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The Lady in Pink eS for the first timeGinny does not rival Luce Price or Nora Gray in the TSTL heroines listing but she does start a whole new category Too Boring To Be Real TBTBR Sounds like a vaccine The trademark TBTBR heroine is distinguished by the fact that she doesxactly what she is told with little to no deviation never cheats and at no point does anything to advance the plot Ginny unfortunately ualifies for all these thingsI know I m going out on a tangent here This isn t horrendously bad far from it There are actually some pretty good moments But Ginny is by far the most uninvolved heroine I ve yet to see Even Bella Swan who is known for her uselessness did stuff to advance the plot of the book Granted some of that stuff wasn t very smart coughjumpingoffcliffscough but still it was something "Ginny just lets stuff happen to her and leaves it at that I m not saying all protagonists "just lets stuff happen to her and leaves it at that I m not saying all protagonists to be uber confident and strong but this is a coming of at that I m not saying all protagonists to be uber confident and strong but this is a coming of story without any coming of age in it What does Ginny learn in the Eyes end of it What does she do with that knowledge How is she different from the person she once was I certainly felt like nothing in her had changed I read this book as an assignment from a mother daughter book club that I am in with some friends from BF DayIt wasn t very good and while the plot is a nice idea the author didn t really write it very wellI mean who would let thier daughter go overseas with no contact to the US and only carrying what she could fit in her backpack And only haveing 1000 US dollars to spend In addition to several other appalling facts some of which areletting your daughter do the following1 stay with a adult male to whom she is not related to and you have no clue who he is other than she is your unreliable completely out of controll sister s friend2 travel around unsupervised all over Europe following a pack ofnvelopes3 go on a wild goose chase the letters written by your sister who as I mentioned before is unreliable and completely out of controllOh and by the way did I mention that your daughter isn t ven out of high school yet Really cool concept but uestionable content I am not going to review this book xcept to say the thing that made me crazy There were several instances in this book where something was mentioned and you think it is important and then it was droppedFor instance when the MC goes in the Louvre it is mentioned that she checks her backpack in at the front kind of like a coat check Okay No problemBut then as she is trying to get out of the Louvre she kind of starts going down random hall after hall in search of an exit and finally finds one and leaves Later we see that she is on the street and and finally finds one and leaves Later we see that she is on the street and her back packExcuse me Howwhen did she retrieve it This drove me to distraction Why was it Sinner's Heart even mentioned that she checked it in If you mention a small detail like this it should be important later Do not leave me hanging It would ve been differnt if we never saw her leave the Louvre because the reader could then assume she retrieved itThis was not the only scene that did this kind of thing There was another in Denmark when she gets off a train and it is mentioned that she has to pee very badly She does not know which restroom is mens or womens As she is trying to decide her ride comes hustles her along to a boat and we never find out of the poor girlver got to peeI worried about her through the next few scenesOkay other than that the book was a good readCarry on with your lives Unimpressive The way Johnson writes is annoying than halfway into the book I really didn t know ANYTHING about the main character other than that she was on a ridiculous journey It was all action and no thought It was not insightful The main character was not likeable She wasn t unlikeable ither She was just likedoing things She didn t have very many thoughts And never very insightful ones ie I like this boy I am sad I am happy I am angry COME ON There was no attempt made to make her a human a believable character Also the nd was frustrating but kind of oddly moving a little at the same time But overall I was not in any way impressed 25This was a uick read but at the same time I felt like it dragged nothing had any real depth so I just was uestioning what the point of the story was and why these characters Spirit of the Wolf existed 13 Little Blue Envelopes suffers from DPS Disappearing Parent Syndrome is a tragicpidemic in YA novels In this case the DPS was particularly severe Seventeen year old Ginny Blackstone goes on a trip to Europe sponsored by her deceased aunt Aunt Peg was not reliable when she was around In fact during the last several years of Ginny s life Peg was in Europe She died without contacting the family to let them know she was suffering from a prolonged illness The family was just A Vineyard Christmas expected to pick up the pieces after she passed with very littlexplanation but wait Aunt Peg has left Ginny mysterious Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose envelopes that she s not allowed to open all at once and strange instructions to travel around Eur. Nny Find a starving artistBecause ofnvelope 4 Ginny and a playwrightthief bloke about town called Keith go to Scotland together with somewhat disastrous though. I listened to this book "as an book during my drive to New Orleans which made me dislike the "an audio book during drive to New Orleans which made me dislike the ven I didn t njoy the reader s voice I njoyed the book in the beginning but soon felt like the story was dragging and very country visited after Paris was unnecessary I also didn t really like any character in this book they had no depth and weren t interesting or likable The concept of this book was so intriguing but I was disappointed If you ve Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) ever been to Europe thought about going to Europe wanted to go about Europe orven heard of Europeyou ll love this book It s a uick fun summer read Very clever and warm hearted I love the characters the plot and just verything about it It always keeps you guessing One of my favourites Maureen never lets me down This was supposed to be my cute inoffensive fluffy sweet palate cleanser book So much for me down This was supposed to be my cute inoffensive fluffy sweet palate cleanser book So much for laid plans and all that To start with the book has an utterly implausible set up improbable love story MC that is borderline stupid and by borderline I mean 100% stupid I was trying to be nice but well It was laden with clich s and conveniences and was all rather blandBut I mean it was okay I was xpecting all of the aforementioned story set ups And it was very fluffy and overall fabulously undemanding of my already drained Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, energy reserves I was happily distracted plodding along to a 2 star rating Until I wasn t at all happy any Until I got very angryUntil this book stole my good vibes and drained what littlenergy I had left And here s whySome backstory Lead character Ginny has been given 13 The First Ghost envelopesach containing directions from her dead aunt about what to do over the course of one summer abroad Envelope 6 tells her to head to the temple of the vestal virgins in Rome and Ginny thereafter remarks the following to herself Go see old virgins Now ask a strange boy out you shy retarded thing Do you see the offending word I m sorry But no I do not accept that this was the most appropriate word to use in this situation Retarded has become synonymous with offensively describing someone with a mental illness and I am appalled that a YA author saw fit to use such a descriptor in her book And what s appalling is that this somehow got through diting and proof readingSure Call me overly sensitive if you want but I think this is a word that needs to be confined to the annals of history Society volves Language Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential evolves Move with it Do not casually throw in a word such as that as some sort of means to show that the lead character is self deprecatingxperiencing anxiety tc Just nope Absolutely 100% unnecessary and bang out of order Especially not in a YA novel that has a target demographic of uite a young age YA books must be held to a higher standard because of their ability to influence young minds that are just figuring out this world for the first timeAnd to add insult to injury in the same chapter that this offensive word appears there is an attempted robbery by what are described as gypsy children and I m like no Can we not ndorse all this negative cultural stereotyping Just call them delinuents but don t try to single them out due to their Humanism ethnicity or otherwise It furthernforces long standing intolerance of minority groups and breeds an air of distrust around those who are not white and privileged AF So no This book is not for me and nor do I recommend it for anyone Smokin' Hot else And it s rare that Iver say such things as I usually can see the potential in a book for a certain type of reader But this time No no no one star Oh book I had such hopes for youHere s the thing I love travel stories I love coming of age stories So what s not to love about a coming of age story that involves lots and lots of travelingIt s a hard uestion to answer and the fastest way to answer it is Aunt Peg is one seriously bitter personShe lives without having constants Fair Placing Memory enough She does all sorts of menial petty jobs while waiting for her career as an artist to hit off Alright with me Then she packs up and leaves for Europe without contacting her family again The next news they get from her is that she is deadThen comes a letter instructing her niece to go to Europe without money cell phone or any other means of communication just a passport and a backpack and instructions to do all sorts of weird things Ginny the niece is probably not comfortable with And I ask what kind of person does that to a niece they supposedly love What kind of personxpects her to jump on a plane to England with little than the clothes on her back without so much as an Lasombra explenation The only person who can be annoying is the one who actually does itUnfortunately Ginny does just that With surprisingly little drama from her parents or if there was it wasn t worth mentioning in the book A lot of things seem not worth mentioning in the book forxample why is Ginny not ven remotely worried that her aunt s mystic journey might get her adbucted or killed or sold into slavery Why does she trust all these people who she meet. Inside little blue nvelope 1 are 1000 and instructions to buy a plane ticketIn Wanton Nights envelope 2 are directions to a specific London flatThe note innvelope 3 tells Gi. OpeMr and Mrs Disappearstone allow their year old daughter their "only child to go traipsing around Europe The rules state she to go traipsing around Europe The rules state she not allowed a cell phone or laptop or camera They re not While My Soldier Serves even allowed to give herxtra money so they know there s a back up plan in case Mrs Disapperancestone s unreliable sister who died from a brain tumor several months before hasn t provided Ginny with verything she might need for this spur of the moment trip Oh yeah and she s not allowed to call them ven on a pay phone No communication back home Honestly I would have been slightly concerned in Ginny s case What s the GOAL HERE SELL ME ON THE here Sell me on the marketYou know what I would have done if I was Mummy DisappearanceStone I would have told my daughter that Aunt Peg was mentally unstable when she was healthy and thrown the ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe envelopes into a fire place before I let her go off on some half baked adventure across Europe Of course Ginny thought mentions that her parents weren t thrilled but somehow this underaged minor is still on a plane to England in the first few chapters Awesome just awesomeLook some of my annoyance with this book is based on just how often the parents disappear in YA fiction I know it s theasiest route to take How can Ginny have a sexy adventure in England and then the rest of Europe if her mom is following her around Well if you can t man up and work with the circumstances the age of your character gives you then you have no business writing Young Adult fiction This book should have been written about a girl who has completed one or two years of college who has some The Fiend Next Door experience living out there on her own within reasonable distance to her familyven if that reasonable distance is merely being able to pick up a phone and ask for financial help No sane parent would ver let their child go on the trip Ginny did I was asked to suspend my disbelief a little too far and now it s lost Mourn for itWhile I think this book was better suited for 20 something chick lit I also don t think Maureen Johnson has the stomach to ver do the sex scene that would have likely than not happened if she hadn t been writing about a dewy பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் eyed Virgin Yes Virgin with a capital V From what I gather reading other reviews on Maureen Johnson s books her characters pretty much all have the capital Virgin card in their deck I m tired of the constant YA virgin business Part of what made me love The Duff was the fact that we didn t have another maidenhead to protect throughout the whole book The novel gasp started with a non virginal teenagerAnyway Ginny s adventures are very uncoordinated I get that the aunt made Ginny s trip mimic her ownccentric path across Europe but I should have felt there was some master intention from the author s point of view rather than constantly imagining Maureen Johnson throwing a dart at a map of Europe and going okay time to buy a travel book for that country The writing was unfortunately not top notch There was a scene where Ginny really had to pee but couldn t tell the difference between the men and women s bathroom symbols She gets whisked off before she can pee and it felt like a Chekhov s gun It left me sitting there wondering what just happened Why did you waste my time with that scene if it meant nothingGinny also gets put in a near date rape situation from following her aunt s advice to hit on a random Italian boy This immediately follows her nearly getting mugged Eventually she does get robbed of all her worldly possessions what s left of her very dwindling money and the last The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 envelope that could havexplained all the shit that happened to her Losing the last A Meditation on Murder envelope was a cop out It wasn t a clever device that added mystery to the novel Some of what might have been in the note gets discovered later but you never know for sure what it said There is a seuel to the novel planned but I think the intention was to leave it danglingAlso the subplot about her aunt s paintings and how the value sky rocketed after her death Um no Peg had not merited a lot of fame in life Her death was abrupt and she died young yes but death does notuate millions of dollars to your state It was an over simplification of how the art world works and in the nd it just wasn t accurate A huge portion of the happily Travis evernding was contingent on these unbelievable stipulationsOh and the romance Yeah I felt of a connection between two stick figures I doodled at work The romance felt like reuisite met because it was a YA coming of age novel rather than anything that actually fit with the book Keith is around for one country and pops up in another so that their romance can develop Forced contrived tc tcSo why two stars and not one The writing wasn t awful The idea was just underdeveloped and rushed I think with time from Johnson and an AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 editor who d pushed her to really polish it the book could haveasily been three stars maybe four I do think she has some talent and I want to try her again but this was definitely a disappointing start. Utterly romantic results But will she The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? ever see him againEverything about Ginny will change this summer and it's all because of the 13 little bluenvelopesAges 12. ,

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13 Little Blue Envelopes
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