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The Turn of the Screw

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Her dingy sidekick never sees the and I think this chick is than likely some kind of a loonfrownsIf you re for a scary story this October keep on moving is than likely some kind of a loonfrownsIf you re looking for a scary story this October keep on moving this one I think your time would be better spent stealing sorting through your children s Halloween candy than reading this clunky turdNon Crunchy Pantsless October Buddy ReadBecause kids are creepy little bastards Me at 50%And 75% And 90% I was actually really excited to read this classic Henry James novella a gothic ghost story published in 1898 A young woman is hired to be the governess for two young orphans by their uncle whose good looks and charm impress the governess She wants to impress him in turn with her capability especially when his main command to her is that she never NEVER bother him with any Problems Or ConcernsShe S Packed Off To The Uncle S or concernsShe s packed off to the uncle s estate to meet young Flora and Miles who are delightful beautiful children The housekeeper becomes her friend and confidante There are ust a few odd things strange noises in the house footsteps a child s cry and Miles has been expelled from his boarding school for mysterious unnamed reasons But really everything is Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey just fine Until she starts seeing a mysterious man and woman appear and disappear and becomes convinced that they are the ghosts of the prior governess and another employee And she s certain that the children see these ghosts but won t admit it Also she s uite sure that these ghosts are out to get the children How is she so sure of all these things Who knows Sheust is And the uestion is is she really seeing supernatural manifestations or is she slowly becoming and delusional or both And are the children innocent or evil James includes hints but doesn t ever answer these uestionsIt sounds like a fascinating psychological examination with a narrator who is both unnamed and unreliable So it surprised me a little when I literally could barely keep my eyes open while I was reading itThe story is told in a roundabout murky way which helps create a sense of confusion You also have to continually plow through sentences like this oneThey had never I think wanted to do so many things for their poor protectress I mean though they got their lessons better and better which was naturally what would please her most in the way of diverting entertaining surprising her reading her passages telling her stories acting her charades pouncing out at her in disguises as animals and historical characters and above all astonishing her by the pieces they had secretly got by heart and could interminably reciteI think Henry James must have had some sort of allergy to periods How did he even stay awake while he was writing convoluted sentences like thisI persevered to the end not so hard to do when it s only 100 pages but this story ust never grew on me The whole thing was an odd and murky reading experience which perhaps Henry James would say was his intent Too bad it was also so very boring and unsatisfyingSo if you ever have insomnia I ve got the book for you I keep thinking maybe I read this wrong because it s such a classic So I ll give it another shot Who knows Sometimes that works out for me There is a presumption that a book if written concurrent with a certain time period during which a ruler of notable longevity reigned and originating from an area of the world long known during that time period in particular for an effusiveness of style in excess of that which may be at a minimum absolutely reuired to convey a particular message or idea may on occasion if not predominantly and generally tend toward a style that when compared and contrasted with styles of later writers in other distant geographies or even stylists who espouse minimalism within the bounds of the same geographic region might be best described at least insofar as Now you see me now you don t What the Meaning understanding and certainty all become elusive chimera in this ambiguous game of hide and seek that Henry James plays with us Have you ever been in one of those weird situations where you wondered if you were losing your mind doubting whether what you were seeing was real And what it was that you were seeing This is one of those what the heck novels that you often find in the modernist genre Not originally classed as a modernist novel by now it is viewed as one by many modern critics because of the ambiguity and layers that James managed to captureIt is ust as slippery and ambiguous and as what on earth is happening here as the most obfuscating of the modernist novels one tends to struggle with trying to figure out what is going on like with Virginia Woolf s The Waves William Faulkner s The Sound and the Fury Thomas Pynchon s Gravity s Rainbow Henry James might not be playing around as much as WORDS WORDS WORDS IS THE HOUSE HAUNTED WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS IS SHE CRAZY WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS ARE THEY ALL CRAZY WORDS WORDS WORDS NO IT MUST BE HAUNTED WORDS WORDS WORDS NO SHE MUST BE CRAZY WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS CRAZY WORDS SICKNESS WORDS WORDS WORDS DEATH THE END. ام ضمن سلسلة ميراث الترجمة التى يشرف عليها الدكتور مصطفى لبيب عن المركز القومى للترجمة بمقدمة ضافية للدكتور ماهر شفيق فريد فى محاولة مهمة وضرورية لتنفض تراب الإهمال عن تراث أدبى نفيس نمتلكه.
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Am one of those who side with the heroine I firmly believe that it was all true There are many dark forces around us and beyond us Who s to believe that it was all true There are many dark forces around us and beyond us Who s to for certain I take up my own pen again the pen of all my old unforgettable efforts and sacred struggles To myself today I need say no Large and full and high the future still opens It is now indeed that I may do the work of my life And I will My reviews can also be found on I hate when I don t love a classic It makes me feel stupid like I m too ignorant to comprehend literary brilliance I m particularly disappointed in myself for not loving A Turn of the Screw because I m such a huge fan of all things ghastly and Gothic And this is bothBut it s true I didn t care for it The governess appears seemingly out of thin air lacks personality or any believable motivation Her obsession with the children is either utter nonsense or perversely sexual Neither option is welcomed The children themselves never demonstrate behavior to suggest they are genuinely charming or particularly sinister Most egregious the baroue language misses an opportunity to be indulgent on eerie atmosphere and haunting description Instead it all comes across rather plainMuch of the academic admiration is around James carefully crafted structure which invites two interpretations Either the apparitions are real or are they are the manifestations of the governess s disturbed mind Either the children are angels or demons Dialogue and details are intentionally vague to allow both interpretations and allegedly this is what makes the book so goodI didn t see it that way Ambiguity can be used with great success to create a sense of mystery and suspense But in this case I find it irksome Why are the characters behaving so stupidly Why are their motivations so senseless Did I miss a page somewhereGiven the scant details around the governess s background and her inhuman obsessions I might argue that she is a ghost herself I m sure I could hunt down sentences to back up this unconventional theory There s probably an argument to be made that she s a space alien Or that the whole thing is a bizarre dream It might be a fun project to see how many peculiar interpretations can be made from emphasizing indistinct lines in different ways I would do it but honestly one read through is enoughAll this said I do think it is indisputable how influential this novella has been on Gothic literature for the past 100 years I know my critical reaction is a minority opinion on this one If you re a fan please add a comment and help me understand what I m missing Turn of the Screw is a pretty cool story It s about a governess who either heroically attempts to protect her two charges from #malevolent ghosts or goes dangerously bonkers James leaves it ambiguous and I love that kind # ghosts or goes dangerously bonkers James leaves it ambiguous and I love that kind story Ambiguity works for me Four stars for t No no there are depths depths The I go over it the I see in it and the I see in it the I fear I don t know what I don t see what I don t fear Screen shot from the 1961 version of The Innocents based on the James short storyA governess is hired to look after the nephew and niece of a man who has inherited the responsibility for the children after the death of their parents He is very explicit in his instructions to the governess that he is not t Redonkulous Where s my SPOOKY I mean I thought I d get a few good ump scares out of a book with possessed children in it You know what didn t happen not even once while I was listening to this book THISI m not sure why my teenage self thought The Turn of the Screw was worth 4 stars but my older than teenage self certainly doesn tOn the surface it seems like this should be a winner for me in the classic department short scary short But it was kinda crap So the gist is that this governess is seeing the spirits of these two people One was the ex governess and the other was the rascally friend of her boss And for some unexplained reason they ve COME FOR THE CHILDRENThe kids won t admit to seeing these spirits but the governess knows they ve been in contact with the children because shrugsSuspicious stuff I Don t KnowAll I do know is that the kids never actually did anything even slightly creepy Anyway she enlists the help of the feeble minded housekeeper and together they try to um pretend everything is ok or somethingWhat the whatThat s not a good plan That s not a plan at allAnd the entire book was filled to the brim with stuff like this By the end of it I was actively rooting for the ghosts to whisk the kids away ust so it would be over Ugh Either ghost stories have changed a whole helluva lot or this wasn t a ghost story I mean it sounded like this governess was ust mostly a delusional nutter She fell in love with the kids uncle after meeting him once for God s sake And what was so great about him That he expressly didn t want her to inform him if there was something wrong with his dead sibling s children Meeeeh Deal with it on your own Wacka wacka wacka What a douche pickle Who could resist falling for that Couple that with the fact that. ن مكتبة الانجلو المصرية بالاشتراك مع مؤسسة فرانكلين للطباعة والنشر، واشترك كل من الروائى ثروت اباظة والشاعر عبدالله البشير فى ترجمتها فى منتصف القرن الماضى، وها هى تصدر فى طبعة جديدة منذ أي. The Turn of the Screw is another classic I have been meaning to read for years I didn t know much about it but it has come up a lot lately in my Goodreads discussions and other books I have read I was surprised to find out that it is a gothic horror story Not really sure what I was expecting but I guess I ust had the stereotypical classic novel with people in old clothes with an antiue setting on the cover I know I know bad Matthew Don t udge a book by its coverThis book reminded me a lot of The Haunting of Hill House and Rebecca The Setting Is Dark And Mysterious There May Or May setting is dark and mysterious there may or may be supernatural elements in play and you are suspicious of the plot and characters the whole time I think the writing is pretty accessable despite being a classic book I know that some I have encountered are difficult to get into not because of a bad plot ust because the writing is flowery and confusing overwritten may be a good word to use In this case the writing does a very good Bloodleaf job setting the tone and developing the charactersI cannot say that the final resolution was my favorite It felt uite sudden and I really thought I had missed something or not understood what happened However after reading a summary of the story online I realized I understood itust fine So for me this book was a great ourney with a so so endingI recommend this book to horror fans specifically if you like ghosts and haunted houses Also if you are trying to pad your classic reading resume this is a decent one to try And since it isn t too long it is not too much of a commitment I seemed to float not into clearness but into a darker obscure and within a minute there had come to me out of my very pity the appalling alarm of his perhaps being innocent It was for the instant confounding and bottomless for if he were innocent what then on earth was I A young governess accepts a position in a beautiful estate in the English countryside in Essex The cosmopolitan uncle entrusts his niece and nephew into her hands and asks not to be disturbed under any circumstances Bly is enormous the acres endless the house full of corridors and closed doors Our unnamed narrator couldn t be happier Flora and Miles couldn t be lovelier And then darkness arrives A man standing on a tower a woman in black standing by the lake A strange song and a face at the window I could only get on at all by taking nature into my confidence and my account by treating my monstrous ordeal as a push in a direction unusual of course and unpleasant but demanding after all for a fair front only another turn of the screw of ordinary human virtue Having recently watched for the tenth time the marvelous 1961 film The Innocents I thought that it was time to read one of Henry James most controversial works once again I always choose this as a part of my summer readings Its sultry atmosphere soon becomes eerie its underlying sensuality grows within an environment of secrets and charged sexual tension Suffocating and enticing cryptic and provoking Challenging Hungry The uestions are many Is everything real Is the young woman imagining things Has she created a world of her own projecting her frustrations upon the innocents Or has she found herself in a whirlwind of lust and obsession orchestrated by two malevolent spirits who use the children as vessels and instruments Each reader needs to draw hisher own conclusions James is not a writer who provides every solution at the end of his works Even daily mundane issues and snapshots of ordinary life acuire a different colour in each novel The Turn of the Screw is in a league of its own The summer had turned the summer had gone the autumn had dropped upon Bly and had blown out half our lights The place with its gray sky and withered garlands its bared spaces and scattered dead leaves was like a theater after the performance all strewn with crumpled playbills Whatever your expectations may be James created one of the best if not THE best Gothic novels of all time Uniue descriptions commanding atmosphere a background full of contrasts and dark imagery The idyllic estate that changes when night falls Two charming gifted children that seem rather fascinated with Death a housemaid that seems to protect every secret of the house The Turn of the Screw defined the Gothic genre and paved the way for the trope of the Haunted House that is still extremely popular More than ever in fact Whispers apparitions murmurs nightly windows shadows a troubled young woman who wants to help and understand Add desire and a potential incestuous relationship lurking in the future and you have a timeless storyI read this novella when I was 17 It frustrated me because I was impatient wanting to have every answer delivered on a silver plate We discussed the hell out of it in university and I fell in love I understood that the majority of the finest books written create uestions when their final page is turned It was this work that gave birth to my fascination with dubious closures Now no matter how many times I have read it its magnetism stays strongAnd إذا كنت من عشاق روايات الرعب والأشباح فإليك برواية دورة اللولب للأديب الأمريكى هنرى جيمس والتى تعتبر من أشد قصص الأشباح عمقاً وامتلاكاً للشعور، وقد صدرت ترجمة هذه الرواية للعربية لأول مرة ع. .