The Fiancee Charade The Pearl House #4 (EBOOK)

The Fiancee Charade The Pearl House #4Ghts her attraction to him unsuccessfully and also realizes her love for him had never died She is fighting a battle within her heart She wants to marry him because She is fighting a battle within

"her heart she "
heart She to marry him because loves him and wants her daughter to have her father in her life But she is also afraid of being caught in a marriage where he has only married her because of their daughter that he doesn t actually love her the way she needs his love Gabriel has never forgotten Gemma When his father died the family was embroiled in scandal because his father had been having an affair with one of his employees Gabriel saw his father s actions as a sign of a loss of control and vowed he wouldn t succumb himself He left Gemma behind because beside the fact that she too was an employee he could see himself becoming just as obsessed as his father had been He kept tabs on Gemma through the years believing the stories he read about her and his cousin Zane Finally he decided that he wanted her back and used his need and hers to engineer their engagement His attraction to her had never stopped and he took advantage of it now to et her back in his bed He felt that she was trying to keep a distance between them and he didn t understand why He was still trying to maintain control over his feelings until he realized that he loved her too but she didn t know it I really liked the conclusion very romantic I also liked the way that he understood her reasons for not telling him about the baby and that he didn t et angry. T Gemma needs to secure permanent custody of her daughter Their daughter Being back in Gabriel's bed is amazing but once he finds out what she's kept from him how long will the honeymoon las. ,
Bruptly the moment you feel the story is oing to et over there is another twist i am so tired i finished the book and now WANT TO MOVE ON TO SOMETHING to move on to something i think kaled hosseini is next for mei will rate this book 2 Good book Gemma has temporarily lost custody of her daughter due to lies told by a former nanny In order to et her custody of her daughter due to lies told by a former nanny In order to et her back she needs to show that she has steady employment a stable relationship wouldn t hurt either Gabriel needs a fiancee to et control of the family bank so that business can et back to normal Seeing Gemma again makes him realize how much he still wants herI liked both Gemma and Gabriel Both certainly had issues that made a relationship between them difficult until those could be overcome Gemma had worked for Gabriel s family when she was a teenager She had uite a crush on him and at one point they began a romance They kept it secret because of their differences When Gabriel s father is killed and he has to take over the business they part ways When Gemma discovers she is pregnant she doesn t tell Gabriel because there is no way that they can be together she is pregnant she doesn t tell Gabriel because there is no way that they can be together of the potential scandal She feels badly about keeping the secret but sees no other way She oes to work for Gabriel s cousin Zane A Perfect Husband and is accused of carrying on an affair with him causing her to lose custody of her daughter She is stunned when Gabriel comes to her with his proposition It will solve her problem so she accepts She fi. Any excuse to et her back Luckily he needs a fiancée to regain control of his family's business and he wants Gemma for the partGabriel's proposition is truly unexpected though exactly wha. ,

Miniseries The Pearl HouseCategory Passion Rating 35 stars it was ok nothing like books i have read before by the same stars it was ok like the books i have read before by the same i also do not see the scope and need of a seuel it has only otten worse since the last book i read in the seriesthe male lead is Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth gabriel messena a banker by profession he is loaded with family responsibilities after his dad was died in an accident also shaming them when they realized he was fleeing away with his lover Gabriel being the eldest sibling takes up the responsibility of the family and the bank which was onlyoing into losses since the news of his father s infidelity broke out he is no position to 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts give Gemma any commitment and hence they break upGemma understands the situation and leaves Gabriel alone but she keeps a secret from him a secret which when he would come to know of he would not want to see Gemma ever again apparently six years later they meet again and the same feelings crop up but now Gemma is feelinguilty Gabriel needs someone to fake an engagement with And Gemma Needs A Steady Gemma needs a steady so that she can Moonrise (Snowfall, get the custody back of her daughter caught in their own situation they find help in each other but the secret still remains untoldsounds interesting right its actually not aust of confusing emotions that s all the book is about the beginning makes a little sense initially but as the story progresses you will want to prick yourself with the nearest pointy object the story keeps taking turns Some bonds can't be brokenWhen billionaire Gabriel Messena sees that former fling Gemma O'Neill might be settling down with another man he knows he has to act fast He wants her and he'll use. ,

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