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So I finished this one and I ve come to a conclusion I M Not A Miss not a Miss fan Yes yes I know I m one of those basic Christie that I m not a Marple fan Yes yes I know I m one of those basic Christie fans that couldn t stand that delights every time Poirot says something wittyarrogant and looks at all her other characters with a that s very nice could you write Poirot now stance Sure I would have been polite enough not to say that but the thought would have occurred that said my favorite Christie novel is Crooked House which does not feature any of her recurring charactersNo let me get this out of the way the book wasn t bad It was entertaining enough and while I was pretty sure I knew who did it I was right I couldn t figure out how it was done view spoilerWhile we re on this topic the clues were there it felt like I must have missed a vital one somewhere because I sat there feeling like it wasn t exactly a fair play mystery pon the reveal hide spoiler Fiddledesticks How could you not enjoy a book where the word fiddledesticks is The Winds of Winter used I m a fan of Agatha Christie I read her a lot when I was much much younger But I don t remember most of the books I read So every now and then I plan to pickp one of her books and indulge And what a better place to start that the first in the Miss Marple seriesMurder at the Vicarage tells the story of well a murder in the vicarage St Mary Mead is a sleep town where not much happens However the ladies of the town know everyone s business and it s routinely gossiped about Leonard Clement is the vicar and his wife Griselda well let s just say she s not much of the lady of the vicarage house She doesn t cook doesn t clean. De rijke kolonel Protheroe is bepaald niet de meest populaire inwoner van het dorpje St Mary Mead Als hij op een middag vermoord wordt ge. .

Drives her husband mad but she loves Len and he truly loves her despite the big age gap #Of The Two Anyway Len #the two Anyway Len to vicarage one night after being loves her despite the big age gap of the two Anyway Len returns to vicarage one night after being away to find none other than Colonel Protheroe dead Murdered I doubt many of the townsfolk are Comece por você upset by this news as Colonel Protheroe was not well liked and wasite mean But seems there are ite a number of people who might have wanted him dead So murderenter some bumbling police who provide great entertainment but no chance of solving this crime But luckily there is Miss Marple with her keen eye well that comes along with being a nosy busy "Body Miss Marple Is Uite Sharp And " Miss Marple is ite sharp and with the vicar she works to solve this crimeWhat a wonderful story I grabbed the audio and the narrator Richard E Grant did an awesome job I loved his narration and can still hear the voice of the vicar in my head I liked the characters of Len Clement and his wife Griselda I m happy these two appear again in later Miss Marple books But I had to knock it just a bit hence 4 stars It was so predictable I guessed early on what happened Though it did not take away my enjoyment of this read Also there were a lot of characters to keep track of And if I m going to be totally honestI prefer Poirot over Marple But an entertaining read and great audio narration I look forward to my next Christie book and narrations by Mr Grant A ick fun read for any Agatha Christie fan The young people think the old people are fools but the old people know the young people are fools THIS In the tale that started it all Miss Marple doesn t need to move away from her lovely sanct. Vonden in de pastorie heeft de politie dan ook heel wat verdachten Miss Jane Marple die vlak naast de pastorie woont besluit de politie ,
Murder at the VicarageUary in St Mary Mead Colonel Lucius Protheroe is a loathsome creature No one likes him no one wants to even look at him Therefore the suspects are plenty once he is Murdered In The Study murdered in the study the local Vicar A young artist a daughter a troubled priest an isolated wife a rather posh newcomer an archaeologist strange clocks portraits and paintsMy favourite novel out of all Miss Marple s adventures and as always a glorious TV adaptation ITV 2004 where you can see the all Miss Marple s adventures and as always a glorious TV adaptation ITV 2004 where you can see the me de la cr me of British Theatre What they need is a little immorality in their lives Then they wouldn t be so busy looking for it in other people s My reviews can also be found on Miss Marple s 1st bookBut beyond that this is really just a fabulous example of Agatha Christie at her bestThis was my first time reading actually listening The Murder at the Vicarage and I was blown away by how enjoyable it was Especially considering I ve read a ton of her books and pretty much knew what to expect out of her mysteriesI knew I didn t know who did it but I swear I thought I knew who didn t do itI was as always dead wrongSo the gist is that the town Vicar gets caught p in a murder mystery that happens in his home while he s out visiting a sick parishioner WhodunnitWell if the police can t figure it out just leave it to the nosey little old lady who lives around the corner Joan Hickson narrated the audiobook I listened to and she was fabulousHighly recommended This was a big huge honkin snoozefest compared to my boyfriend PoirotMiss Marple your next one better be good or I m sticking with my trusty side piece Hercule. En handje te helpen En samen met de dorpsdominee ontmaskert ze de moordenaar juist als hij op het punt staat nog een slachtoffer te maken. .