would settle before the roaring fireplace light his pipe give the despairing individual a clinical onceover draw his almost always correctconclusions and then just as ickly proceed to nravel mysteries on the strength of observation infallible logic and that essential spark of genius cloaked in eccentricities In the times of darkly dreaming Dexter and stiletto wearing Detective Kate Beckett Holmes may pale in comparison And then againmaybe he won t In the cold of Victorian London amidst the ladies who sniffed into their lacy kerchiefs and the gentleman who blustered around in their breeches Holmes cut a dashing figure With his dry wit and baffling disguises he plundered the murky nderbelly ah how I love my clic The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes published in 1892 and available for free online reading 1892 and available for free online reading downloading here on Project Gutenberg or many other places is a collection of twelve Sherlock Holmes short stories Doyle s formula for his Sherlock stories gets a little bit worn and visible after you read several of them back to back But there are some jewels in this collection and they all have something to offer the interested reader even if it s only an insight into Sherlock s or Dr Watson s characters or Victorian societyMy full reviews for these stories are at the links but I ve posted my star ratings and brief comments here4 A Scandal in Bohemia Notable mostly for the appearance of Irene Adler probably the best and most intelligent female character Doyle ever created3 The Red Headed League Reading about a massive crowd of redheads was fun but otherwise this is a fairly standard Sherlock Holmes story2 A Case of Identity The rare swing and miss it s lightweight and predictable with a patronizing Victorian view of women that thoroughly irritated me34 The Boscombe Valley Mystery A son is accused of his father s murder The Little Bit Naughty Book of Wild Sex Positions understandable since he was found at the scene covered in blood but of course there s to the story than that 35 The Five Orange Pips Five driedp orange seeds in an envelope are a serious threat Apparently so when they re accompanied by the letters KKK and followed by death This one is atmospheric and compelling reading but I m dinging it for Doyle s complete disregard for actual historical facts about the KKK This story is also notable for view spoilerbeing one of the few total fails by Sherlock Holmes hide spoiler I ve been listening to Sherlock Holmes stories in the car and think I m going to go through and #listen to all of them now I ve started with The Adventures and have enjoyed it immensely There must #to all of them now I ve started with The Adventures and have enjoyed it immensely There must been any number of psychological studies performed on Mr Holmes There is of course that wonderful line by Borges in his lectures on Verse in which he says that he believes in the Character of Sherlock Holmes without actually believing in any of the stories in which that character appears That is such a clever thing to say and I think it is also remarkably true Although as with most other true things I never seem to have too much trouble believing in the stories as Baca akan juga dibawa ntuk menikmati daerah pedesaan di Inggris bersama ahli pengambil kesimpulan ini ketika ia menguakkan sebuah misteri memecahkan teka teki dan menangkap para pelaku kejahatan atau kadang kadang melepaskan mereka begitu sajaMulai dari Skandal di Bohe.

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After reading lengthy audiobooks like Vanity Fair I Just Wanted To I just wanted to to something short Then I saw the movie The Imitation Game highly recommended and I thought Of course Sherlock I suspect reviewing an anthology by listing all the stories and commenting on each of them is probably inelegant and amateurish but I never said I was a pro So the game is afoot Let The Jollification Begin A Scandal In Bohemia Irene Adler Is jollification begin A Scandal in Bohemia Irene Adler is Holmes girlfriend OK Stop shipping Sherene already sorry for this bout of Tumblrism One of the best known SH stories ever one with a great twist Irene Adler is simply awesome She is possibly the inspiration for Catwoman Without spoiling anything I can tell you that she was never in any danger of being beheaded in the Middle East Actually Holmes probably fancies her a bit mostly for her brainThe Red Headed League Holmes vs The Deadly Gingers This is a three pipes problem according to Holmes This story is subtly funny in places Holmes and Watson even have a good laugh at his dimwitted client s expenseA Case of Identity One of the comfy cases which Holmes can solve from his armchair Funny thing about this story is that while it is good when I looked at the title of the story a couple days later in the Contents page I had no idea what it is about It s just too elementary Note to self This one is about a missing fianc who leaves his nice but dim bride at the altar he is not what he seemsThe Boscombe Valley Mystery Murder almost foul Number of pipes not specified probably not than four as the case involves a bit of traveling Holmes says something surprisingly religious here You are yourself aware that you will soon have to answer for your deed at a higher court than the AssizesThe Five Orange Pips A bit of an epic fail for Sherlock it s a great story and Holmes did solve the case but the conclusion of the case is not one of his shining moments If you receive five orange pips in the post view spoileryou may as well kill yourself because even Holmes can t help you though he will avenge you which is not much of a consolation hide spoiler To have a slight measure of the pleasant chills that race p and down your spine when you delve into a meaty Holmes mystery do read the introduction passage by Mark Gatiss co creator when you delve into a meaty Holmes mystery do read the introduction passage by Mark Gatiss co creator BBC Entertainment s Sherlock Amidst a host of admirable emotions Gatiss one nostalgic paragraph captured my fancyIt goes thusly I d never read any of the original stories La muralla verde until one fateful Saturday when recovering from German measles I was given a treat a trip to WH Smith and the purchase of any book I wanted There nestling amongst all the possible contenders for my shiny fifty pence piece was a gorgeous plump purple Pan paperback with a colour tinted Sidney Paget illustration on the cover The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Everything about it promised the thrill of mystery and the faintlyeasy allure of Victoriana with which I was already and headily in love But first came the introduction I can t remember much about it now except that it ended with the moving sentiment I wish I were reading these stories for the first time I wish I were reading these stories for the first timeNever has a statement so effectively captured the sheer bliss of nose diving into an old and much cherished spot of literature What prompted me to revisit the series was BBC Entertainment s hugely popular and marvellously brilliant show SHERLOCK A fellow fan sharp reviewer and possessor of the prodigious talent to pick the perfect book Yes MithI am talking about you and yours truly were jamming The New Competition up our Tumblr dashboards with the magnificence of a certain Mr Benedict Cumberbatch Said Cumberbatch has done a splendid job of yanking MrHolmes into modern day London and playing him with aplomb It doesn t hurt that he s very easy on the eyes tooErgo when Cumberbatch he of the cupid curls vertiginous cheekbones and manic eye glint with his trusty bro mate Watson Martin Freeman graced the cover of yet another Sherlock edition I had to lay my hands on it All the foaming at the mouth fans and I mean that in the nicest way possible since Inashamedly head the pack can be forgiven for labouring nder the misconception that this book here is a TV Series adaptation It s notSadlywell not really because KNOCK KNOC. Melalui tokoh tokoh kliennya yang datang minta pertolongan kepada konsultan detektif pertama di dunia ini pembaca diajak mengunjungi kamar sewaan di Baker Street No 221B yang termasyur itu di mana Holmes yang eksentrik dan Dr Watson yang istimewa pernah tinggal Lalu pem. Hey are being told If I was doing a psychological analysis of Mr Holmes something obviously I m grossly nderualified to perform but I feel ite safe given he never actually existed and even if he did he would be well dead by now and so would be ite nlikely to be did he would be well dead by now and so would be ite The Oswald Reflection unlikely to be affected by any nonsense I might comep with it would probably have a lot to say about the beginnings of these stories There is a bit of a pattern to how these stories start Either #A Client Or All Too Often Dr Watson Is Presented #client or all too often Dr Watson is presented Holmes and he makes some remarkable logical deduction about these invariably astonished characters from a seemingly insignificant detail he notices via an article of clothing or their hatWhat I find so psychologically interesting about him doing this at the start of each story is that I can t help but feel he does this to present himself as the intellectual superior to those around him The relationship between Watson and Holmes really isn t the same as that between Boswell and Johnson despite the constant reference to the similarities Watson may be the dutifully biographer but his role is also that of the slightly foolish but endlessly appreciative audience It is as if it is only through his reactions that we learn when to gasp and when to applaud with awesome wonder Watson is the laughing track of his day But Holmes repeatedly asserting his intellectual superiority at the beginning of each story is fascinating as it also hints at insecurities in his character He reuires reassurance He is a flawed character our Holmes Rational empirical but also all too often only interested in people for the complex cases they present him with There is also the problem of his drug addiction which he invariably turns to out of sheer boredom and invariably that is intellectual boredom I can t begin to tell you how surprised I was to find that Doyle was a spiritualist It is something I found myself remembering as Holmes performs his tricks Because there is something terribly similar about the tricks Holmes performs and the cold reading performed by a spiritualist His explaining often results in his audience saying something like now it is explained I can see how easy it all is which then has Holmes complaining he should keep his methods to himself Except I think there is a deeper significance to him doing these performances and that is to constantly have his audience wondering what else there is about them he can see what other secrets has he access toA lesser character would have mystical powers Holmes achieves the same thing through the force of his intellect The only wonder is given our culture s clear distrust if not active loathing of the intellect how he ever came to be The Rabbit Who Wants to Go to Harvard uite so loved in the first place Perhaps his coldness explains this perhaps it is because he is the model of the detached scientist that it is alright to like himNow talking of love My eldest daughter became particularly fond of Mr Holmes about five years ago So much so that she read all of his stories after we watched many of the BBC TV shows of his works made in the 1980s One day she had been reading one of the stories in this book and Watson mentions in an off hand way that one can calculate how tall someone is from the length of their stride And so Fi actually tried this taking various measurements and doing a series of calculations It is hard to exaggerate thetter joy children bring into one s life They come highly recommended as do the wonderful stories in this collectionOh and there are a couple of stories where it is mentioned that someone is reading a book with a yellow cover a mysterydetective story In Italy detective stories are still referred to as Yellows I wonder why these stories tended to be printed in books with yellow covers I must wiki it at some stage Nothing compares to the original If you really want to know Holmes and Watson this is what you read The characterization and pacing is for me delightful The insights into a London of trains and mail than once a day the manners of the time the dialogue this is a feastVery honestly speaking none of the movie or television adaptations have ever given me the sensation of being there at Baker Street with Holmes and Watson that I get from the original storiesRead them You owe it to yoursel. Mia di mana Holmes berjumpa dengan wanita yang sangat dikaguminya sampai pengalamannya yang mendebarkan dalam Petualangan di Copper Beeches cara cara penyelesaian masalah yang dilakukannya sangat di luar dugaan sedangkan alur ceritanya sendiri benar benar sangat memukau. ,