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Skater in a Strange Land Borschland Hockey Chronicles #1Hiker s Guide to the Galaxy is a bit too far out for serious readers of science fiction And you do need a bit too far out for serious readers of science fiction And you do need give it time to get under your skin I heard recently that one reader makes a decision about a book after five pages and prides themselves on this as a skill If you did that with this book then you might well miss out on a treat Personally I don t think I can uite give it five stars as I confess to being slightly too serious a reader to get properly transported into the right dimension by it The fault is mine not the book "s Maybe I m just in the wake at the edges of "Maybe I m just in the wake at the edges of s phase shift rather than properly caught up in it Four stars though without a doubt and specially commended for originality and inventiveness Frauenfelder has created a tantalizing parallel world rich in humor uaint without preciousness often sentimental but never mawkish Along with the gorgeous details of food and festivals and sports and I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! literature adore notion that a society could choose a slower gentler way of ife without doing it out of religiosity He has made his protagonists characters oving and convincing Their courtship is comforting in its wholesomeness yet somehow all the passionate caught up in a whirlwind of suspense It s the world as it should be nothing As a huge hockey fan and someone who enjoys urban fantasies I had high expectations for this book And I did end up enjoying it The idea of a regular hockey player becoming a superstar and Puppet Master living a fairy tale kind ofife was very interesting However there were some issues I wasn t sure that there needed to be perspectives from Kadmus Those chapters felt as if they slowed the story down It also took me a while to get into the fantasy though I m not really sure why The romance and character development felt a bit shallow Overall though this was fun read and escape particularly if you re a fan of hockey and fantasies I really enjoy reading fantasy novels and I also enjoy reading books about sports For this hockey starved fan DW Frauenfelder s Skater in a Strange Land was Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners like a dream come true Skater in a Strange Land apart from the talking bears foxes phase shifts and theike could actually be written about any average athlete with dreams of playing in the big timeSherm Janae (Blacktop, leaving home to travel to Borschland in order to further his career is a journey many of us has taken and I felt a certain kinship with him Skater in a Strange Land is a well written excitingiterary journey through the fantasy world of Borschland It has drama espionage romance and most of all a realistic portrayal of a average American hockey player becoming a hero in a world many didn t even know existed Frauenfelder was spot on with the vernacular of a pro hockey player Ypnotic headstrong poetess Rachael Martujns But then a shadowy friend the Upright Bear Linus Black Jr claims Sherm's success is a sham higher ups are ordering opponents to et him succeed What's going on Is Rachael faking it too Is it time to wake from the dream Finding the truth becomes Sherm's ultimate go. Fore I fall asleep in bed For this kind of reader "Frauenfelder s done well to create memorable people in a faraway "s done well to create memorable people in a faraway and just on the edge of credibility At first I was not sure what to make of David Frauenfelder s Skater in a Strange Land I was attracted by the slightly zany description US ice hockey player takes job in an island that is only sometimes accessible by air or sea and in between times is off somewhere in another dimension But then sober moments took over and I started to wonder at my purchase decision I know nothing at all about ice hockey except that ike all sports it uses a uniue and arcane vocabulary I wasn t very sure how the business with the phase shifting would work out And the inhabitants of said and Borschland seemed a bizarre mix of American sportsmen who spoke ike Europeans argely Dutch I think a church that seemed reminiscent of the Amish and a whole bunch of talking animals Could I copeThe story took a ittle while to warm up as the main character was introduced to all of these different facets of Borschland And there were a couple of kindle formatting slips early on which threw me slightly for example parts of sentences were accidentally omitted as early as the third chapter though things improved through the book Also Why Diets Make Us Fat like several other books I have reviewed recently kindle navigation has not been properly implementedBut then the peculiar charm of the book uite suddenly got into me There are three main points of view who take turns to present the flow of action Sherm the American has about two thirds of the voice and two Borschlanders share the rest between them These voices are clear distinctive and well defined and in any case I reallyike books where you get to see events from different points of viewSuddenly I suppose about 13 of the way through I was seized by the tale and could not disengage myself until the end Even the plot is a Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., little hard to describe though as it blends sport romance and politics with the familiar sense of a stranger trying to acclimatise themselves to a newanguage and culture Happily you don t need to know the slightest thing about ice hockey to enjoy it I simply accepted the occasional bits of sporting jargon the way I used to tackle euations in maths text books in my youth just substitute a mental suiggle and think to myself this is just a geek word it s nothing fearsome than thatI think a Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, lot of readers would enjoy David s book soong as they re after an offbeat piece of humour It s not uite steampunk it s not uite fantasy it s not uite a sports fiction book it rather eludes classification If you are a serious devotee of any of those genres then maybe it s a bit too far out for you in the same way that Hitch. Nent that shifts between our universe and another Here the ocals drive horse drawn carriages and fly in helium buoyed airships but everyone is mad about hockey Sherm is welcomed as visiting royalty and beyond all expectations eads his team towards a championship Even better he wins the admiration of the This author employs a uniue writing style that keeps you engaged and Moving Forwards The Story Is forwards The story is in a very straightforward manner through the eyes of the main character which not only draws you further into the story but allows you to see the world from that particular POV Not only was this story well put together but it was also interesting and extremely uniue Being Canadian hockey is hockey but Frauenfelder gives it a definite twist here By combining the fantasy genre with contemporary fiction the author created a novel that definitely stands out I got a good Couple Of Giggles Throughout And of giggles throughout and myself wondering what I d do in the characters placeThe characters in this story spanned a vast array of species and races It was interesting to see them all interact in such different manners I appreciate the way that Frauenfelder uses varying degrees of character development based on the characters roles within the novel itself It I ve decided I d North like to tryiving in BorschlandThere the only vice is hockey the snow falls beautifully and people eat heartily and poets get paid The police don t carry guns I think this American would ike to take her chances there and even risk a phase shift that keeps "me there for many seasonsFantasy novels are not my usual cup of tea I find even the great Tolkien "there for many seasonsFantasy novels are not my usual cup of tea I find even the great Tolkien with his detailed descriptions of andscapes What Frauenfelder does so well is give you just the right detail to cast the scene and then your mind opens up to fill in the rest His details are robust and resonant without impeding the momentum The story clips along and I found it very engagingI Dead Giveaway like the three different points of view in particular Rachael s Sherm is such a pragmatist and kind of a doofus but aikeable hero at the end of each scene He s resilient Rachael is a poetess with elegance and grit My favorite scene involves an airship a drunk pilot and an enterprising Rachael And I found myself surprisingly tolerant of upright bears as Andrew Lost In the Kitchen legitimate political conspirators When I first heard there would be talking bears I wondered how the story would fare but it s handled deftly All his characters are realistic with enough flaws and uestions to make us want to know whether theyl make the right choicesEverywhere Frauenfelder s humor emerges It s a dry wit and there s whimsy too A magical fantastical spice to this otherworld he s created with it s Dutch Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism likeanguage and very believable characters of a bygone and yet present eraBecause I want a simpler time with crazy high jinks and just enough dose of danger to keep me on my toes Borschland suits me well The pages of this book turn themselves and get me returning the next day know that I only have a few minutes evenings to read be. 24 year old Sherman Reinhardt dreams of playing ice hockey professionally but his career at a backwater Minnesota college disappoints until his doctored resume convinces a team owner that he's good enough to play in the mythical Borschland Hockey League Borschland is a place time never discovered on a conti.