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Kitty is ready for a uiet day spent with her daughter Jamie and her friends while her husband Jeff is going to work at Congress She is still not really used to the fact that Jeff is a member of Congress But as soon as the limo taking them to their favourite restaurant for breakfast leaves the Embassy that peace is destroyed Members of Club 51 and other hate groups are protesting their existence and bombarding the limo with dirt and garbage And later when they want to leave the restaurant they get a visit from the Cabal of Evil wanting to make deal with Kitty Of course Kitty is not interested in it at all her best friend Amy is still trying to get control over her father s company and the Board is preventing that from happeningBack home at the Embassy there is bad news waiting for Kitty The FBI has finally come up with their own *VERSION OF AN ALIEN DIVISION JUST LIKE CHUCKY IS *of an Alien Division just like Chucky is for the CIA And the new director is testing them wanting to start a congressional inuiry into the happenings at Gaultier Enterprises and Titan Security Of course the A C s don t want that to happen too many secrets might come to light like them illing some of the really evil bad guys might come to light like them illing some of the really evil bad guys Kitty gets a phone call from Walter who usually runs security at the Embassy that he and all the other security personnel who went for training to Dulce are in big trouble Before Kitty can react to that the unthinkable happens and they are hacked Their complete database is stolen and all their data is wiped out Their own resident

are powerless to counter that is only one hacker in the world who could have done that and that is Chernobog the Ultimate Most think he is only a rumor but one of them nows it for a fact And Olga acknowledges it she even PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition knows the woman personally Now they will have to find their lost data again and get some revenge on whoever did this But first they will have to safe their missing friends and personnel with Kitty in charge of it all I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to start this new book as I did not really like all the politics in the previous one But well it is a Gini Koch book and I am unable to let it just lie on my desk So I started reading it on Saturday andept on reading until I had to give up at 4 am The next morning when I woke up I immediately continued reading until I was finished And my verdict I loved this book It is completely action packed again with Kitty and the gang having to run all over the place to safe everyone else The complots were mind boggling until Kitty explained it al and I just had so much fun reading this book There are also some very sad sce. When rumors of a new super drug surface the FBI comes to Jeff and Kitty Katt Martini for help It becomes uickly apparent that the drug is merely the tip of a deadly iceberg and a much insidious plan is underway involving Titan Security Gaultier Enterprises and YatesCorpAs newly discovered A Cs and hybrids begin to surface each with expanded and deadly talents and signs point to T behind and was a bit shocked and surprised by the number of characters that Koch choose to put in harms way That s a nice way of saying that some characters meet their destiniesI still have some huge uestions as to whom the real Mastermind is and whether this person is standing right in front of Kitty There are SO many different people surrounding Kitty right now that I *am not 100 percent sure that they are all trustworthyI liked the fact that Kitty does meet a surprise character *not 100 percent sure that they are all trustworthyI liked the fact that Kitty does meet a surprise character has been creating lots and lots of uestions about who they are and how they are able to do the things they do since Kitty joined the AC gang HINT The Operation Elves I also found the uestion of using or denying free will and free choice a conversation that probably needs to be discussed further in light of events that happen in this bookAs usual Kittyism is out in full force and this novel can be considered Operation Infiltration because the bad buys really throw the gang into utter chaos Whenever I read a novel in this series I take out my chalkboard Kidding and write down every single character that Kitty comes in contact with and whether or not they are important to the overall telling of the story It is interesting that Kitty gathers people around her like moths to a flame That being said yet another character is added to Kitty s ever growing gang of misfits and her abilities are Storm like I really do want to go back and write down every song that Koch comes up with in this story In fact it would probably behoove me to do so to each of the series books and make a customized CD out of them I love the fact that Koch has a new song for each situation Kitty encountersKoch enjoys taking Kitty and Jeff to new heights in the romance department With Kitty s ever growing abilities you never now what they will do next On the Smexy "scale I would rate this an 8I m a bit on " I would rate this an 8I m a bit on unforgiving side when it comes to Christopher this time out I think his churlish comments and behaviors necessitated a smack down by Kitty and Amy I totally understand his feeling a bit bummed out about things but come on dude strap on your jock strap and be a man about thingsI wonder when Kitty is going to get a break from both her friends and enemies Although she is clearly smart brave inuisitive and dangerous to the Mastermind s world domination because she thinks way way outside of the box there are those who clearly think she s a lunatic and the comments that get tossed her way are a bit mind boggling Alien Collective is the next book in this series and releases May 201411122013 Recvd from Publisher Released December 3rd 2013 by DA. On the bad guys’ sideNow Kitty and company must find the real Dr Feelgood and stop him or her before the latest version of Surcenthumain hits the streets and people they love are harmed or worse But when the inconceivable happens Kitty’s focused on two things only reviving the ACE entity before their enemies realize Earth’s best protection isn’t actually activeand reveng. ,

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Nes in the book though so have some tissues ready I am a big fan of Kitty and how she always manages to unravel a complot against them The Poofs and Peregrines play a big part in this book and I do love that And finally Kitty discovers the truth about the AC elves I loved those parts Okay I notice I am using the word love way too much in this review but I can t help myself Gini Koch has a truly uniue writing style and it fits what I like perfectly I love most of the characters I have to make an exception for Christopher as I just can t like him The book is action packed and filled with surprising twists and new characters I can never predict what will happen next and I dare you to try But don t worry there is a bit of time left for Kitty and Jeff to enjoy their sex life and to have some family time with Jamie There is also violence and death and I "do wonder why evil guys never really die If you haven " wonder why evil guys never really die If you haven read the previous books please don t dive into this one as you will have no idea whatsoever about who is who or what has happened before 10 stars 2013 Reviews by Aurian This book took me forever to read but I think that was me than it Work craziness has wrecked my concentration and even though these are typically fun reads they are packed with characters and plot so you have to eep up I think this one felt overpacked and that s why I ept reading in small doses The ending was emotional than I was expecting and that probably raised my rating I m not sure about some of the changes that happened but I ll check out the next one to *See Lyndsey S Rating Scale *Lyndsey s Rating Scale Horrible DNF 2 Not Horrible BUT Not Much Better 3 Nothing Special 4 The Good Stuff 5 Loved It Can t Live Without It Buying the Hardcopy Overview If you ve never read this series before then I need to stop you now and tell you to go read the first bookTouched by an Alien If you don t I feel you won t understand the pressing need to stick by Kitty s side while she s ranting raving and rescuing all over the place This is a long book you have to love itNow for those of you who are dedicated readers of this wonderful series Like usual this story has everything but the itchen sink There are aliens yes aliens I have a sarcasm nob on occasion as well multiple plots and Kitty finally gets to ick butt again I can t really give you much Genre Science FictionRating 40Brief SummaryExcept for perhaps 2 chapters that I found a bit political in nature which I try to avoid like coming in contact with plague victims Alien Research took me on an emotional ride which lead to a very emotional ending I really didn t see the carnage coming that Koch lef. New evil genius who’s using the A Cs and their enemies both as guinea pigs Then Area 51 and the Dulce Science Center go silent while Alpha Team Airborne and most of the worldwide A C Security team are there for training And if that’s not bad enough Centaurion Division is hit with bad and deadly news Chernobog the Ultimate isn’t a hacker myth he’s a real person and he’s. Alien Research